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Is your home a smart home? Are you wondering what the term “Smart Home” even means? We live in a world full of technology and it isn’t limited just to our smartphones and tech that we use for work. There are lots of products that can make your home just as smart as your smartphone and, in the process, make your homelife easier, more secure and more fun!

Best Buy is sharing all the latest and greatest to make YOUR home smart in their Tech Home in the Mall of America where you can get up close and personal to touch and try the latest technology products in a homelike setting. I visited the Tech Home last week and learned a LOT! Best Buy has expert Blue Shirts and Geek Squad Agents on hand to explain the products and answer questions.

Samsung SmartThings Hub Review

One of the coolest things I found at the Best Buy Tech Home was Samsung SmartThings, a bunch of helpful gadgets all controlled from your smartphone, that help you control and monitor your home from anywhere – inside or out. The centerpiece of this set-up is the Samsung SmartThings Hub, which serves as the brain of your smart home. It wirelessly connects with hundreds of compatible smart devices including things like smart locks, lights, outlets, thermostats and more – all controlled from the SmartThings app on your smartphone.

Samsung SmartThings HUB Description

Two of my favorite smart home products both have to do to with both convenience and security. The Samsung SmartThings Arrival Sensor is a small device you can connect to your key ring or put in your pocket that senses when you leave your house or arrive back home. You can trigger different actions to happen like automatically turn off the lights and lock the door when you leave, or unlock the door and turn the thermostat up when you arrive home.

Samsung SmartThings Front Door Detectors

Another helpful sensor is the Samsung SmartThings Multi-Purpose Sensor. It can tell you whether doors, windows cabinets or your garage are open or closed and can even detect vibration and temperature. I definitely need one of these for our garage. I don’t know how many times I have gotten miles away from home and had to worry whether or not I had forgotten to close the garage door. With the multi-purpose sensor I can always check and know.

Best Buy Tech Home Bedroom

Best Buy is also featuring Samsung mobile products in the Tech Home. The Samsung Galaxy Note7 looks great! I had the Samsung Galaxy Note5, which was a superphone, but the Note7 has even more to offer. One thing I already loved about the Note is the awesome S Pen that lets you write and draw right on the screen. It’s perfect for making quick notes or just playing around! Another big plus is that the Note7 lets you expand your storage up to 256GB with a microSD card. That’s a LOT of photos and video!

Best Buy Tech Home Scratch Card

Are you ready to come and visit Tech Home at the Mall of America? It’s a great way to spend a morning or evening learning about new tech. You also have some chances to WIN with 2 sweepstakes opportunities at Tech Home:

  1. Come and visit Tech Home at the Mall of America to learn how you could win a $10,000 Best Buy Gift Card, a Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Collection, Samsung Dream Kitchen, and a Samsung 55” SUHD 4K TV and more.
  2. Be one of the first 250 to visit the Tech Home at the Mall of America each day from 8/22-9/17 and you could win one of many prizes made with Qualcomm technologies including Sonos Play:1 speakers, Samsung Gear S2, and more.
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  1. Just another reason to love Best Buy. They always have the latest tech, whether it’s smart phones, audio, or a smart home. So cool!

  2. My husband wants a home hub. We’re apple-ites, so waiting to invest in that until it comes out. I love the idea of the video doorbell.

  3. Best Buy has the coolest technology! I would love to make my house “smart”!

  4. Catherine S says:

    My house currently isn’t a smart home. I think I am going to go to Best Buy and check out the Samsung SmartThings Arrival Sensor.

  5. That is just the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! I would love to make my home a smart home. Love Best Buy.

  6. Technology has seriously come so far, so fast. I have been wanting to “smart-ify” my home.

  7. So cool that you can make your own home so high tech! I think the multi-sensor would be so helpful, especially with teens in the house!

  8. I need to make our home a smart home asap! I think it would be fabulous, but of course we don’t have anything this great. Would love to get our home all smart when we can…..

  9. I like the idea of being able to view my home when I’m away. I would feel so relaxed and confident if I upgraded to this. Best Buy is a great store. How exciting to have the chance to win 10,000!

  10. I want it all! We have been considering upgrading to smart technology throughout our home and plan on starting with our thermostats. I think we will explore door locks next.

  11. I love Best Buy, and would love to make my home a smart home. They really have everything

  12. Incorporating that arrival sensor with some automatic functions would be great. It would be so cool to check out some of the new techy stuff at Tech Home.

  13. Best Buy is really introducing us to the new wave of the home tech future. I would love to add more smart home features to our home!

  14. I think these are such a great idea, we have smart heating which I can control from my phone and it really does make such a different to bills. x

  15. I love that you can go to Best Buy and literally outfit your home with every conceivable gadget to make it More energy efficient, stay organized and of course safe! Can’t wait to head to Best Buy to check all these gadgets out!

  16. How cool is this! I am so not a tech person but I think this is definitely something I would be able to use!

  17. I definitely don’t have a smart home haha We go for the basics although I know my husband wants to get it more “smart.”

  18. It would be amazing to have all this in my home. Best Buy has the coolest things.

  19. Technology these days is so astonishing! There is so much new tech and gadgets to fill your home with to make life easier, better, more fun, or all of the above. I can lose myself in Best Buy for hours just gazing at all of the stuff.

  20. Ohhhh I could definitely use some more gadgets for my house! Would you believe we don’t have a doorbell?

  21. I heard so many great things about Best Buy. How I wish we have a store nearby.

  22. Oh wow, being able to integrate everything into one system certainly makes life easier at home and that’s how it should be anyway. How I would love to win one of those packages or just the 4K TV!

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