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My Chihuahua’s name is Chase. I’m sure he’s in the running to be the most spoiled dog in Michigan. He isn’t a d-o-g, he’s a little person with fur. That being said, he travels with my husband and I whenever possible.

For those times he can’t join us, a membership with will come in handy. It’s an awesome site that connects pet owners with sitters who are willing to care for pets at no charge, right in your own home. I’m sure Chase will appreciate the fact that he won’t have to pack a suitcase and stay at a kennel.

TrustedHousesitters recently launched a fun campaign called “America Loves Pets.” If you’ve ever wondered about the most popular pets in each state, you’ll love sifting through the information. The data is the result of 12 months of monitoring pet-related conversation on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. And it’s certainly no surprise to see how much everyone loves to talk about their beloved pets.

America Loves Pets

Chase and I reside in the beautiful state of Michigan. Apparently, scads of ferrets, Huskies, and Persian cats do too. In regard to canines, Chihuahuas came in third. Chase is dealing with this fact in the best way he can! I’m surprised by the number of Michiganders who share their home with hedgehogs… almost 18 percent. Then again, they are really cute, aren’t they? Surprisingly, frogs made the cut as well. All I can say is…ewwww.

The concept of TrustedHousesitters is fantastic. If you’re planning to travel, you can find your ideal sitter from their pet loving community who’ll love your pets and home like their own completely for free. Not only is your pet receiving excellent care while you’re away, your house is in good hands too. All sitters go through a comprehensive background check.

If you take the time to read some of the verified reviews posted by past clients, you’ll see why the site has a 5-star rating. The next time I need a sitter for Chase, I won’t hesitate to go through TrustedHousesitters. I love the fact I won’t have to pay someone to care for him. It means more money to spend on the trip, which translates into an additional overnight stay and an extra souvenir for the most spoiled dog in Michigan.


  1. This would definitely help us on those family vacations that we take. We have a St. Bernard/German Shepherd mix named Dennis who tends to be a lot of dog for some people. I wonder if we could get someone to handle him while we’re gone this year. Now off to check out the service!

  2.' TColeman says:

    This sounds like such a great service. I know that there are so many times that I have not wanted to have someone strange handling my pet but this looks super trusted.

  3. My daughter is crazy about animals. She would love to do this.

  4. What a great service for people who need someone to watch their pets. There are so many loving people to watch your pets when you go out of town. Sounds like a great service to find those people.

  5.' Janet W. says:

    I love that the sitters go through a background check! Sounds like a great service!

  6. I do house/pet sitting. I go by referrals so people know me.

  7.' Julie Wood says:

    Your Chihuahua’s Chase is so cute. It is good to know that I can find a pet sitter and have my pets watched when I am on vacation.

  8. LOVE the background check feature! Only the best for my fur baby ;]

  9. This is amazing! Great resources for pet owners.

  10.' shelly peterson says:

    I do not have a pup but this sure sounds great for those who do.

  11. This is a cool concept, and the first time I’ve heard of it. Good to know about it!

  12.' Betsy Barnes says:

    I think this is a great idea! Love that the sitters go through background checks.

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