FREE Sample of Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight.

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Is your cat a little on the chunky side? When your cat is overweight, life isn’t as good as it could be. Purina has t oils to help you assess your cat’s weight and simple solutions to help them stay at their best for years to come. Check it out now and request a FREE sample of Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight.' About Chrysa

Chrysa is the founder and owner of, a site dedicated to living a fabulous life on a frugal budget. Her approach is that by spending less on the boring everyday stuff, you can have more money to splurge on the things you REALLY want, whether it’s travel, fashion, electronics – you name it! Chrysa is married, has a 8-year old nephew she dotes on, as well as three lovable cats and a big sweetie of a German Shepherd.

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