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So we have been discussing cold and flu season around here recently, but one thing I haven’t shared yet is that I CAUGHT THE FLU! The number one thing I can say to all of you is that you want to avoid the flu at all costs. I had several miserable days and still have a bit of a lingering cough two weeks later. If you DO catch the flu, you’ll want to tackle flu season preparation and be ready to deal with it ahead of time. Once you’re hit you will have no energy to round up the things you need. So, if you can prepare ahead of time you’ll be much better off!

For some extra help with Flu Season Preparation, you can check out the helpful article in the Healthy Living Made Simple online magazine from Sam’s Club. A flu vaccination is the number one way to avoid getting the flu and this Primer on Flu Vaccinations gives you more information to make the best decision about the type of flu coverage that is right for you.

Healthy Living Made Simple App #SimplyHealthy #shop

You can easily access this article, the full online magazine and more in the Healthy Living Made Simple app for iOS devices. It has lots of help to keep you healthy including the bimonthly magazine filled with family wellness articles, fitness and diet information. The app also lets you stay up-to-date with health-related events at your local Sam’s Club.

I’m hoping that I don’t come down with any other illness during this cold and flu season. But, if I do, this time I will be prepared! My husband and I headed to Sam’s Club to stock up on all of the things I wish I had on hand when I was sick so that we can have them ready for us or any other of our friends and family who need help this winter.


We saw plenty of reminders in Sam’s Club to get our flu vaccines. No appointment is necessary during pharmacy hours. Better than being prepared for dealing with the flu is not getting the flu in the first place!

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We loaded our cart with all the tools for dealing with a sick day in bed. I went through a whole box of tissues during my first day of the flu, so that was a big one! Over the counter medications are another important one. Hubby does a good job of comparing labels to choose the right products. I also added in a few comfort items like cozy pajama pants, cozy socks and a good book to read.

Cold Flu Supplies #SimplyHealthy #CollectiveBias

Now that we are all stocked up, we will be ready for any illness that hits our household and to help any sick friends or family at just a moment’s notice.

What are YOU doing to stay healthy during this cold and flu season?
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  1. I’ve had bronchitis for the past couple of weeks, so I haven’t had a chance to get my flu shot yet. (It was recommended I wait til I’m healthier.) I’m hoping to get it by the end of next week! I hate that you had the flu. It’s so rough!!

  2.' Catherine S says:

    I have already had bronchitis a couple weeks ago. I am hoping I can avoid the flu this year. We always stock up on Kleenex at Sam’s.

  3. I’ll be going to Sams this weekend to get my flu shot! They have a great price for them and it is so convenient.

  4. I’m stocking up on vitamin C for myself and some Boogie Wipes for the kids. and of course tissues are a staple!

  5. I had a miserable cold 3 weeks ago. I need to stock up for the next time!

  6. I spend a lot of time taking vitamin c and other vitamins during the winter. I try to avoid as many sick people as I can, but having kids, that doesn’t always work!

  7. I need to stock up. That app sounds interesting.

  8. I hate this time of year. I constantly get sick! It can be so awful!

  9. I dread flu season every year, but like you said, it’s so important to have all of the right products on hand. This post reminds me that I need to get my boys’ flu shots pronto!

  10. I love SAMS club! We stock up on tissue and soup as well as medicine during the cold and flu season.

  11. I can’t believe it’s already flu season. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I wash my hands as much as i can remember to. I started taking a multivitamin as well.

  13. That is definitely a great stock pile of important flu season items! We never have enough tissues

  14. That is so important! We just got our meds and flu shots!

  15. My husband works at 2 hospitals. Between him and a kiddo in grade school, I am always getting nasty germs brought home. I use essential oils and herbs to keep my immune system in tip-top shape.

  16. Ugh I hate flu seasons! Thanks for the great tips. Vitamin C and strict handwashing help me stay flu free!

  17. Preventative measure are always good! Hubby told me to take Zinc last year and it was the first year I wasn’t sick on and off all winter. I don’t know if it was the reason or not, but I’m taking it again this year, just in case.

  18. Sorry you are sick. For one thing I got the flu shot. I also try to stay rested and use sanitizer and avoid touching my face, eyes and mouth before washing my hands.

  19. My family and I love Sam’s Club! Thanks for sharing!

  20.' chrissy va says:

    I do everything I can to prevent the flu in my house. The only thing we don’t do is get the flu shot. Every single time we have gotten it we have gotten really sick. Haven’t had a flu shot or the flu in about 5 years now.

  21. Have you seen the Mucinex commercial where he asks if he is the ‘yucky’ thing? I think it’s super cute! 🙂

  22. I already got my flu shot and hoping to not get any flu this season! We are eating healthy, exercising and stocked up on kleenex, hand sanitizer and vitamin c! lol

  23. You are definitely ready! It’s no fun to be caught without tissue, so I need to stock up on some too!

  24.' Samantha K says:

    I love how the Healthy Living Made Simple App is full useful information! I have been stocking my house with lots of tissues, medicine, and disinfectant spray from Sam’s Club. #client

  25. This post couldn’t be more timely. I just came down with a cold this morning! Ugh.

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