A Day of Fun and FIRSTS at Valleyfair!

A trip to Valleyfair is fun ANY day, but a day filled with "firsts" can be even more fun. Our trip to Valleyfair was a big deal because it was the FIRST time that Little R is finally tall enough to ride on all the rides! He loves the thrill rides and has always been disappointed when there were some … [Read more...]

Ride the All-New North Star at Valleyfair!

A visit to Valleyfair is fun and exciting any time, but it just got even more fun and exciting with the all-new North Star! Taking a look at a photo of the North Star, you may think it's just another mild-mannered swing ride. Well, that idea is TOTALLY WRONG! I visited Valleyfair on opening day last … [Read more...]

Celebrating Valleyfair’s First 40 Fun Years!

Valleyfair has gone through a LOT of changes over the 40 years since it first opened in 1976, but one thing that has remained the same is that it is a lot of FUN!!  Earlier this summer I shared the story about the very first time I went to Valleyfair, which was during its opening year (yes, that … [Read more...]

Valleyfair: Making Memories with Family Fun

Valleyfair is celebrating its 40-year anniversary. Since I so vividly remember the very first year Valleyfair opened, that 40-year mark makes me feel pretty darn old, but it also makes me reflect on happy memories as we add brand new ones. When Valleyfair first opened in Shakopee Minnesota in … [Read more...]