5 Tips for Spring Fitness with Insync Natural Probiotic

Do you stay active all year round? Or, are you like me and tend to hibernate a bit in the winter? I am much less active in the winter months.  First there is all that busy time with the holidays and it seems like there just isn't time for anything else.  Then the cold wintry weather of January and … [Read more...]

Health Mart Champions of Care Challenge – Celebrate an Unsung Hero

 Health Mart Champions of Care Challenge Do you know someone who is truly good at heart and is always going out of their way to help others?  There are many ways to volunteer and make a worthwhile and lasting impact on people and even whole communities.  Some of these volunteers specifically work … [Read more...]

Support Healthy Resolutions with a FREE 5-Day Trial of The Daily Good

We are nearly at the end of the January and it's that sticky point where it's hard to keep up the New Years resolutions - but you can do it!!  If you can make it through the end of January, those resolutions should be able to turn themselves into habits, which means they can continue to benefit you … [Read more...]

1-Week FREE Trial to Curves! And Free 30-Minute Consultation!

Have you ever tried Curves to stay healthy or reach weight loss goals? I personally love it! It is kind of like a gym and weight loss support group all rolled into one. And I love that unlike most gyms there are no intimidating body builder types around getting frustrated having to wait on the … [Read more...]

Sunshine Citrus Chicken Recipe

Sunshine Citrus Chicken Recipe   It is terribly, terribly cold here in Minnesota right now.  This morning the air temps were below -20 and the "feels like"  temps were less than -40!  It's so cold that our local Minnesota grocery store chain, Rainbow Foods, is even closing early … [Read more...]

Tips for Surviving Cold & Flu Season from Kleenex

It's that time of year when we are super busy running around and trying to prepare for the holiday season.  With shopping, cooking, school performances, church activities, traveling to see friends and family and more, the last  thing you want to do is come down with a cold or the flu.  But, chances … [Read more...]

Tracking My Fitness Progress with the Misfit Shine – A Review

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. Once the winter weather starts in, I find it even harder than usual to work up the motivation to exercise.  With the cold (and soon snowy) weather outside … [Read more...]

Get a Flu Shot at MinuteClinic and Receive a 20% Off CVS Shopping Pass

Disclosure: Although I received a voucher for a flu shot, any opinions expressed are my own. Flu season is upon us, but its not too late to still get a flu shot!  MinuteClinic, inside CVS stores, makes it quick and easy to protect yourself and your family.  They're open 7 days a week, evenings … [Read more...]

Help Keep Bugs Out of Our Yogurt – Dannon Petition

When you take a nice big yummy scoop of your favorite strawberry yogurt and you see that appetizing red color you naturally think it's because of the juicy red strawberries inside, right? Well......actually it could be bugs - YES BUGS - giving it that red color. If you see carmine on the label, it … [Read more...]

First Ever Cold & Flu Predictor by Kleenex!

The First Ever Cold & Flu Predictor by Kleenex I love the fall! Nearly everything about it is just magical to me - the smell of the crisp air, the golden leaves before they fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, just the spirit of the holidays approaching! So many things that I love! You know what … [Read more...]