23 Best Alice Through The Looking Glass Clothing, Accessories and Gifts

Disney's Alice Through the Looking Glass is now in theaters and for those of us who just can't get enough of Alice, the Hatter and their friends, we have found the 23 Best Alice Through The Looking Glass Clothing, Accessories and Gifts! My personal favorites are the t-shirts, but there are a few … [Read more...]

2015 Holiday Gift Guide – Ovation Hair Gift Set

I've never been brand loyal when it comes to hair products or even bought higher end salon quality brands. I have very long and thick hair and just never felt like I needed the pricier items. When Ovation Hair offered to send a hair care gift pack for me to review for the Thrifty Jinxy gift guide, I … [Read more...]

25 Homemade Beauty Products For Mother’s Day

Making mom feel special this year is easy with one of these 25 Homemade Beauty Products For Mother's Day. Not only will you leave her skin feeling luxurious, you'll be able to create these great items on a budget. That means you'll be able to craft more than one item easily to give her a spectacular … [Read more...]

Prize Candles – All Natural Soy Candles with a Prize Hidden Inside!

Do you love candles?  How about jewelry?  And surprises - are those fun?  If you said yes to all three, I need to tell you about Prize Candle because it combines each of these features into one!  Prize Candle is an all natural soy candle with a ring hidden each side.  The surprise part is that you … [Read more...]

Give with Purpose with World Vision – Reader Giveaway

  During the holiday season it can be hard to find a really meaningful gift for those who are special to us.  An extremely special gift is one that spreads the love by helping others, especially those who most need it. World Vision, a humanitarian non-profit organization with an impressive track … [Read more...]

Star Wars Gift Ideas – Fun Gifts for Star Wars Fans

Do you have the ultimate Star Wars fan on your Christmas shopping list?  If so, we have a roundup of lots of super-fun items from ModCloth that they are sure to love.  Whether your Star Wars fanatics is pint sized or full grown, one of these Star Wars gift ideas under the tree is sure to make them … [Read more...]

Older Adults Gift Ideas – 12 Great Solutions!

Older Adults Gift Ideas When working your way through your holiday gift list, some of the hardest to buy for can be older adults.  It's hard to decide if we should go the practical route or the fun route.  Do we try high-tech, or stick to low-tech?  These questions can make it extra tricky and … [Read more...]

Custom Photo Puzzle Only $5 with FREE Shipping

This looks like a fun gift!  You can get a puzzle made from one of your favorite photos for only $5 and shipping is FREE!  $5 is for a 5"x7" size, but you can also choose to pay $10 for an 8" x 11", or $15 for a 10" x 12".  Which ever size you choose, shipping is FREE!  You may buy up to 5 at this … [Read more...]

Blurb’s Chicken Soup for the Soul Books – A Special Personalized Gift

Buying books for people as gifts can be a difficult job.  The first hurdle is that you never know for sure just which books they already have. And once when you do find the right book and give it to them, how do you make it personal? Put in a book plate? Write an inscription? Those help, but how do … [Read more...]

Target Bullseye Pez Dispenser Gift Card for the Holidays

Every holiday season I love to see the cute and fun new gift cards at Target. This year, they have an awesome Target Bullseye Pez Dispenser Gift Card. The cool thing about these specialty gift cards is that you don't pay any extra for them and you can choose the denomination. So, if you want to give … [Read more...]

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