GIFTED in Theaters April 7 + Movie Prize Pack Giveaway

Have you seen the trailer for GIFTED yet? It hits theaters April 7th starring Chris Evans as Frank Adler and Mckenna Grace (who Designated Survivor fans may recognize as Penny Kirkman) as his niece Mary. In the weeks leading up to the Academy Awards in February, my mom and I spent a lot of time in the theater catching up on movies we missed. We saw the Gifted trailer almost every time, and it looks like it is going to be a great movie! It sure helps that I’m a big Chris Evans fan (but who isn’t, right?)

The movie also features Octavia Spencers, another actor that I love! If you haven’t had a chance to see the GIFTED  trailer yet, here it is:



About the movie:

Frank Adler (Chris Evans) is a single man raising a child prodigy – his spirited young niece Mary (Mckenna Grace) – in a coastal town in Florida. Frank’s plans for a normal school life for Mary are foiled when the seven-year-old’s mathematical abilities come to the attention of Frank’s formidable mother Evelyn (Lindsay Duncan) whose plans for her granddaughter threaten to separate Frank and Mary. Octavia Spencer plays Roberta, Frank and Mary’s landlady and best friend. Jenny Slate is Mary’s teacher, Bonnie, a young woman whose concern for her student develops into a connection with her uncle as well.

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  1.' Danielle Day says:

    I think it would be very inspirational and I want my whole family to see it.

  2.' Amy Deeter says:

    This looks like a great movie to watch.It is something that really caught my eye

  3.' Shirley Smith says:

    I like that it would be a great movie for the whole family to enjoy together. And be very uplifting for us to enjoy.

  4.' Julie Lundstrom says:

    This sounds like a good movie seeing the relationship with a gifted child and a family battle.

  5.' Shannon Baas says:

    This looks like a good movie.

  6.' chickie brewer says:

    Looks like a very enjoyable movie… I think I should see it.

  7.' shannon fowler says:

    I really liked the sound of the plot. It sounds like a movie the whole family can enjoy together.

  8.' Peggy Rydzewski says:

    I looks like a great family movie that we will see.

  9. looking so forward to seeing this on 4/6

  10. It looks like a good movie.

  11. I think my family would like it.

  12.' Darlene Owen says:

    I haven’t seen this movie yet, but I do love the actress Octavia Spencer

  13.' Jamie Williams says:

    I hAve yet to see this but it looks like a good family Christian movie.

  14.' Soha Molina says:

    I wanna see it because I like Chris Evans.

  15.' Susan Hartman says:

    I like to see the protective relationship between the youn girl and her uncle.

  16. my wife really wants to see this she loves movies like this

  17.' vickie couturier says:

    i think its a family type movie that the whole family can watch together

  18.' Donna Clifford says:

    looks like a great movie.

  19. I think it would be just awesome for the whole family to see

  20. This looks like a very inspiring movie, thank you so much!

  21.' Valerie Mabrey says:

    I would love to go to a movie and walk away feeling good instead what the heck did i just watch feeling I get from most now.

  22. It looks like it might have some weepy moments and a happy ending, and sometimes that’s just what you need in a movie, y’know?

  23.' John H. says:

    I would like to see it because I think that the story line is going to be good.

  24.' Jennifer H. says:

    I think that this sounds like a great movie.

  25.' heather s says:

    It sounds like an interesting story

  26.' Kate Brown says:

    I want to see it! It looks like a good story and great cast.

  27. What cute cat items in the prize pack.

  28. This looks great!

  29.' beth shepherd says:

    The previews look great. This would be a great movie to watch with my hubby.

  30.' wen budro says:

    I want to see this movie because of the compelling plot and themes. This looks like a movie with heart.

  31.' Laurie Nykaza says:

    My daughter wanted to see this movie with me looks like a good one.

  32.' Mary Cloud says:

    I’d like to see it because it looks like a great movie I could watch with the whole family.

  33. I am really interested about how other parents have advocated for their child for education. I also love based-on-true, inspiring stories. I am excited to see this film.

  34.' John Smith says:

    I yearn to see good wholesome family fare!

  35. WOW! An inspirational family movie??
    That’s what we look for. I thank God that there are still more directors and producers out there that still make good movies like this one!!

  36.' Erica B. says:

    Just seems very interesting.

  37.' susan smoaks says:

    i can’t wait to see this because it looks inspirational

  38.' Erin Madigan says:

    This movie has a lot of my favorite actors and actresses so I would love to see it.

  39.' bill norris says:

    I’d like to see Chris in a nonsuperhero role.

  40.' Kim Keithline says:

    I love Chris Evans it looks like a really good movie

  41.' Jerry Marquardt says:

    I would li8ke to see Gifted because it looks like a great family movie. I also like Chris Evans as an acotor, so I cannot wait to see it.

  42.' Danielle Magee says:

    I would like to see Gifted because it looks like a great heart-felt movie.

  43. Mancrush on Chris Evans.

  44.' Yvonne Delgado says:

    I love movies that are real life and touching, give me the feels! I am also a huge Chris Evans fan 🙂

  45.' Christian Alejandro says:

    I like that it looks like a decent family movie. I’ve yet to see it though.

  46.' jeremy mclaughlin says:

    I think my wife would enjoy this movie.

  47.' Colette S says:

    It seems to be a refreshingly good movie.

  48.' Laurie Emerson says:

    I like that it is one of those feel good movies which touches your heart.

  49. It looks like a good family movie

  50.' Philip Lawrence says:

    I liked the fact that it highlighted a gifted girl in math rather than a boy.

  51. I like that Chris Evans is in it.

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