A Dog’s Purpose – THE Movie for Dog Lovers! + Reader Giveaway

disclosure-compensationA DOG'S PURPOSE

As big dog lovers, we are SO excited for A Dog’s Purpose coming to theaters January 27th. It’s a story, told from the dog’s perspective, about a dog and his humans. The dogs in this movie all look so beautiful and I was super excited to see a German Shepherd in the mix! If you haven’t yet seen a clip or trailer, check it out:



About the film:

Based on the beloved bestselling novel by W. Bruce Cameron, A Dog’s Purpose, from director Lasse Hallström (The Cider House Rules, Dear John, The 100-Foot Journey), shares the soulful and surprising story of one devoted dog (voiced by Josh Gad) who finds the meaning of his own existence through the lives of the humans he teaches to laugh and love.  The family film told from the dog’s perspective also stars Dennis Quaid, Peggy Lipton, Britt Robertson, K.J. Apa, Juilet Rylance, Luke Kirby, John Ortiz and Pooch Hall.


A Dog’s Purpose is produced by Gavin Polone (Zombieland, TV’s Gilmore Girls).  The film from Amblin Entertainment and Walden Media is executive produced by Alan Blomquist and Mark Sourian, and it will be distributed by Universal Pictures. 

The movie stars Britt Robertson, KJ Apa, John Ortiz, with Dennis Quaid and Josh Gad.


You can recreate the #ADogsPurpose movie poster using your own dog! I created this poster with Toby’s face. I think he could be a star! Share your dog’s poster using #MyDogsPurpose. Your furry friend could even be featured in the film’s campaign! Get started now: http://unvrs.al/ADPPoster

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  1. eswright18@gmail.com' Ellie Wright says:

    My favorite dog is my shar-pei Spike. He’s a big happy clown that always makes me smile.

  2. My favorite old wup wup is my third oldest sons new border collie named Mia. She just loves to play fetch all the time.

  3. As a kid I loved Benji.

  4. My favorite is my teacup yorkie, so adorable and loves her momma.

  5. pgdubois@yahoo.com' debra dubois says:

    I have two sweet girls Daisy & Lilly they are sure a perfect fit to our family we all adore them. We adopted them three years ago what a blessing they our to our family brings us joy everyday.

  6. we had 2 wonderful dogs, Murphy and Riley.

  7. My favorite dog is our dog Molly. She is very well behaved.

  8. easymacbb@gmail.com' Christopher Mason says:

    I love my cairn. Go Toto!

  9. sms4001@aol.com' Sean Sauceda says:

    Favorite dog is ours obviously! 🙂 Creepshow and V!

  10. I have four dogs – Moses, Dino, Buddy and Gizmo. I love them all the same, can’t pick a favorite

  11. justjerseystyle@gmail.com' melissa crane says:

    My favorite dog is is our mixed breed rescue, Sasha! She’s just about the smartest, sweetest dog any family could ask for! She’s super gentle with our kids, but fiercely protective of them and our home! She really is the perfect pup fro us!

  12. kripley81@gmail.com' Kimmy Ripley says:

    My favorite dog is my sweet as sugar rescue, Storm! She was rescued from a hoarder and never knew love until she came into our home! Now she’s spoiled with love and affection.

  13. cshell090869@aol.com' shelly peterson says:

    My favorite dog is my good friends Chihuahua Gracy.

  14. i want to see this movie so bad! Though, I anticipate I will be crying my eyes out during the movie!

  15. tmhorn@cox.net' Tammy Horn says:

    How do I pick a favorite? I have a pack, and my current and past dogs have all been a favorite, as they all complete me and serve a purpose all their own. My current little Border Collie is definitely a very special and smart little girl, a favorite for sure, but they all are, I wouldn’t be me without them.

  16. groogruxking40@gmail.com' Steve Weber says:

    My dog is my favorite – her name is Nancy and she is super cute.

  17. bringlaurathehorizon@ymail.com' laura bernard says:

    Our puppy gemma is a dutch shepard!

  18. integrity4life1@gmail.com' Thomas Gibson says:

    My favorite dog is a chihuahua named Rico. He helped me through months of severe depression. Thank you Rico.

  19. amandanfleming@yahoo.com' Amanda Welker says:

    I LOVE my sister’s dog. He is so sweet and fluffy! He loves to play with my kids, so he gets a gold star!

  20. t_stone89@hotmail.com' Trey Stone says:

    Dogs are man’s best friend.

  21. antimatter772007@yahoo.com' Jennifer W says:

    My favorite dog was my family dog named Jessie. She had a very sweet personality.

  22. My favorite dog is our dog. Her name is Brinlee.

  23. I like Hachiko.

  24. My favorite dog is my lab mix.

  25. My favorite dog was my dachsund growing up.

  26. My favorite dog is my pit/chow mix. He makes me mad sometimes but he is super sweet and overall the perfect family pet.

