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Tidy Cat LightWeight Litter

So, I told you about our two new kittens last month. They are getting SO BIG NOW!  It’s amazing how fast little kittens can grow. We were just gone for five days and I swear they almost doubled in size while we were gone. While I love our new kittens a ton, the one thing I’m not as happy about is double the litter box duty. With twice as many cats, it’s even more important for me to make the litter box routine easy.

Non cat-lovers don’t understand the importance of good cat litter.  But, us “crazy cat ladies” (and you crazy cat guys too) know that quality litter can make you and your kitties happy.  Now there are two new choices with Tidy Cats® Occasional Cleaning® and Tidy Cats® Lightweight Litter Instant Action™ both available online at Walmart.

Tidy Cat LightWeight

I picked up the Tidy Cats® Lightweight Litter Instant Action™ and like what I see so far. It is SO MUCH easier to tote around this litter. It’s half the weight of regular litter, but does the same job. And the Instant Action part means that it is fast clumping and odor trapping for fast, strong odor control. It makes really tight, but really light clumps so it’s super easy to scoop. Oh, and I like that it’s 99.9% dust free, so there is NO cloud of litter dust in the air!

Also new is Tidy Cats® Occasional Cleaning®. It lets you go longer between litter box cleanings with an extra layer of long-lasting odor control. It’s super absorbent and also 99.6% dust-free. Would you like to have your cat featured on the Purina Pet Park website online at Walmart? Submit a photo of your cat via Instagram with the hashtag #KittyOccasions. You can show how happy they are with their new litter for a chance to have your entry used by Purina.

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  1. Awww man! I am wicked allergic to cats, so I can;t have one. But I want one sooo bad.

  2. Awe! Look at those kitties, so dang cute!! We don’t have any cats indoors, so we don’t need to worry about the cat litter aspect of it 🙂

  3. Your cats are so cute! My boys want another one.

  4. We love Tidy Cats. It’s our litter of choice for our five cats.

  5. I love how soft and huggable your cats look. What were they looking at?

  6. dealing with litter boxes is one of the main reasons I don’t have a cat. But Tidy Cat seems to make light work of it

  7. I don’t have a cat but my friend does! I am sharing your post with her.

  8. You know what I find funny? I’ve never met someone with a cat who didn’t use Tidy Cats. I mean granted I don’t know *that* many people with cats but I found that interesting.

  9. calipertir@aol.com' christina aliperti says:

    I am allergic to cats but these are some beauties! My mom used to have a cat and Tidy Cat was all she ever used for him.

  10. Your cats are cute. Looks like they belong in a legit commercial!

  11. Your cats are so cute! Cat litter can be so heavy – Tidy Cats has come up with something really innovative here!

  12. I’ve had cats my entire life. Right now Ziggy is an only, but we hope to add to our cat family soon. Hopefully, the dogs wont mind. 🙂

  13. What a sweet kitty! We have dogs and not cats, but sometimes I kinda want a cuddly cat!

  14. Thanks for the information about Tidy Cats latest cat litter products. I have two rescue cats at my house and one of them appears to be a Maine Coon. His super big litter box will appreciate a lighter kind of litter that still traps odors. I’ll definitely look for this product.

  15. What adorable pics of your cats! You’ll definitely need Tidy Cat for those cuties

  16. kornlover_16_2002@yahoo.com' Amy Desrosiers says:

    Wow, i never realized that Purina made Tidy Cats! I honestly thought they just made dog products!

  17. They are sooooo cute. I love cats so much. I also love having good kitty litter.

  18. Your cats are so cute! I agree, a good litter is so important!

  19. Just picked up kitty litter yesterday. Such cute cats your have.

  20. Sounds good. You have some cutie cats.

  21. We have used Tidy Cat for years, the kitties are so cute. What you put in their litter box is really important too, you cannot just choose any brand.

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