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Whether you have a “real life” dog you love or you (or your kids) WISH for a dog, you will love these new Hallmark My Best Friends adorable plush dogs! We love our Toby and our life just wouldn’t be the same without him. While we are lucky to have him in our lives, he was lucky to be rescued from a shelter. But not all dogs are so lucky.

Hallmark My Best Friend Plush Dogs

Hallmark has made a donation to Best Friends Animal Society to help offset adoption fees and help find 2,000 pets loving homes. The mission of Best Friends Animal Society is to end the killing in America’s animal shelters and create a time when there are No More Homeless Pets. They do this by building community programs and partnerships all across the nation.

Hallmark My Best Friends Golden Retriever

In celebration of Hallmark Gold Crown’s partnership with Best Friends Animal Society to help homeless pets find loving homes, they have created this adorable line of plush dogs and cats, along with a hardcover storybook.

Hallmark My Best Friend Pug Dog Plush

o   Brown and Black Service Dog Stuffed Animal: Known for his strength, intelligence and trainability, this service dog is the preferred breed for police and military functions, as well as family protector.

o   Devoted Golden Dog Stuffed Animal: As a trainable, gentle dog, this adorable golden pup also gets major points for being friendly, playful, loyal and cute!

o   Wrinkly Toy Dog Stuffed Animal: With an adorably wrinkled mug, muscled body and curly tail, this captivating puppy is ready to become man’s best stuffed friend.

o   Long-haired Terrier Stuffed Animal: Light as a feather, this long-haired pup can fit easily in your bag or crook of your arm, making it the perfect grab-and-go companion.

o   Let’s Get A Pet! Storybook: Meet some sweet four-legged friends who are waiting for the most special gift ever—a new home! This storybook takes a playful tour through the most popular dog and cat breeds and includes a space at the end for readers to record which pet they chose and what name they’d like to give their new four-legged friend.

Lets Get a Pet Book

Available online and in stores on September 1, these furry friends are sure to help make your home a happy one! For more information about Hallmark’s support for Best Friends Animal Society, click here. To see more of Hallmark’s My Best Friends products, click here.

My Best Friend Plush Dogs

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  1. jessicammillers@gmail.com' Jessica miller says:

    I have a Little dog named Princess in our family…she is a Chihuahua. She is the cutest thing. My sister rescued her, she was left on the side of the road wandering near a lot of traffic. I am glad she found her before anything happened. She has brought lots of happiness to our family.

  2. HD.MD313@YAHOO.COM' Heather D says:

    I also have a dog named Princess. Our daughter named her. She’s a mix rescue and I love her.

  3. My favorite pet is our dog Abby. She’s a puggle and very loveable.

  4. anitakayduvall@gmail.com' Anita Duvall says:

    We have the smartest little Rat Terrier in the world. She was dumped on the side of the road as a puppy in a thunderstorm and I picked her up. Gidget really appreciated us saving her!

  5. airrescue112@yahoo.com' Cristy Ridey says:

    We have a beautiful 1 year old Goldendoodle, she is a wonderful girl.

  6. Brody is my 11 year old most awesome dog that ever lived yellow lab. He is so wonderful in every way that you could imagine. He is very kind and never has been a problem.

  7. motherabagail531@yahoo.com' Charlene S. says:

    I have a yellow lab named Jack and he is a year and a half. Super dog and a wonderful addition to my family.

  8. thisismolli@gmail.com' molli vandehey says:

    i lvoe the pets i have now, 2 casts and 2 rabbits. but i miss my favourite dog nasha who passed a few years ago

  9. bcurtis313@hotmail.com' Brandon Curtis says:

    We have 7 cats in my household. Max, Morris, One-eyed Mickey, Boots, Nala, Smokey and Bernie.

  10. love my male cat, he’s a gray/brown tabby

  11. So cute

  12. emmacorinne69@gmail.com' Emma Corinne says:

    so cute!!!!! xD

  13. I have a rescue cat, and have also been a proud foster parent to several others who are now in forever homes.

  14. janetfaye@gmail.com' janetfaye says:

    My favorite pet is my little dog. He makes me laugh when he dances around and he runs very fast.

