Holiday Gift Guide: RFID Blocking Folders + Reader Giveaway

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RFID Blocking Folders Review

Sometimes gifts that help protect your loved ones can be the most thoughtful. RFID technology is supposed to make transactions easier by making purchasing and identifying yourself as easy as waving a card in front of a reader or scanner. The problem is that clever high tech thieves can get that information just as easily. Most people don’t even know how exposed they are. Electronic pickpockets don’t even have to physically come in contact with you to steal your information. A cheaply bought scanning device or even a Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled Smartphone with an App can compromise your information. A simple piece of technology like an RFID Blocker can protect you and your loved ones from Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud, giving you peace of mind.

Sharing RFID Blockers with friends and family will help protect loved ones from Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft. They can be used in several different ways. One to three RFID enabled cards can be placed into an individual Blocker. Two Blockers can be place in front and behind a stack of cards. Or you can use the unfolded Blockers and line your existing wallet making your entire wallet an RFID Blocking Wallet.

While you’re out and about doing holiday shopping (and post-holiday shopping),you can protect your credit cards from scanners and thieves with RFID Blocking Folders and they also make a good gift idea for family, friends, employees, and co-workers because of all of the benefits they offer:

  • Protects Friends and Family with credit cards from theft
  • Light weight, small
  • Practical, useful and helpful
  • Fits inside wallet credit card slots
  • A Gift they will use Everyday and carry in their wallet or purse, protecting them everyday


Reader Giveaway: Four (4) lucky Thrifty Jinxy readers will each win a set of RFID Blocking Folders. To enter, just complete the entry form below by 11:59pm ET on 12/27/14. Good luck!

RFID Blockers
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  1. Predators can use radio waves to clone credit card info.

  2.' Sharon Kaminski says:

    I learned that the RFID Blocking Folders are better than other paper RFID sleeves.

  3. i like that the holders are barely larger than credit cards

  4. I learned that you can use this as a folder for 1-3 cards or unfold it and line your whole wallet.

  5.' Sheryl Granholm says:

    I learned that it fits in any wallet

  6. RFID Blocking Credit Card Holders -Protect Your Identity- Secure and Block RFID Card(s) while in Your Existing Credit Card Holder, Wallets, Case or Protector.

  7. I like them because they make your charge cards safe.

  8.' DIANE HAMEL says:

    I learned how small it can fold

  9.' Rajee Pandi says:

    learned how small it fold

  10.' Jennifer Reed says:

    I like that they are smaller than typical rfid blocking sleeves allowing it to fit in credit card slots easier.

  11.' Kelley Roach says:

    I learned how small it can fold

  12.' Michelle Tucker says:

    They actually fit into your credit card slots in your wallet.

  13.' Laurie Emerson says:

    I like how small they can fold into.

  14.' Janene Grace says:

    I’ve been hacked 3 times in 3 years!! I need these!!!!

  15.' Vikki Billings says:

    I learned that theifs can use radio waves to steal your credit card numbers and other info.

  16. Thank You for the giveaway…Designed to Block RFID Readers from Scanning Your Credit cards, Debit cards, Banking Information, Smartcards, RFID driver’s licenses and other RFID Cards.

  17. I like that the item u are reviewing protects my credit and bank cards info and numbers 🙂

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