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All Of My Heart DVD-f

Are you looking for a great movie for a stay-at-home Valentine’s Day?  If so, consider celebrating with Cinedigm’s new seasonal Hallmark films, All of My Heart and So You Said Yes. I’m a big fan of Hallmark Channel movies. I usually watch the majority of them at Christmas time, but this year I have decided to make it a year round thing. It’s my fun little escape to curl up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn (or if I’m being productive them my laptop to do some work) and enjoy a fun and romantic story. That’s just what these two movies deliver. (As a bonus, one of them stars Lacey Chabert – I have loved her ever since Party of Five!

In All of My Heart, a young caterer’s life (Lacey Chabert) suddenly changes course when she inherits a country home and learns she must share it with a career-obsessed Wall Street trader. At first, these opposites do not attract, but feelings begin to change when they find themselves having to work side-by-side to restore their newly acquired home.

So You Said Yes DVD-f

In So You Said Yes, when Annabelle (Kellie Martin), the owner of a specialty bridal shop, falls for Sam, the son of her fierce bridal shop competition, she must fend off Sam’s mother’s attempts at sabotage to be with the man she loves.

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  1. Fave movie is a between Love comes softly and the luckt One

  2.' Cindy Conner Bowling says:

    My favorite is Pretty Woman.

  3.' vickie couturier says:

    The Notebook

  4. When Harry met Sally is a great one

  5. My favorite movie is While You Were Sleeping.

  6.' Brittney House says:

    I like watching lovey dovey movies and pig out on snacks.

  7.' Jennifer Rote says:

    My favorite is 50 First Dates.

  8.' beth shepherd says:

    My favorite is the notebook. Thank you

  9.' Terra Heck says:

    My favorite romantic movie is Dear John. Thanks.

  10.' Cindy Peterson says:

    Our favorite Valentine tradition is to make personalized heart shaped sugar cookies and delivered to people we love.

  11. We plan to stay at home Valentine’s day and we were trying to decide what movie to watch. Thanks for recommending Hallmark films, All of My Heart !

  12.' Mary Cloud says:

    My favorite romantic movie is an odd one but I love watching Urban Cowboy

  13.' Kelly Nicholson says:

    Tell us your favorite romantic movie or Valentine tradition.

    the art of love 1965 is me favorite romatic movie

  14.' Debbi Wellenstein says:

    My all time favorite romantic movie is Sleepless in Seattle.

  15. We always cook dinner at home for Valentines day, I ;voe ot

  16. i dont have a favorite and i usually spend valenties day by myslef

  17.' Sue Brandes says:

    Favorite movie is Sleepless In Seattle.

  18.' Tricia Galbraith says:

    My favorite Valentine’s Day Tradition is going out to dinner.

  19.' laura ari says:

    I like when Harry met sally.

  20.' heather s says:

    I like sleepless in seattle

  21.' Kristin Goodson says:

    My favorite romantic movie is The Notebook and Sleepless in Seattle.

  22. My favorite romantic movie is Titanic.

  23. My favorite is Pride and Prejudice

  24.' Debra Hall says:

    i try to make it special for my kids

  25. Chocolate heart layer cake.

  26. My favorite romantic movie is Jerry Maguire.

  27. The Notebook is my favorite movie.

  28.' Melissa S says:

    The Notebook is the best romantic movie I have ever seen, and I love romcom.

  29. I think that Titanic was a very great romantic movie. I have seen it several times.

  30.' Jennifer H. says:

    I love Pride and Prejudice!

  31.' Tracy Shafer says:

    My favorite tradition is spending the day at the coast with my husband 🙂

  32.' Alison Gibb says:

    My favorite romantic movie is Officer and a Gentleman!

  33.' Lisa Walker says:

    My favorite romantic movie is Sleepless in Seattle.

  34. My favorite is 50 First Dates.

  35.' Audra O'Hara says:

    My favorite romantic movie is Moonstruck. I have seen that movie SO many times and I still love it. I love when he tells her he loves her and she slaps him and says “Snap out of it!”

  36.' Robin Abrams says:

    The notebook is my favorite romantic movie

  37. I like A Walk to Remember.

  38.' Stephanie Larison says:

    My fave romantic movie is The Notebook

  39.' susan smoaks says:

    i like to watch a romantic movie with my husband on valentine’s day. we watched p s i love you this year.

  40. We love to watch the way we were

  41.' Sonya Allstun says:

    Love Titantic and Gone with the Wind

  42.' Kim Keithline says:

    My favorite romantic movie is The Notebook

  43. My favorite romantic movie is When Harry met Sally.

  44.' Penny Snyder says:

    Love Bed of Roses – my favorite romantic movie!!~

  45. You’ve got Mail is my fave all time romantic movie

  46. My favorite is PS I Love You!

  47.' Leslie Davis says:

    My favorite is The Princess Bride

  48. My favorite romantic movie is Serendipity.

  49. It may sound silly but snow white is my favorite

  50. when harry met sally

  51.' Isaac Abadi says:

    Lacey Chabert makes the best Hallmark movies, I really liked Elevator Girl.

  52.' Laurie Emerson says:

    My favorite romantic movie is Pretty Woman.

  53. I would pick Fools Rush In.

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