Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Teaser Trailer Released

Doesn't it seem like a looooooong time since Guardians of the Galaxy came to the theaters? GOTG is definitely in my top 2 favorite MARVEL movies ever, so I'm excited that GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 will be coming to theaters May 5, 2017! This brand new teaser trailer was just released today and … [Read more...]

Guardians of the Galaxy Gift-Giving Ideas

#OwnTheGalaxy #CollectiveBias Where are my Guardians of the Galaxy fans? We LOVED this movie in the theater and are happy to know that the Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital HD release is tomorrow, December 9th - just in time for the holidays! I'm excited to see all the cool extras on this one - they're some … [Read more...]

Big Blastin’ Rocket Raccoon from Hasbro

When I write about toys, it's usually my nephew who is the lucky one to try out the new stuff. BUT my husband makes it very clear that when the toys involved are Transformers or MARVEL that he gets the first crack at them! Hasbro has lots of new, fun toys that fall into this category, so he is … [Read more...]

Guardians of the Galaxy Extended Look

We are now less than a month away from MARVEL’S GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY coming to the big screen on August 1st. To add a little more to the excitement, check out this special extended look video clip! Another super cool thing is that if you buy your tickets to Guardians of the Galaxy through … [Read more...]

FREE Tickets to Marvel’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: An IMAX® 3D First Look

  This is pretty exciting for all of us who are so anxious for Guardians of the Galaxy to arrive in movie theaters.  On Monday, July 7, select IMAX Theatre locations across North America will be showcasing Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy”: An IMAX® 3D First Look, featuring 17 minutes of … [Read more...]

Guardians of the Galaxy Interview with Chris Pratt, James Gunn and Kevin Feige

Who is excited about Guardians of the Galaxy?  If you raised your hand, you're going to want to see this video!  (And if this is the first you have heard of Guardians of the Galaxy you'll want to see it to find out what all the buzz is about!)  AMC Movie News presented a live streaming Guardians of … [Read more...]

Meet Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

If you're a Marvel fan, you probably already saw the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy that debuted on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night.  If you did happen to miss it, we have it below. But what we ALSO have are featurettes introducing you to the Guardians! Check them all out and then let us know … [Read more...]

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