  27. ginaferrell26@gmail.com' Gina Ferrell says:

    My favorite dog is my Black and White Shih Tzu name Oreo.

  28. BWallace1980@hotmail.com' bernie wallace says:

    My favorite dog is my sisters dog Pawter. Thanks for the giveaway, I hope that I win.

  29. kimnaumann@bevcomm.net' Kim Naumann says:

    Tank and Phoebe my favorite little fur balls!

  30. My favorite dog was my standard poodle named Dallas. He was my dog in grade school.

  31. My favorite dog is my dog, Lucky!

  32. My Favorite Dog is mydog Scrappy

  33. progress001@msn.com' Dan Dykstra says:

    My favorite dog would have to be our dog Emma. She was a pound puppy. So sweet, gentle, had a great personality. We had to put her down about 15 months ago

  34. tatertot3741@gmail.com' beth shepherd says:

    My favorite dog is our dog Faith. She is the best.

  35. my fave dog was Lassie..

  36. myangeleryn@gmail.com' Christina Foley says:

    I have many favorites (as someone who works in animal rescue, many steal a piece of my heart). The main two, Stella (may she RIP) was my heart and soul, the dog who literally stole my heart the second I laid eyes on her picture. Due to circumstances, I didn’t think I’d be able to foster her but she was the only one without a foster during intake so she came home with me. She suffered head trauma due to being used as a bait dog, due to the head trauma she suffered from severe fear and anxiety, she was literally afraid of everything. As a foster, I tried everything to make her “adoptable” but she was honestly mine from the second I saw that photo, my heart dog. After 9 months as a foster and the vet deeming her “unadoptable”, I said “she’s very adoptable, I am adopting her this weekend” – she became my forever. I loved her with all that I had and I know she loved me. We always knew she’d deteriorate but it happened just 18 months after I adopted her, when she started to forget who I was and feared all sounds, we knew it was time to let her go find peace we couldn’t give her in this world (due to cruel people in the world). I still miss her dearly, my heart is still broken and this movie makes me think a lot of her. My other is my Tucker… the good in the world of evil when it comes to rescue. She was dumped and left for dead, but she’s the happiest, sweetest most loving girl – she was also a foster who I adopted, on the way to taking her to an adoption event I had an anxiety attack over saying “see you later”. She pays it forward and is the most awesome foster momma to all of our puppies (and even some older dogs, such a little momma).

  37. abfantom@yahoo.com' Ann Fantom says:

    My favorite dog was my childhood mutt named Blue

  38. julielundstrom@yahoo.com' Julie Lundstrom says:

    I have had a few dogs over the years and my favorite breeds was my German Shepard, doberman, and lab mix that was the most wonderful dog. When my daughter was having troubles breathing she came and woke up my husband and me to help her. She was the most amazing dog.

  39. skyejaden@gmail.com' Kim Henrichs says:

    We had a collie named Posey and when I was little she would put her nose under my arm and walk me around.

  40. jenbutterfly12@yahoo.com' Jennifer G. says:

    I would say that my favorite dog is Lassie. I grew up watching that show and it brings back such great memories. She was such a wonderful dog!

  41. s2s2@cox.net' Susan Smith says:

    My favorite dog is my dog Daisy.

  42. jsmith3may2011@yahoo.com' John Smith says:

    The dog in “Benji” and “Petticoat Junction” was great! There’s nothing better than a lovable mutt!

  43. my4boysand1@gmail.com' Stephanie Phelps says:

    I have two little ones that are my best buddies and their names are Brandi and Dunkin. They are the best at keeping me calm and making me smile!

  44. My favorite dog is my Australian Cairn Terrier named Russo. He has such a HUGE personality for a small-ish dog. Whenever I pet one of my other dogs (that I love almost just as much), he gets insanely jealous and starts to go nuts trying to get my attention. He’s also the best cuddler. I’m a cat person, but he’s transforming me into a dog person. Oh my!

  45. My favorite is my dog, Ozzy. He’s such a smart, sweet boy.

  46. tannawings@gmail.com' ellen beck says:

    My favorite dog is one that passed from old age many years ago. Jiffy was a cinnamon chow chow and went to the Bridge at 16. She was well loved, and so brilliant..

  47. This giant St. Bernard’s in Beethoven movie is my favorite dog.

  48. My favorite dog was Penny. I grew up with her. Gentle soul.
    Thanks for the contest.

  49. tzevans@aol.com' Tammy Evans says:

    My favorite dog was Logan. He came to us when we lived in Chicago, through Midwest Labrador Retriever Rescue. They said he was about 2 but when we took him to the vet they said he was only about 1.He was skinny and scared kept trying to run away. On the second day he was with us he ran out when the kids were leaving for school, knocked over the neighbor’s trash, dragged half a pizza across the snow on to the frozen pond behind the house and fell through the ice. I ran after him and fished him out of the icy water. Both of us were covered in icicles and all the school children learned a few new four letter words as I ran with him into the house and got us both in the shower to warm up. 12 years flew by we moved to Paris then London, then Miami then New York, the kids grew up and went off to college but he was still my baby. He was my running buddy, my friend, my protector, he helped me meet people everywhere we went even when I didn’t speak the local language, he was perfectly behaved, could walk off lead but never resented it when he needed to be put on one, liked everyone, only barked when he needed to and although he never got over some of his fears (bridges and water) he would try, for me to be brave. He passed away last year for an aggressive cancer. My heart is still broken.

