Spinach and Feta Egg Toast Cups Recipe – Easy Breakfast for One or a Crowd

This delicious recipe puts a Greek twist on my classic Easy Egg and Toast Cups recipe.  This recipe is easy enough to make as a breakfast for one in a custard cup, or use a muffin tin to make breakfast for a crowd. For each cup, you will need: 1 egg 1 slice of bread 4 raw spinach leaves 1 tsp … [Read more...]

Greek Inspired Grilled Cheese Recipe with Spinach and Feta

This Greek Inspired Grilled Cheese Recipe thrives on Greek-inspired flavors of spinach, feta and oregano. I love to make this oh-so-delicious sandwich when I am making lunch just for myself. I usually have all of the ingredients on hand and it makes a lunch that seems special with very little work … [Read more...]