Workout Fashion on a Budget

What helps motivate you to work out? Is it the goal of being more healthy? Working toward fitting into a now-too-tight pair of jeans? Big goals are great for motivation, but I often find that little things help me get going and get my sweat on. One thing that always gives me a boost is fabulous … [Read more...]

Nature Made Twitter Party + Reader Giveaway

Not too long ago I did a follow-up on the "start of the year fitness goals" - I like the sound of that so much better than resolutions! The beginning of the year started out a bit rough with a long lingering cold and yucky winter weather, but I'm happy to say that the sickness is long gone and the … [Read more...]

Detox Lime Infused Water

While some people think of fruit infused waters like this Detox Lime Infused Water as summertime drinks, they are a great choice all year 'round and especially in the spring! During springtime I think about all things being new. New plants peeking up and leaves appearing on the trees, baby … [Read more...]

Resolutions Revisited: Time to Call in Backup! + a Giveaway

How are those New Year resolutions going? While I don't like to call them "resolutions", I did start the year with a goal to eat better and be more active. Truthfully, I'll say I have had mixed results so far. I have been eating well and cooking a lot of healthy meals from scratch, but the activity … [Read more...]

Using Balance Ball Chairs at Your Desk

 Using Balance Ball Chairs at Your Desk  If you spend most of your day working at a desk, you know that all of that sitting can do not-so-nice-things to your body. You can develop an aching back and you can see the pounds creep on due to immobility. Not to mention the fact that we often … [Read more...]

Top 8 Weight Loss Cookbooks for Healthy Eating

Even for those of us who say we don't make New Year's resolutions, there is still a common feeling at this time of year that we can make a new start and start new health habits - especially when it comes to food and exercise. I know that my husband and I are personally recommitting ourselves to … [Read more...]

Ready to Make 2016 Count

While I'm not one who is much for making New Year's resolutions, I do like to take some time during these few quiet days between Christmas and New Year's Day to think about how I want things to BE in the new year, how I want ME to be, and how to make that happen. What do I need (or want) to do … [Read more...]

Fitbit Charge only $89.89 (Reg. $129.95)

A fitness tracker can be the perfect tool to stay on top of all of the New Years Resolutions we'll all be making in just a few weeks.  If you're looking for a great deal on one, right now we can order a Fitbit Charge on Amazon for only $89.89, down from $129.95.  This is the lowest price we've ever … [Read more...]

Printable Daily Health ‘Chore Chart’ for Grown-Ups

#DailyRepairDifference #CollectiveBias I think that most of us have things, both big and little, that we do daily, try to do daily or WISH we did daily to help improve our health and make our lives better. I have a long list of these things. Some of them are super easy for me to accomplish - … [Read more...]

Get Yourself Moving with New Workout Gear + Save with Splender

We all know the important thing about exercise is that you just do it and it doesn't truly matter what you wear or where you do it. BUT, when it comes down to encouraging ourselves to exercise and to feel comfortable doing it, I think that dressing the part helps a LOT! Since I work at home on the … [Read more...]