FREE Printable Lunchbox Notes

If you take the time to pack a good lunch for your kids to take to school, you might want to add a little something extra to show how much you care with these free Printable Lunchbox Notes.  Each one has a different cute message to your child to remind them that you're thinking of them all day long. … [Read more...]

12 School Lunchbox Ideas

Thinking up ideas to keep lunch boxes fun, fresh and something your kids will actually eat can be a challenge.  Kids are often picky and there are always the favorites and not-so-favorite food items.  Making those lunches as appealing as possible is the best chance to ensure that they are eaten and … [Read more...]

How to Save Up to $435 Per Year Using Reusable Lunchware

Packing your own lunches for school and the office can save a LOT of money.  But did you realize that you can save much more by using reusable packaging rather than your usual baggies and by portioning out larger packages rather  than buying single serve juices, pudding, etc?  In fact, if you … [Read more...]

Apple Sandwiches Recipe – Great After School Snack!

This apple sandwiches recipe is not only pretty, it's lots of fun to make (and eat)!  It's perfect for an after school snack or in a school lunchbox.  You can even let the kids get involved to help make them.  You can just prepare the apples and then let the kids take over for the fun part of the … [Read more...]

Homemade Uncrustables PB&J Recipe – Perfect for School Lunches

I have to say this may not be so much a "recipe" as it is a "how-to". Whatever it is, kids love Uncrustables, but they have their drawbacks - number one being that they can be expensive!! If your kid is a big peanut butter and jelly fan they can go through a lot of these in a hurry and the price can … [Read more...]

Chicken Taco Bento Box Lunch with Printable Lunchbox Notes

What makes a good school lunchbox idea?  Balanced nutrition and great taste are always the goal, but if the lunch can also be fun it helps the chances of it all being eaten and not traded away or brought home again at the end of the day.  With this Chicken Taco Bento Box Lunch idea your child will … [Read more...]

Southwest Turkey Wrap Recipe for School Lunch or Work!

Southwest Turkey Wrap Recipe We all know that packing our own (or spouse's) lunch for work each day or kids' lunches for school is a great way to save a LOT of money over the course of the year vs. buying a lunch every day. But, after a while the same 'ol peanut butter and jelly or ham and cheese … [Read more...]

Cookies for Breakfast? Why YES!! Whole Wheat Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies Recipe

Some days don't you wish you could just act like a kid with no rules and eat cookies for breakfast?  With this recipe you CAN do that.  Sure, plain shredded wheat or oatmeal might be healthier, but these cookies will beat your average pancake, waffle or bagel any day!  They are made with oatmeal and … [Read more...]

Peach Pinwheels Recipe for Back to School Snacking

During back to school season it's always fun to have a few quick and easy recipes on hand for healthy lunch or snack options.  I recently went on a mission to create a new snack idea using Del Monte Fruit Cups.  Through a little brainstorming, I came up with these pretty Peach Pinwheels that you see … [Read more...]