  15. HarleyRDK07@aol.com' Daniel Scott says:

    We have two dogs that our family loves. Both are long-haired, mixed breed rescue dogs that are the best of buddies. We are so blessed to share our home with them.

  16. ginaferrell26@gmail.com' Gina Ferrell says:

    I have a pup name Oreo he’s a black and white Shih Tzu I adopted. He makes me laugh when it thunders he either jumps in my lap or he gets under his blankets in his cozy dog bed. So cute and too funny!!!

  17. jeanna_massman@hotmail.com' Jeanna Massman says:

    My favorite pet was a sweet beagle/cocker spaniel mix named Willie.

  18. slilly5433@gmail.com' Sherry Lilly says:

    My current pet Mustang he is a rescued JackAPoo and he is the best ever.

  19. vhenline@gmail.com' Veronica L says:

    We have a little Havanese dog named, Daphne, who is 2 years old that we absolutely adore! All of my boys love walking her around the neighborhood to just playing with her.

  20. My favorite pet was our Sheltie named Chief. He was always by my side as a child. I would dress him in my clothes and make him sit to play school with me. My family has two dogs now, but Chief will always be my favorite.

  21. So cute

  22. My favorite pet is my cat Buddy. He is an affectionate orange cat.

  23. I had a cat named Dana. She passed a few months ago but she was the best, most loyal cat you could ask for. I miss her everyday.

  24. vlbelk@hotmail.com' vickie couturier says:

    I have 2,,a 5lb dog named peanut and a 30lb orange cat named Bugg and no we cant put him on a diet,,he doesnt be nice if we cut back his food supply,

  25. My favorite pet was Shadow, a great Dane / Dobie mix. Big, black and the original Dino. Unfortunately, he followed Duke (the escape artist) and was hit by a car on Christmas morning.

  26. My favorite pet is our Hanging Tree Cowdog – Freckles.

  27. I love my parakeets too!

  28. Lynda@nc.rr.com' GrandmaLynda says:

    My favorite pet was my Sheltie named Lassie, she got me through a lot of tough personal things I was dealing with as a child.

  29. We have had several pets over the years. Brandy is special because she became the surrogate mother to a kitten dumped on our road. They are still very close.

  30. My favorite pets have always been my guinea pigs.

  31. aikenkaiken@gmail.com' KaylaKayla says:

    I have this adorable fluffball named Oy! He was a stray and I found him at an adoption day. No one would look at him because he had matted tufts of grey hair all over and looked miserable. We fell in love with each other immediately! I took him home, washed and brushed him, and got him medicine to help him feel better. Soon, he was shining, black, and happy again! He is my favorite pet ever! 🙂 And my best friend!

  32. My favorite pet is a dog-a small dog

  33. banks_family_5@yahoo.com' Tiffany Banks says:

    My favorite pet was my 2 childhood dogs!! They were the best dogs ever!! We lost our 15 year old dalmatian 2 years ago due to old age & we lost our 9 year old black lab last year — he passed away in his sleep. I miss them both so much!!

  34. My favorite pet is my dog I currently have. She’s a Jack Russell Terrier and is the most intelligent dog I’ve ever owned. She’s extremely sweet and loving and great with my grandsons.

  35. eswright18@gmail.com' Ellie Wright says:

    I love all our dogs. But my Spike is a special fellow. He’s like a big clown and I am inordinately attached to him. He’s an extra wrinkled shar-pei and I can’t help but smile just looking at him.

  36. my4boysand1@gmail.com' Stephanie Phelps says:

    My favorite pets are my two little chihuahuas they are so funny and lovable! They love to play fetch and cuddle in the covers with me!

  37. amandanfleming@yahoo.com' Amanda Welker says:

    I’ve had a few pets that I really connected with. The first animal that I really fell in love with wasn’t mine, but my aunt’s. She was a veterinarian and would often bring injured or unwanted animals home. One was a cat named Joey. He was white with black spots and was oh so soft. What made him different was his hind legs didn’t work. He would drag them around behind him. He quickly scooted over to me and began to purr loudly. I loved this cat so much that I named my first pet, a guinea pig, after him.

  38. We have a 1yr old YorkiePoo names Sammi! She is the sweetest girl who is always ready to give kisses!

  39. starzine2003@yahoo.com' Cassandra D says:

    My pet named Fluffy is so cool.

