Coca-Cola’s 5by20 Initiative Empowering Women Worldwide

When I decided I wanted to work from home and create my own business it seemed like a monumental task that had lots of chances to be a big ol' failure. It was a big step for me and in my view (and in my husband's) it was taking a big chance. But, what I had was a lot of advantages that other women … [Read more...]

#LightTheWorld for 25 Days in December

There are always opportunities to do good in the world, but even more so with the holiday season.  Countdown to Christmas and spend the first 25 days of December doing 25 days of good deeds to bring some light and good cheer to your neck of the woods. The Mormon Church has launched a campaign to … [Read more...]

Fighting Child Hunger with Project Sunlight #ShareAMeal

Earlier this month I brought up the topic of child hunger and the fact that there are 16 million children struggling with hunger in the United States. I still find that figure staggering, especially when you stop to think that amount translates to mean that 1 in 5 American children don’t know where … [Read more...]

Help Fight Child Hunger with Unilever Project Sunlight

We're moving into the holiday season. The months filled with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas usually mean lots of fun and celebrations focused around food. We have treats and trick-or-treat candy for Halloween, huge family dinners for Thanksgiving, and all sorts of delicious … [Read more...]

Join the GiveForward ALS Ice Bucket Prank Campaign

We’ve been taught since we were young to live by the golden rule:  Treat others the way that you’d like to be treated.  Everyone is special and deserves to be treated fairly.  When people take advantage of someone or treat them poorly, it is just heartbreaking. Are you familiar with the story of … [Read more...]

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