Awesome Book Ideas for the Reader on Your Gift List

Awesome Book Ideas For The Reader On Your Gift List foodie

Books For The Foodie:


  • The Dirty Vegan Cookbook: Your Favorite Recipes Made Vegan – Includes Over 100 Recipes. While many people think going vegan is restricting, this cookbook will make you rethink that! The book offers such indulgent recipes like Vegan Ravioli Dippers, Avocado and “Bacon” Cheesy Cheddar Bread Ring, S’mores Pancakes, “Steak” Tips and Sweet Potatoes, Italian Wedding Soup, Vegan Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Blossoms. Yum! I cannot wait to dig in!
  • The American Table: Classic Comfort Food from Across the Country. Work your way across the USA with these delectable dishes! Impress your guests with recipes like Chicken Fried Steak, All-American Apple Pie and Corn Pudding.
  • Welcome Home Cookbook: 450 Comfort Food Recipes for the Slow Cooker, Stovetop, and Oven. Don’t spend hours at the grocery store or in the kitchen! With these amazing dishes, you can prepare homemade comfort foods in a snap! Refer to full-color photos in a ring binding that allows the book to lay flat on your kitchen counter. You will return to this cookbook again and again.
  • Cake, I Love You: Decadent, Delectable, and Do-able Recipes. If I had a dollar for every time I said this! Baking master Jill O’Connor presents a wide range of sweet choices in each chapter in this cookbook. They are indexed by flavor profile and level of difficulty. There is a recipe for all skill levels in this delicious book!
  • The Mexican Food Diet: Healthy Eating that feels like cheating. Mexican food is a staple in this house. My daughter is coming to visit next week and has already asked for enchiladas! This book from Maru Davila offers a new way of eating to lose weight, feel great and to stay that way. She has created mouth watering recipes that leave you without deprivation, hunger, or boredom with bland foods. Mexican food that won’t kill my diet? Count me in!

Awesome Book Ideas For The Reader On Your Gift List adults

Adult Books That Make Awesome Gifts:


  • Computers for Seniors: Email, Internet, Photos, and More in 14 Easy Lessons. I wish I had gotten my mom this book when she got her first computer! This book is a step-by-step guide that will take the newbie tech lover from pressing the “On” button on their new computer to being a confident user in no time! They will be able to send email to family and friends, shop online safely, read the latest news, watch funny YouTube videos, share cute pictures of the grand-kids, check the weather forecast, and much more.
  • The Faerie Handbook: An Enchanting Compendium of Literature, Lore, Art, Recipes, and Projects. I have been obsessed with fairies since I was a kid. So is my oldest daughter. This is a book she will LOVE! You will enter a magical and enchanted world rich with myth, mystery, romance, and abundant natural beauty. The faerie fanatic will love the exquisite vintage and contemporary fine art and photography, literature, essays, do-it-yourself projects, and recipes.
  • The Library at the Edge of the World: A Novel. This beautifully written book of fiction is about a local librarian who must find a way to rebuild her community and her own life in this touching, enchanting novel set on Ireland’s stunning West Coast. Told with heart and abundant charm, The Library at the Edge of the World is a joyous story about the meaning of home and the importance of finding a place where you truly belong.

Awesome Book Ideas For The Reader On Your Gift List kids

Great Books For Kids:


  • Homer for the Holidays: The Further Adventures of Wilson the Pug. My friend Trisha is getting a new pug for her family. The kids will love this book for Christmas! This heartwarming pug buddy story destined to become a holiday favorite of dog lovers of all ages for years to come. On a cold winter day, Wilson finds a baby pug named Homer. Wilson wants to do the right thing and sets out to help his new buddy Homer. Together they embark on a quest to find the puppy a home.
  • Rocket: A Journey Through the Pages Book. For the space explorer in the family, they will love this story of a spacecraft moving through the far reaches of space. The reader gets to pilot a three-dimensional plastic rocket that never leaves the book! They will visit some of the most intriguing sights in our solar system, then the Milky Way, and into far-off galaxies.
  • The Incredible Cabinet of Wonders. This is such a cool book! Kids lift the flaps to open the cabinet doors. They will discover 100 extraordinary objects from our planet’s weird and wonderful past and present. Then they will read the fascinating stories behind each one and find out where to see them in real life. Some of the cabinets they will explore include a Monster Hunter’s Cabinet, a Naturalist’s Cabinet, a Miniaturist’s Cabinet, a Doctor’s Cabinet and a Treasure Hunter’s Cabinet.
  • Dinosaur Atlas. My son will be seeing this book under the tree! Budding paleontologists will travel back in time over 200 million years to lost prehistoric lands and the dinosaurs that roamed them. From from giant sauropods and horned dinosaurs, to duckbills and ferocious theropods, kids will discover how the dinosaurs evolved, what they looked like and how they hunted.

Do you have a bookworm on your holiday list? Which of these awesome book ideas for the reader on your gift list would you choose and for who?

Awesome Book Ideas For The Reader On Your Gift List with suggestions for adults, kids, foodies, romantics and more!
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  1. shelly peterson says:

    These sound like great books. I would love the Mexican Food Diet: book for myself.

  2. I have always loved to read but don’t have as much free time as I used to have back in the day. I keep promising myself I will try to give myself more time to relax and read.

  3. We do have a bookworm on our list. She requested that new one from the former reality star from the DIY channel. That’s what we got her!

  4. Desiree Lopez says:

    My daughter is a serious bookworm. I think she would love The Faerie Handbook! It sounds like such a fun book to have.

  5. My favorite times are spent in book stores. Your list is great.

  6. These are some great book gift ideas! You can never go wrong when you give a book as a gift, my sisters love cookbooks and I do try to gift them one with a little added extra stuff!

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