Fresh Step® Compact Packs – Less Lugging and Easier Storage

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There’s no question that I love my cats. That’s why I was happy to say “yes” when Fresh Step® Compact Packs asked me to work with them on this post. My friends on Facebook and anyone who follows me on social media are used to seeing frequent photos of my cute furry babies. Working at home every day, I know that I would get quite lonely without them and the dog keeping me company and giving me moments to laugh at their silly antics during the day.

Just about the only thing that isn’t a “plus” when it comes to the cats is dealing with the litter box. Of course, cleaning it isn’t fun, but dragging big heavy packages of cat litter around the house and up and down stairs, along with having a good place to store that big container can be a hassle. That’s where new Fresh Step® Compact Packs comes in!

The Fresh Step Compact Pack contains the equivalent of a 34 or 38 lb. box of litter divided into four smaller packs that nestle onto a convenient cardboard tray. These four smaller packs are much easier to move around the house and you can more easily store each of them in a much smaller space than that big ol’ box of litter. They are also much easier to pour into the litter box. If you have a cat, you know how hard that first litter box fill can be when you’re lifting a 38 pound package of litter!

Oh, and I almost forgot – each of the four individual packs is resealable. So, if you just need to top off the litter box, you can pour a bit out and then seal up the package again.

As with all Fresh Step litter products, when you buy the new Fresh Step Compact Packs you will receive points for the Fresh Step® Paw Points® Rewards Program. Join the free program at or download the Paw Points Rewards app from the Apple App Store or Google Play (you’ll earn 50 points just for downloading it.) With your collected points to you can redeem them for litter, coupons and cat toys. My cats’ favorite Paw Points reward was a really fun kitty tunnel!

Find the Fresh Step Compact Packs and other Fresh Step products at Walmart, Target and your favorite grocery stores. To try Fresh Step Compact Pack for free, sign up here:

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  1. OMG, I’m in love with your cat! Not many cats like to be held like babies. I need more of your kitty in my life!

  2. You have the most beautiful cats. I mean, they are just gorgeous. I have a friend with multiple cats, and I think she needs to try this.

  3. That is AWESOME! I have two cats myself, and littler can take up a ton of room. I’ll have to check this out.

  4.' Pam Wattenbarger says:

    We really like Fresh Step litter. These compact packs sound like they would be perfect.

  5. What a genius idea and I can not wait to tell my parents about these compact packs! With my dad being disabled, easier lifting and less effort are always appreciated.

  6. I love the convenience of this! Also, it is much easier on my back. And BTW, I finally found a cat bigger than my Hazel!!

  7. These would make life a lot easier! I love my cats but not their litter boxes.

  8. Ah, these compact packs are perfect! We have three cats that go through lots of litter and they all need their own bag. I like that you’re able to build up points for litter and other useful things.

  9. Your cats are beautiful! I have only one, a tuxie, and she’s also a sweet little thing. I like the idea of Fresh Step’s packaging litter into smaller, more compact packs. Definitely easier to move around and the best thing is that the package is resealable too. I’m going to look into getting some soon.

  10. wow! your kittie is so big and adorable! i like i t! i should try this compact packs for my cats!! looks so perfect!

  11. You cat is such a cutie! These compact packs sound worth a try! I love the idea of dividing it to 4 packs for easy storage! Awesome!

  12. I dont have any pets but I see their products in the shopping aisle all the time and they look bulky. Glad Fresh Start rebranded to accommodate for better storage space.

  13. Wow this makes things so much easier! I sometimes divide my dogs food in separate containers because the bag is just so big, I love they are now doing this for you!

  14. Your cat is huge- LOL! I love the fresh step packs, it really does make changing the litter so much easier. Lugging a big huge box and trying to pour it is so hard when it weighs 40 lbs!

  15. I just bought a 38# pack recently, and love that I can stack the smaller bags like sandbags in a corner verses the large boxes which are quite intrusive.

    The one component that bothers me is that the plastic is non-recyclable, and quite heavy duty. My locality burns our trash off and plastics that are burned release a cocktail of toxins into the air we breathe. If they could make the plastic recyclable, they’d have a fan.

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