FREE OPI Nail Poilsh from Kellogg’s Family Rewards

This is a NICE freebie!  The Kellogg’s Rewards program is offering a FREE bottle of OPI Nail Polish when you enter 3 codes from Special K products.  If you enter 8 codes you’ll get 3 FREE bottles.  If you’re not yet a member, just click the banner below to sign up for free.  You can see the details for the OPI deal on their “promotions” tab.  Then continue down to find some codes you can use to get you started in the program!

Also, each day you enter a code in the program, you’re entered to win $200 in groceries!

Kellogg's Family Rewards

  • 2013KFRBonusCode – 50 points
  • XOXO-XOXO-XOXO-XOXO – 25 points
  • GOODHOUSEMAG50PT – 50 points
  • HOWITWORKS20PNTS – 20 points
  • KFRFREEGROCERIES – 50 points
  • KFRNOWONFACEBOOK – 20 points
  • ENTERDELTASWEEPS – 50 points
  • ERESUNGANADORHOY – 50 points
  • EZ25POINTSFORKFR – 25 points
  • FAVHOLIDAYCOOKIE – 25 points
  • KFRDELTAENTERNOW – 50 points
  • KFRFAVPOPTARTS10 – 10 points
  • MARIECLAIRE50PTS – 50 points

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