Celebrate Lunar New Year with Gift Cards from Best Buy

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For 2016, Lunar New Year, with a date determined by the phases of the moon, falls on February 8th of the Gregorian calendar. For Asians all around the world, including Asian-Americans, Lunar New Year not only celebrates the beginning of the year but also the ending of winter and the anticipated arrival of spring. For thousands of years, the occasion has marked a time to honor deities and departed ancestors. Family is a big focus during Lunar New Year and is celebrated with gatherings and traditional meals. It is one of the most important holidays celebrated in Asian countries.

The Lunar  New Year tradition I’m most familiar with is the giving of lucky red envelopes with gifts of money. The color red is considered lucky and that is why you will see its use so often during New Year festivities. During part of high school and college I worked at a Chinese restaurant and when Chinese New Year rolled around the owners of the restaurant gave each of us employees a red paper envelope with a gift of money. That extra money was definitely appreciated and I loved the beautiful red paper envelope that held it. I always think of that fondly at this time of year!

Chinese New Year Lanterns

Best Buy supports events which they believe are of importance to employees, customers, and communities.  The Lunar New Year is one of those important celebrations and they are helping celebrate the event with an Asian-inspired Giftcard and eGiftcard, available for purchase or gifting from BestBuy.com through February 13th, 2016. Just like the lucky red envelopes I received from the restaurant owners, the cards feature bright red designs for good luck.

To have a giftcard shipped to your address, click HERE.

For an eGiftcard, scroll to the right of the following link until you see the red giftcard with the two Koi fish (under the “Holiday” tab).

For sending gifts throughout the year to celebrate birthdays, check out Best Buy’s Chinese Happy Birthday e-Gift Card: http://www.bestbuy.com/egiftcard under the “Birthday” tab.

Best Buy Chinese Birthday Gift Card


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  1. Those are super cute. I’ve always loved the reds and golds for Chinese New Year.

  2. I could think of a few ways to use this card. Thank you for sharing. It’s a great gift suggestion.

  3. One of my in-laws is from China and I love her tradition of giving money in the red envelopes. She also makes the best Chinese food for special celebrations like the Chinese New Year.

  4. These are such neat looking cards. We are not from China but I think my kids would love to see these and talk about the Chinese culture.

  5. Neat designs, very cool! Best Buy gift cards always make great gifts.

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