  40. rwhit_99@yahoo.com' Robin Abrams says:

    My favorite pet is my puggle. Her name is Jazz and she is 2 years old

  41. dawnmonroe83@gmail.com' Dawn Monroe says:

    Our best friend pet is our lab Chance. He is the best dog we’ve ever had.

  42. jaynep140@gmail.com' Heather Poindexter says:

    My favorite was a cat named Sparky! She was a rescue and beautiful. What made so special was she was the best alarm dog (and she was a cat). Whenever she saw something or someone that wasn’t right she meowed and then proceeded to growl!

  43. shartmaniam@gmail.com' Susan Hartman says:

    My favorite pet of all time was a standard poodle by the name of Lucy. She was so smart and loving. Miss her. Don’t tell my current dogs!

  44. My favorite pet was my first dog who my parents had before I was born. He was my best friend since birth & always protective of me.

  45. mcfallsk8er@aim.com' Austin Baroudi says:

    My favorite pet is my dog Molly! She’s the cutest little Dachshund you’ll ever see!

  46. We had the sweetest dog ever growing up, her name was Lady. I love that dog and how she was so sweet and protective

  47. MsWW_57@yahoo.com' Janice Wright says:

    I have two sweet pets, a dog named Charlie & a fat cat named Oscar. Oscar is in charge of the house, or so he thinks. Charlie is my early warning activation system; however, he goes off way to much, but I love him anyway.

  48. mrsmchappell@gmail.com' Michelle C says:

    I have a chocolate labradoodle named Coco. She’s silly and sweet!

  49. jozywails@gmail.com' Faye Gates says:

    I have 13 elderly rescue cats. They are all my favorites.

  50. micaela6955@msn.com' Michele Pineda says:

    My favorite pet is my current cat Stubby, he has a stub tail and snores almost as loud as my husband…lol… and he is extremely spoiled.

  51. I would’ve loved this when I was a kid. I had almost 50 stuffed animals when I was a kid and loved everyone of them. I suppose I’ll have to give the prize to my nieces for their birthdays instead of keeping it.

  52. I don’t have a favorite pet because they all are pretty special 🙂 Currently I have a spaniel mix named Kandy, a terrier mix named Ella and a doxie mix named Ruby. All are adopted and great dogs!

  53. hthr83heather@yahoo.com' Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    I Have 3 Dog;s Simon, Rascal And Zoey!

  54. ladyvon2013@hotmail.com' Dorothy Hubbard says:

    I have an orange tabby named Lucy.

  55. jamielovesweeping@gmail.com' Jamie Martin says:

    His name is Mason – 6 month old Doxie/Lab!

  56. lqueen75@yahoo.com' Lisa Coomer Queen says:

    We have a dog named Lucy. Lucy is getting pretty old. We have had her for 10 years. She is a mixed up doggie.

  57. I like dogs the best.

  58. suzelle11@aol.com' Laurie Nykaza says:

    I have 4 cats and 3 dogs so its hard to say my fav but my cat Noel is now 19 and doing great she is my little shadow follows me everywhere I go love all of them.

  59. adriannasmommy26@yahoo.com' Ashley turicik says:

    Our favorite pet is a pug

  60. My favorite pet(s) are dogs. I’ve had many dogs in my life and I loved them all as they were such a part of the family.

  61. Ive only had a fish – but want a dog

  62. we call him our son danny he is a yellow lab

    • darlapeduzzi@comcast.net' Darla Peduzzi says:

      We have a sweet 6 pound little Shorkie (shitzu/yorkie) named Bella. She is a daddy’s girl and loves to steal snacks from our little grandson.

  63. My favorite pet was my little dog Marley, mini dachshund. But she died last year, it was sad.

  64. sastover17@yahoo.com' Shawn Stover says:

    My dog is named Jackson and he is a Golden Retriever

  65. peterg201@gmail.com' peter gladue says:

    Mr Kibbles, I felt sorry for him when he wnt blind and keep trying to jump onto the bedand missing it..,

  66. jnieman2000@gmail.com' Judy Nieman says:

    The grandchildren will love the stuffed pets! So cute!

