Bountiful Wonders Coloring Book

Believe it or not, coloring has been become the in thing to do, not just for kids but for people of ALL ages.  That's why I was super excited about the Bountiful Wonders Coloring Book.  The cover even says "For Everyone".  I love the fall theme of this book.  Pumpkins, squash, corn, leaves and more. … [Read more...]

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It’s Dr. Seuss’s Birthday! 5 Books and Backpack Only $5.95 Shipped!

We just celebrated Dr. Seuss’s Birthday! No other American writer has had a greater impact on children's literature than Dr. Seuss. His imaginative characters, vivid illustrations, and catchy rhymes are instantly recognizable to anyone who grew up reading his fantastical stories. Create a … [Read more...]

Reunion: A Search for Ancestors (Kindle Edition) for FREE

This book looks really interesting! Get Reunion: A Search for Ancestors (Kindle Edition) for FREE!  Where do I come from? That question sets Ryan Littrell on a fascinating journey that crosses centuries.An anonymous letter reveals the first clues about his family story, and soon those … [Read more...]

The Death of Bees – A Novel by Lisa O’Donnell – Review and Reader Giveaway (5 Winners)

Thanks to Roslyn, our book reviewer, for sharing her thoughts about Lisa O'Donnell's debut novel THE DEATH OF BEES .Who can like a convicted pedophile? Everyone will like Lennie, one of the narrators of this fast-paced book. The premise of this story is implausible, but the skill with which it … [Read more...]