Save Money on Milk – Try Powdered Milk in Recipes

Milk is expensive! Luckily the price has gone down in the last month or so, but it still adds up. While this tip won't save you enough to buy a new car, every little bit helps, right? Whenever cooking or baking with milk, you will never notice a difference if you used powdered milk instead. To … [Read more...]

Start Your Garden Seedlings With Egg Carton Seeds

I have been hearing a LOT more people talk about gardening this year. With the state of the economy more people are turning to the idea of growing their own produce. Even a small garden (or even containers on a patio/balcony) can mean savings on fresh vegetables. One thing to keep in mind is that it … [Read more...]

10 Uses for Plastic Milk Jugs: Don’t Just Recycle – REUSE!

For today's "Works for Me Wednesday", I'm going to borrow a post I wrote last year on Jinxy Knows Best: We all know the refrain “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”, but sometimes forget those 3 words are phrased in that order for a reason – their order of impact. We can help the environment the most by … [Read more...]

Start the New Year with Healthy and Organic Eating on a Budget

It's that time of year when many of us make New Years Resolutions and, unfortunately, some of those resolutions sometimes conflict. For example "Eat Healthier" and "Save Money" are two VERY common resolutions. However, it often seems to cost more to eat healthy than it does to eat junk. To help out, … [Read more...]

Edible Playdough – Thanks to Jon and Kate Plus 8 play dough

This weekend, I saw Kate making edible playdough on "Jon & Kate Plus 8" and just had to try it myself! It's a simple recipe - Equal Parts: Powdered Milk Smooth Peanut Butter Honey (Flour as needed) Mix the first 3 together and then add enough flour until it reaches playdough … [Read more...]

Thrifty Gift Idea: Homemade Sugar Scrubs

The holidays are fast-approaching and it's time to get going (if you haven't already) on planning gifts. Two years ago, I made homemade sugar scrubs for many of the ladies on my list and they were a big hit! The recipe is very easy:  Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipe  Ingredients: 2 cups … [Read more...]

Reduce Your Leftovers and Save Some $$$

I have a quickie tip this week for Works for Me Wednesday. I hate having to throw out food when there are just bits of pieces left. So, what I do is keep a sealed plastic container in my freezer. Any time we finish dinner and there are just a few peas or a few kernels of corn etc. left in the bottom … [Read more...]

Cheap & Easy Doughnut Recipe with Biscuits

This is a yummy and easy way to make doughnuts. I always get hungry for them when the weather starts to cool down in the fall. I must warn you though, these are not on my "healthy treat" list!The only things you need are a can of refrigerated biscuits, oil for frying (vegetable, corn or canola are … [Read more...]

Save Money on Eggs – Substitute with Soy Flour

According to an AP Press Release earlier today, a federal investigation regarding price fixing is being expanded to egg products. So THAT's why they're so expensive! If you primarily use eggs for baking, try this thrifty substitute: Replace an egg with 1 heaping Tbsp soy flour and 1 Tbsp … [Read more...]

Homemade Dishwasher Detergent Recipe

I discovered a new homemade alternative to commercial dishwasher detergent by accident. I had been having a hard time with my dishwasher not getting the dishes clean and leaving a film. I did a couple of cleaning methods (running an empty load with a bowl of vinegar, running an empty load with a … [Read more...]