  67. hdeanna69@yahoo.com' deanna hanson says:

    i like the little pug looking one

  68. dreamspeakerf@yahoo.com' Michelle Carlino says:

    Both of my rescues..

  69. sxybrt23@gmail.com' Stephanie Liske says:

    My buddy is my little Min Pin, Killer, he is always there.

  70. my favorite pet is my young yorkie named bella!

    love her!

  71. We’ve had many dogs over the years that we’ve been married… Sam the poodle, the yorkies Snooker & Chelsea, the lab mixes Thelma & Louise, our German Shepherd mix Bella and currently our lab rescue Roscoe. Each & everyone has held a special place in our heart – it would be impossible to just pick one!

  72. cattwmn@hotmail.com' Karen Hoover says:

    My favorite pet, is all my pets. I love them all.

  73. Redtwinkle@aol.com' Katie Usher says:

    WE have 2 furry kids Jadarose and Rusty and they are loved.

  74. I have a little boy cat Fozzie and he is the best.

  75. My favorite is our dog Radar.

  76. My favorite pet is my cat Dixie! She is a fat calico kitty. We taught her to do a trick if she wants treats. She does it all.the.time. *LOL* kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  77. jill190@yahoo.com' Jill Rivera says:

    My favorite dog is in doggie heaven right now. My fur baby, bernese mountain dog, Nirvana Cookie. My snuggle buddy, which is funny she was over a hundred dog. I just don’t know how she always go she self under my bed every night or would be upside-down snoozing. She is missed, cancer too her at eight years old.

  78. my fav pet was mugsy, a maine coon cat, sure miss him

  79. Stephanie64030@yahoo.com' Stephanie Larison says:

    My fave pet was my chocolate lab, Lacey. She passed away when she didn’t make it through surgery for her cancer. Best dog ever!

  80. My favorite pet was my cat, Muffin, while I was growing up.

  81. sygcontest@gmail.com' Siri Gosselin says:

    These and our Basset Hound complete the doggie set! What a great way to nudge people toward rescue animals.

  82. onegoasari@gmail.com' Joe Marquez says:

    Animals truly are the best of friends

  83. We have a Jack Russell mix that is a handful. He is two years old and loves to play with his toys.

  84. gmrichhicks@gmail.com' Richard Hicks says:

    We have cat and a dog. Both are my favorites and they light up my life every day

  85. crankyyanky1@charter.net' Kimberly Keithline says:

    My favorite pet is my Dog Dexter he is the love of my life he keeps me company all day and warm at night he never leaves my side he is the best dog ever

  86. jweezie43@gmail.com' Jill Myrick says:

    My favorite pet is our dog Marley. He’s a yellow lab and is super loving, smart and protective of the little ones.


  87. I have a yellow lab puppy and he is so sweet, calm, and loving.

  88. Right now my favorite pet is an old gray, one-eyed cat we saved after he was left abandoned in our neighborhood. We’ve put a lot of love and care into making him a happy cat, and indeed a happy cat is he. 🙂

  89. alexbaylor27@gmail.com' Christian Alejandro says:

    Our dog named Oaklery is the best.

  90. Mommyof3kids2huskies@gmail.com' Tina reynolds says:

    I love dogs we have two siberian huskies

  91. dacavon@gmail.com' Debbie Campbell says:

    My last dog, Patches, was a wonderful cocker spaniel that I had for 9 years. He passed away last year after an illness and I still miss him.

  92. We have a beautiful cat named Cakes and my daughter just loves her.

  93. My favorite pet is my kitty kat Roxie Ann who is a black and white tuxedo cat 🙂
    She rules the roost at our house:)

  94. I have a Yorkie. He is sad because he has breathing issues for the last 6 months and the vets still do not know what is causing it. Sad face. Thank you

  95. lisavanhook@aol.com' Lisa Vanhook says:

    My husband and I have 2 “Furbabies”….They are so much more than pets,,,they are four legged family members…

  96. mariasimon1973@yahoo.com' MARIA SIMON says:


  97. cindysweeps1@gmail.com' cynthia dawson says:

    When I was growing up I had a dog Named Lady. She was a constant companion to myself and my brothers.

  98. I have a 1 year old Yorkie. Her name is Peaches, and she such a sweetie.

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