Get Fit with a Smartphone and the Jawbone UP #VZWBuzz

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Often times when we think about using smartphones we think about texting and emailing co-workers instead of walking 20 steps to talk to them, surfing the internet and watching dozens of silly cat videos, and playing hours of that addicting Candy Crush – – – basically all “sit around and be lazy” stuff.  BUT, did you know that your smartphone can also help you get more fit??

I recently started using the Jawbone UP and it’s helping me to get back in gear.  The UP is an activity tracker that helps you understand how you sleep, move and eat so you can make smarter choices.  It is also a great motivator!  

Here is my goofy self all excited when I received the Jawbone UP from Verizon as part of the #VZWBuzz program:

The Jawbone UP is a simple wristband you wear every day, all day. (I take mine off to shower, although I have heard from others that they leave theirs on with no problems – I don’t want to take the chance!) It comes in several different colors, but I like the black since it coordinates with much of what I wear.  (Oh, and it’s super lightweight too – only 19 grams for the small size up to 23 grams for the large size.  I usually HATE wearing something on my wrist and I don’t wear a watch (another  thing replaced by the Smartphone), but I adjusted quickly to the UP.  I will be curious to see if it bothers me in the humid summer weather – I hope not!

Jawbone Up on Wrist #VZWBuzz

Getting started with the Jawbone UP was really easy.  It comes with a simple USB adaptor.  You just pop the little metal end cap off the bracelet, plug it into the adaptor and charge.  A charge lasts about a week to 10 days.  From there you just wear it and forget about it.  Using sensor technology the UP tracks your movement to record how many steps per day you are taking.  The other cool thing it does is record your sleep!  I know I usually don’t get enough sleep and it’s such an important part of being healthy.

Jawbone Up #Samsung Galaxy Note 3 #VZWBuzz

When you’re ready to sync up with your smartphone and check out your activity, you just pop that little end cap off the bracelet again and plug it into your phone.  (Yes, I’m worried about losing that little end cap, but so far I haven’t  – so that’s a really good sign!)  That is the super awesome Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that I’m using, by the way.


Once you sync up with the phone, you can start looking into the data the Jawbone UP has collected about your activity.  It starts with a basic overview telling you both how many hours you have slept and how many steps you have walked.  It also shows you how you have done in comparison to the goals you have set for yourself.  There is an added bonus of some helpful healthy tips.  Then we go on to more detail:

Jawbone Up Display

If you want to drill down and see more detailed information, the Jawbone UP has lots more to show you.  For your activity, you can see exactly how many steps you took and how that translates into miles.  It also tells you things like when you were the most and least active, the total time you were active and more.  For your sleep, you can see at what  times during the night you were in deep sleep, if you woke up during the night and how long it took you to fall asleep.

Jawbone Up AdScreens

If you want to get even more involved, you can even input your own data.  Each day you can input your mood – anywhere from Totally Done all the way up to Amazing.  You also have the option of inputing and tracking your food.  I haven’t gotten to that point yet, but it does look like a helpful feature.

I totally admit that even with the Jawbone UP it has been difficult for me to be active recently.  While I have the urge to get out and rack up a bunch of steps, we have been battling freezing temps (we had 40 days in a row with the temperature being below zero at some time each day) and TONS of snow – we’re running out of places to put it in our yard!  So, even getting to the Y has been tricky, BUT I have set myself a new goal of walking the  dog any day the temperature is in the double digits above zero – so those days are increasing!  With the added incentive of the Jawbone UP to get me going, I should be hitting my goal daily in no time!' About Chrysa

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  1. I wish I could wear this kind of device. My dumb wrist braces for carpal tunnel syndrome won’t allow it. I love the technology though, and I LOVE your cute excited video!

  2. I’ve heard really good things about the Jawbone. I think I want to get one!!

  3. I’ve used a Fitbit before, but wasn’t a fan of it being a clip-on. Love this bracelet design much better!

  4. Hahhaa, I love the video 🙂 This sounds awesome! Technology really does make EVERYTHING easier these days, doesn’t it!

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  6. I keep hearing about these. I’d love to try one!

  7. Wow, super cool. Technology is crazy!

  8. The Jawbone has been on my wishlist for a while. I really want to get it because a few of my working out buddies bought one. It’s awesome!

  9. This definitely looks like something I would like to try. I am amazed at how great technology is now!

  10. I have this same Jawbone Up! I have not been as consistent about it but I plan on charging it and getting back into the game!

  11. I so want to try one of these! I have several great apps on my phone, but I’m ready to take the next step and try one of these fitness bracelets!

  12. I am amazed at the way technology makes it so much easier to get into shape and stay that way. It is an incredible thing.

  13. Thank you for sharing all of these great details! I just got a Jawbone UP too and can’t wait to start using it.

  14. I started using my new Jawbone UP today. I hope it will motivate me to get up and be more active!!

  15. I have heard amazing things about the jawbone! Great review! I need one of these gadgets 🙂

  16. I have been hearing really good things about the Jawbone! I am thinking of getting one for my daughter, she just began an exercise routine.

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  19. I think these are awesome. I’m scared to see what mine will say though.

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  23. Wow, this is a very neat product! I like how it organizes every little thing, right down to sleep so you know exactly how fit you are. This is a really handy way to keep track of it all! And your video is so cute 🙂

  24. I betcha’ my two grown boys would be very interested in this, and I’m happy to forward the link. The video clip you put up is cute, it made me laugh. Technology is exciting. 🙂

  25.' Eliz Frank says:

    What a cool tool. I love that it records more than steps too. Love your video… 🙂

  26. It’s great that you now have a way to monitor your fitness level with the Jawbone. I’m hoping to purchase one this year so I can better monitor my activity. Even better that it syncs up with your phone!

  27. I love this and want one so badly! My blogging partner and I are both trying to lose weight and get fit. This would be a perfect accessory for that!

  28. I love tools like this. Things that let us reflect and see where we need to make changes. I know for me — it’s bedtime! I need to be going to bed earlier, but I never do.

  29. This looks really cool. I have the fitbit, which I like, but my husband is looking for something too.

  30. Great point, when you start making small changes it’s easier to rack up the steps.

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  34. Great post! I love the Jawbone too and it is really instrumental in making me move more. When I do workout it helps me to know how effectively I did. Can’t wait to see you share more! 🙂

  35. My hubby just got one of these and loves it, unfortunately it scratches me once and a while when he hugs me. I love your video too BTW, good luck on your journey to health.

  36. I have the fitbit flex and i love it! It’s so fun to see your stats at the end of the day!

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