Fresh Step, Meow Mix and Walmart Team Up to Help Us Pamper Our Pets!

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All of you regular readers know how much I love my pets.  They are such a big, happy part of my life!  One of the reasons I love working at home is that I can always take a few minutes to play with a cat, take the dog for a walk, or work with a kitty snuggled right in my lap.  I think if everyone could have their pets in their workplace there would be a lot less of the Monday morning back-to-work blues! My cats add so much happiness to my life that it is worth the effort that goes in to taking care of them, but anything that can make that care easier is always appreciated!  Walmart, Fresh Step® Fast Acting cat litter and Meow Mix® wet and dry foods are all teaming up to provide solutions to improve and strengthen our relationships with our cats.

Fresh Step Fast Acting

I went to Walmart to pick up some Fresh Step and Meow Mix cat essentials and give them a try.  First up was the Fresh Step® Fast Acting litter.  During the promotional period, this litter is available ONLY at Walmart!  It is fast acting,and uses natural carbon and plant extracts to eliminate litter odor instantly.  Since our house is so small, litter that controls odor is super important to us!  Oh, and an extra bonus is that when you buy Fresh Step Fast Acting at Walmart, you can get Triple Paw Points to add to your account and let you earn awesome cat stuff even faster!

Meow Mix Lucky 2

Now, on to the yummies – At Walmart I picked up Meow Mix® Tender Centers with Vitality Bursts and Meow Mix® Tender Favorites Real Tuna & Whole Shrimp in Sauce.  My kitties always love to try something new and were all over the packages as soon as I brought them in the house!  The Meow Mix Tender Centers® Salmon & Turkey Flavors with Vitality Bursts have a meaty center surrounded by a crunchy outside. It gets the name “Vitality Bursts” from a wholesome blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to help support: healthy immune system (with added vitamin E & Selenium), healthy skin & coat (with omega 3 & 6 fatty acids) and healthy teeth and bone (with calcium & vitamin D). Meow Mix Vitality Busts provides cats with 100% complete nutrition.

Meow Mix Lucky

The Meow Mix® Tender Favorites Real Tuna & Whole Shrimp in Sauce combines real seafood in a savory sauce.  What cat doesn’t love seafood?  The blend of wholesome proteins and vitamins is balanced for 100% complete nutrition for adult cat maintenance.

Stay tuned for more info from me about Fresh Step and Walmart’s upcoming site filled with information on how to improve your cat’s life!

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  1. Those are some adorable kitties! I can see why you’d want to keep them happy! 🙂

  2. We have two cats and they will only use Fresh Step. I have a small house and it is the only litter that does not smell!

  3. Your kitties are so adorable!

  4. Your kitties are super cute! We have two cats and spoil them rotten {just the way it should be}. Have never used the Fresh Step Fast Acting litter, but their box is in a small downstairs bathroom so i should give this a try!!

  5. Pets totally should be pampered with products that make them healthy and happy!

  6. We love Fresh Step here too for our kitties! How adorable are they!

  7. Pretty kitties! They look big (not meaning fat, just big.) Are they Maine Coon cats?

    • Thanks! Lucky is actually really small, but Peanut is BIG (like you said, not fat, but big). We think he has some Maine Coon in him because of his size, coloring, fur, tail, but aren’t sure.

  8. I love that the fresh step gets rid of odors naturally. My mom has tried a few varieties of litter that work well at eliminating odor but make her cat lick its feet ALL the time so I think it was irritating her paw pads or something.

  9. Aww your kitties are so cute! These are cat, must haves that we have used with our cats for many years.

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