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It’s not always convenient or easy to get to the doctor when you need to. Whether it’s a conflict with work schedules, lack of childcare or transportation problems – there are lots of things to get in the way! When I worked a 9-5 job it was often hard to get out of MY office when the doctor’s office was open. On the weekend it’s even more difficult to get in to see a doctor.

If you’re a mom with younger kids, it can be a big ordeal to get yourself to the doctor’s office while toting the kids along. On top of it all, when you’re sick and not feeling well, the last thing you want to do is get up, get dressed and drive yourself to the doctor!

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Finding a doctor to see can also be difficult if you have recently moved and don’t yet have a doctor in your area, a college student away from home, or if you’re between jobs and don’t have health coverage. With Amwell it’s easy to talk to medical providers, immediately, from the comfort of your own home or office. There is no need to call ahead or wait for a provider to see you – you simply log on to your iPhone or iPad.

No matter whether you choose to use Amwell online or through the mobile app, you’ll be connected with a doctor who is local and licensed in your state of residence. The standard visit is scheduled for 10 minutes, but you can add time if you find it necessary. An Amwell visit is very similar to an in-office visit. The doctor can review your medical history, answer questions, make diagnoses, offer treatment and prescribe medication (in states where allowed). If a prescription is made, it will be sent straight to your pharmacy. Very handy!

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Amwell also offers visits with therapists and nutritionists. This is a convenient way to have questions answered and consult with a professional mental health issues or your nutrition. Privacy is paramount for Amwell and it is a secure, private, HIPPA compliant way to get the medical services you need. Amwell is accepted by many major insurance carriers, and more are being added every day. Enter your health insurance information when you log in for a lower cost visit.

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I feel fortunate that I haven’t needed attention for any medical concerns recently, but I still wanted to give Amwell a try. So, I decided to have a consultation with a nutritionist. While I haven’t had to worry about weight for most of my life, I have started to gain weight over the last year or so and wanted to talk to someone about my diet and get a little advice. I quickly got a nutritionist on the phone via Amwell. She reviewed my medical history and walked me through my current eating habits.


We discussed how my metabolism has been slowing down with age and she offered some great advice for changes I could make in my diet. One of the specific things she suggested is that I add more protein to my diet. She thought my daily smoothies with fruits and veggies were a great idea, but suggested that I up the protein in them by adding more Greek yogurt or even some protein powder. After my consultation, I received an email with a link to download a complete report of our visit. It included the information we discussed as well as the doctor’s recommendations.


I was surprised by how easy the Amwell app was to use. It took just a few minutes to set it up and enable me to talk with the doctor face to face right over my smartphone. With that face-to-face contact, I felt like I had her complete attention. I felt assured I was receiving the same treatment I would in a doctor’s office, but I was much more comfortable because I was in my own home. I plan on using Amwell in the future when the need arises!



Cost: An Amwell session costs only $49. Some insurance companies and employers cover telehealth visits. For those instances, Amwell offers a printable receipt that you can use for insurance reimbursement.

Try it FREE: Ready to give Amwell a try? Use the code BEWELL19 to get a free visit.' About Chrysa

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  1. This sounds like a great service. I would definitely use it if I couldn’t get out of the house to see a real doctor for some reason.

  2. AmWell is so convenient. I know when I am sick, the last thing I want to do is leave the house to go to a doctor’s office.

  3. Amwell sounds like a winner to me. It takes a lot of time to go to the doctor, and time is something that’s in short supply for me.

  4. I’ve used Amwell a few times and absolutely love it! It’s so easy and the doctors have always been great!

  5. It would definitely be cool to talk to a nutritionist. I would use Amwell for quick consultations if someone had a cold too.

  6. The last thing I want to do when my child is sick is sit in a crowded medical office and wait three hours. Amwell sounds like an amazing solution!

  7. Especially during the cold season, this is incredibly convenient. The last thing I feel like doing is getting dressed and heading to the Dr. office when I am sick.

  8. This is really convenient for busy lives. I love that we now have more options.

  9. Thanks for sharing how helpful and simple it is to use the Amwell app. There are times I want to talk to a medical professional without going through the steps of heading to an office (unless it’s necessary). This sounds like an excellent way to get answers and advice without having to leave home.

  10. Sounds like I need the Amwell app. My kids are constantly getting sick or injured in the evenings after the doctor’s office and urgent care have closed so this would be perfect!

  11. This is a good idea. Anything that makes healthycare more accessable is a good idea to me.

  12. This is such a great service. I like that you can do it without leaving your house!

  13. I am sure this will be perfect for the winter months. So many people are busy so healthcare is hard to get to.

  14. I have used this service before and it is great! It is so nice having an alternative to going to the doctor’s office.

  15.' Debbie Denny says:

    I have heard of this service. I do believe this is fantastic app for parents.

  16. This is a very cool service and I wish we had it in Canada. There are times when it is hard to take your young kids to the doctor and this is a great alternative.

  17. You have no idea how amazing this is for busy moms! What a relief to get medical help from anywhere!

  18. This is what I need, I wish I lived in U.S so I can use Amwell as well.

  19. This is what I need, I wish I lived in U.S so I can use Amwell as well. I wish it would be worldwide.

  20. I like Amwell. I think it’s very convenient and could be used in lots of ways.

  21. This would be helpful when we go on vacation or need some quick advice.

  22. Love that it provides the same quality of service as if you went to the doctor!

  23. Comfort indeed and super convenient.

  24. I really need to try this out, I’ve seen so many people talk about how easy it is. I love anything that makes life simple.

  25. Ive seen this several times and find it to be so neat. Our doctor still makes house calls to those who have special illnesses and cant make it to the office. But this is very neat to me.

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