7 Top Ways To Stay Safe When Out For A Hike

I am fortunate enough to have the Great Smoky Mountains in my backyard. OK, maybe not directly in my backyard, but within a short drive. One of our favorite activities as a family is to go hiking. There are so many trails weaving their way through that gorgeous backdrop. There are majestic trees, … [Read more...]

4 Safety Tips for Senior Citizens

It happens to all of us eventually.  We grow older, have our children move away, retire, and have to deal with weaker senses such as sight and hearing.  Unfortunately, these things make senior citizens an easy target for criminals.  There are several products out on the market right now that can … [Read more...]

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Safety Tips for Seniors from Master Lock

We have nearly 50 million citizens age 65 and older living here in the United States and Canada. These seniors represent one of the fastest growing population segments and also, unfortunately, a group that is commonly targeted for crime. I know I often worry about my mom's security and am happy that … [Read more...]

Winter Weather Driving Tips from Michelin

Winter is coming!  As much as we don’t want to admit it, cold weather and all that comes with it are coming for us soon.  If you are like me, driving in the winter isn’t the most fun situation, and can oftentimes be stressful.  It doesn't have to be quite as stressful if you're prepared! We’ve … [Read more...]

Make Safety a Priority with a PEAK Back-Up Camera

As soon as we slip behind the wheel, safety should always be our #1 priority. The safety of you and your passengers is extremely important, but so is the safety of those outside your car. While we often think of the dangers of collisions while out on the roads and highways, accidents can happen … [Read more...]

National Child Passenger Safety Week – 9/19 – 9/25 – National Seat Check Saturday

This week, September 19-25, is National Child Passenger Safety Week. It's the week to think about the safety of our kids while riding in cars - especially the safety of their car seats. The Consumer Reports Safety Blog recently reported on a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) … [Read more...]

Parking Pal Magnet – Kids Parking Lot Safety

Parking Pal is one of those great products that makes you wonder "Why didn't I think of that?!?" For use in parking lots, the Parking Pal™ magnetic hand is designed to help busy parents keep their child out of harm’s way while tending to other tasks. To useParking Pal , you simply attach it to … [Read more...]