Easiest Corn on the Cob Recipe – No Boil – Just Roast in the Oven!

How to Roast Corn on the Cob in the Oven

We love eating corn on the cob in the summer. The only downside is that it can be tedious to prepare. Husking the ears, boiling the water and watching it on the stove. 

Well, NO MORE BOILING!  Just like you can cook corn right on your BBQ grill, you can also cook it right in your oven. Seriously! We like this option for making big batches of corn because you don’t have to try to fit it all into a pot. It’s also great for holidays like Thanksgiving, as long as fresh corn is available in November in your neck of the woods.

Making corn this way is super easy and you don’t even have to husk it first. The husks come off AFTER it’s finished and since they are already cooked, they’re much easier to move.

The best part of roasting corn in the oven is IT TASTES AWESOME! The oven roasting really brings out the fresh, delicious taste of the corn.


How to Roast Corn in the Oven


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 
Place ears of corn directly on oven rack. 
Cook for 30 minutes. 
Once you remove from the oven, let it cool until you’re able to handle it. 
Peel off husks and silk – they should come off very easily.

For another easy option for cooking your corn, check out our crockpot corn on the cob recipe!

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  1. how cool! why haven’t I seen this before in my years and years of recipe hunting! I LUV it! and I can’t wait to try it – asap!!! That is what we need, easy and fast, no tons of pots and pans to clean when beautiful summer days and evenings are meant for more fun things! like eating that corn outside on the picnic table then going for a bike ride.

  2. Saw this post in my emails this morning. We just did this after having heard of it a couple of nights ago. My mother in law bought some ears of corn from a local farmers market and sent them home with us. She suggested this method to fix them, so we tried it! That was the tastiest corn our family has had in a very long time!! Was super easy with very little clean up 🙂 2 thumbs up from me!

  3. We love grilled corn, but haven’t tried roasting them in the oven! It looks like this could be an easy alternative way to enjoy the grilled corn taste without having to fire up the grill and go outside, which requires watching the grill and nice weather amongst other factors. Putting them in right without husking sounds easy and even better that they remove easily once cooked! We’ll have to try this some time soon. Thanks for the idea!

  4. Robin Wilson says:

    We love corn on the cob too and are very lucky that we have a friend that grows it every year. He will give us all we can eat, but like you said it can be a pain to husk and boil. I love this idea! But I am concerned that it might be too hot for me to remove the silk from after it is done. But I am willing to try this and let you know! Thanks ~ never thought of this.

  5. We love corn on the cob, but we have never made it this way. Will have to try it.

  6. It’s kind of like doing them on the grill. Sometimes I make them a little wet first.

  7. I just did this tonight with fresh corn and it was wonderful! As much as I hate turning the oven on during hot days, this was much easier and cleaner than boiling. The corn cleaned up really easily. I just slid off the husks with a pair of oven mitts. I will definitely be using this method from now on!

  8. Laura Jacobson says:

    Oh this look so neat! I have never heard of it before and cannot wait to try it! We do corn on the cob about once a week…but in this 90 degree heat…I just hate boiling the water…I would much rather use the stove for a short amount of time! Oh so excited to try it!!!!

  9. Were you supposed to soak the corn in water before placing in the oven. For safety reasons??

  10. Sherrie Benton says:

    I tried it last night and they are great. The hair came right off. It tasted great!!


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