Eco-Friendly Travel Tips

April is Earth Month and while we should be conscious of how our actions affect the environment every day, this special month is a good time to take a harder look at what we can do (and what we can STOP doing) to help the health of our planet. Being eco-friendly is something we can strive for in both our everyday work and home life, as well as when we’re on vacation. Here are a few Eco-Friendly Travel Tips to make your next vacation more friendly to the Earth.



Eco-Friendly Travel Tips


Leave Your Home Using Less

While you’re home is sitting empty, it should be using less resources. But that will only happen if you turn down your thermostat (or turn it up in warm months), turn out all unnecessary lights and unplug electronics and chargers. If you don’t want to leave a dark house for security reasons, use a timer to turn on a light during specific hours of the day.

Treat Your Hotel Like Your Home

While most of us are eco-friendly at home, some of those good habits can go out the window when we stay at a hotel. Avoid replacing your towels and linens when not necessary, skip the super long showers and turn off the lights and air conditioning whenever you leave the hotel room.


Bring a Reusable Water Bottle and Shopping Bag

Rather than buying bottles of water on your trip, bring your own bottle and refill it as you go. It also helps you avoid having to find a place to recycle your empty bottles. Bring your own reusable bag(s) for shopping at local stores and markets and skip the plastic bags.

Buy Local

While you’re shopping with that reusable bag, help put money into the local economy by buying items that are locally made and grown and eat in restaurants where ingredients are locally sourced. When you buy your souvenirs, look for “locally made” signs or check the label to see where it is made. When you buy local items it not only helps the local economy, but it reduces the amount of wasted fuel and emissions from shipping items long distances.


Travel by megabus

The biggest step you can take to be eco-friendly in your travels is by making a wise transportation choice. provides one of the most eco-friendly ways to travel in the United States, helping to curb our carbon footprint while offering a safe and economical way to reach our travel destinations. is continually striving to reduce their environmental impact which is why all megabus double decker busses are outfitted with a GreenRoad system. The system provides drivers with real time information and feedback to drive safely, such as highlighting potentially hazardous areas or problematic traffic trends, and also helps reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

This April, to kick off Earth Month, announced the Megabus Masterpiece Contest that encourages artists of all kinds to enter their eco-friendly inspired designs for a chance to have them displayed across the side of a megabus and receive $1,000 for art classes or more eco-friendly travel. You have until Earth Day, April 22, to enter your artwork HERE. The winner will be chosen and announced via megabus social channels on May 15, 2017.

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  1. These are awesome tips! I try to keep my carbon footprint low everyday, even when I travel. I take full advantage of public transportation when I travel, and I always walk when possible.

  2. I take full advantage of my smart thermostat when I travel. I see no need to waste resources and my own money on heating and cooling when I’m not there.

  3. I love all the tips you have here. I wish I had a smart thermostat so that I could control the temperature of our place when we’re gone. I do always bring my own water bottle because I don’t want to have more water bottles hanging out there.

  4. I always reuse my water bottle. It helps with the environment, but also saves money.

  5. Thanks for the wonderful tips. I’m getting ready to take a couple of trips, and will definitely be implementing some of these.

  6. Your tip on Hotel room is what I’ve been doing all the time! I don’t waste the water on long showers although the pressure is so perfect it tempts you to do so.

  7. I always try and think about conservation wherever I am and it sometimes saves a lot of money. I always shut off lights and use refillable water bottles at home or away.

  8. Thanks for these tips! I need to bring a water bottle and reusable tote on my next trip!

  9. Great list. It’s super easy to follow.

  10. Great tips! You know at home I try to pay attention to being eco-friendly but not as much when I travel. Thank you for making me realize I can be just as eco-friendly on the road.

  11. I would have never thought about riding on a mega bus. I will have to think of that next time!

  12. These are all great tips to becoming more eco-friendly. Unplugging unnecessary items when not in use really does make a difference.

  13. I try to always shop local when traveling – it’s one of my favorite things about traveling actually! I need to look into Megabus for an upcoming Mother/Daughter trip I’m planning!

  14. These are excellent travel tips! We are traveling now and I love shopping at all of the local shops!

  15.' shelly peterson says:

    These ae really great travel tips. I like the Buy Local tip.

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