MARVEL’s The Avengers, A Review (TIP: See It in IMAX 3D – Awesome!)

It's finally here!  MARVEL's The Avengers hits theaters tonight at midnight. I had originally planned that we would be waiting in line at the theater tonight, but we lucked out....on Monday night we got to see an advanced preview! I'll start out by saying that for most of my life I had little or … [Read more...]

Human Planet from BBC/Discovery Channel – Reader Giveaway

Did you catch the first airing of Human Planet on Discovery Channel last week?  If you did miss it, you still can catch the next two episodes tonight, April 17 and April 24th.  And then, just two days after the conclusion, on April 26, it will all be available on DVD and Blu-Ray.  Human Planet is … [Read more...]

Arthur & the Invisibles 2&3: The New Minimoy Adventures

COMING SOON:  Arthur & The Invisibles 2 &3: The New Minimoy Adventures will be available on DVD and Blu-ray on March 22. In the part-live action, part-animated film, the 10-year-old hero Arthur (Freddie Highmore) explores the magical land of the Minimoys with two new adventures.  Hemust … [Read more...]

Chuggington: Let’s Ride The Rails Reader Giveaway

Do you have little train fans in your house?  New for kids on Playhouse Disney, Disney Channel’s learning-focused programming block, is the colorful and contemporary CGI-animated TV series “Chuggington”.  It features three young trainees, Wilson, Brewster and Koko, as they learn to “ride the rails” … [Read more...]

Yanni Voices Live from the Forum in Acapulco on PBS.

Starting tonight on PBS, be sure to check out Yanni Voices Live from the Forum in Acapulco on PBS. This Yanni Voices special is a PBS Pledge Event. Yanni, in collaboration with legendary producer Ric Wake, has discovered and developed four of the most extraordinary young voices in music today. … [Read more...]