  50. bosox102008@yahoo.com' Danielle Wood says:

    My favorite dogs are Chai and Arlo, my black lab mixes in real life. Chai is 2 and a protector of her family, Arlo is 10 months and a goofy puppy that loves to play.

  51. seyma_bennett@hotmail.com' Seyma Shabbir says:

    My favorite is a German Shepherd or Lab.

  52. versatileer@gmail.com' Jerry Marquardt says:

    My favorite pup was my two pups when I was growing up. I did obedience trials with them, rain or shine. The good ole days.

  53. My favorite dog is my dog Babe. She’s the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet.

  54. This sounds and looks like such a wonderful movie. I would love this because I am a huge animal lover, I have the best dog named Bentley who is seriously heaven sent. He is mixed lab and pit and we adopted him from our local animal control as a puppy. I have always loved cats so once I got him it was life changing- he is the absolute best dog in this world. He eats, sleeps and breathes love. He loves us with every piece of him and it’s so incredible to see the impact we have on eachother as human and pet. I wouldn’t trade him for the world! I would also love for my dad to see this as well- he loves dogs too. We always talk about dogs and there love for us, they are so compassionate and they only require love and food. It’s the best feeling ever!

  55. rounder9834@yahoo.com' Thoma Murphy says:

    My favorite dog is my black lab named Jack.

  56. goodthingsarecoming1978@gmail.com' Mary Cloud says:

    I have two favorites – sisters that we adopted – Mesa and Bella – our little Chihuahua’s

  57. My favorite dog died almost 2 years ago….he was my constant companion, sweet and smart.

  58. My only dog Bambie, who brought us 17 years of joy

  59. I like santa’s little helper from the simpsons

  60. janetfaye@gmail.com' janetfaye says:

    My favorite dog is my little Maltipoo. He is funny and smart.

  61. My favorite dog is my own dog because he loves to play even though he isn’t a puppy any more!

  62. shartmaniam@gmail.com' Susan Hartman says:

    My favorite dog was my dear Lucy who was a standard poodle who we lost some 10 years ago. She was very smart and looked at you like she understood everything that you said. Still miss her.

  63. My favorite dog is my chocolate lab. His name is Jasper, he’s about 10 years old. Smartest dog ever!

  64. diamond5v@frontier.com' Shelley P says:

    I have always loved Lassie from the movie Lassie Come Home. Such a beautiful and smart dog!

  65. My favorite is a pug – but im a bit biased.. since I own one. She is my life!

  66. someluckydog@gmail.com' Cindy Brooks says:

    My favorite dog(s) are our two Bichon Frises, Glacier and Lily!

  67. My favorite movie dog is Beethoven.

  68. kminton2011@yahoo.com' Kim Minton says:


  69. tim.flyboy@yahoo.com' Michelle Hill says:

    My favorite dog is my HUGE pup Chevy weighing in at 75 pounds at 9 months old! He is a beauty with a gentle soul.

  70. partipaws@yahoo.com' Jill Hanson says:

    I have always loved dogs and hard to pick a favorite, there are so many that are hero’s, like the dog Rosie, that led her blind owner down the staircase of the twin tower’s during 911 to safety.

  71. wildnmild4u@yahoo.com' Jennifer Rote says:

    My favorite dog is our dog Stewie. He is hyper and has anxiety but he is so full of love.

  72. clc@neo.rr.com' Cynthia C says:

    My favorite dog is my friend’s pet, Maddie.

  73. My favorite dog is a cocker spaniel named Bailey. She was mine, but when I got an apartment in college that didn’t allow dogs my mom kept her for me. She is old now and still lives with my parents because she is super spoiled by them. I miss her so !

  74. I have always loved Benji! Those movies were great. Thank you so much!!

  75. owen.darlene@gmail.com' Darlene Owen says:

    My favorite dog was Rin Tin Tin

  76. vlbelk@hotmail.com' vickie couturier says:

    we always enjoyed watching Lassie as a kid and adult

  77. Diamond my four year old beagle is my best friend!

  78. susansmoaks@gmail.com' susan smoaks says:

    my favorite dog is our dog lady. she is a medium sized mixed breed that we rescued. she is everything.

  79. I have 2 fur babies, Shadow and Ellie. Both are rescue dogs and I love them to pieces.

  80. mrsmchappell@gmail.com' Michelle C says:

    I have a chocolate labradoodle named Coco. She’s so silly and adorable.

  81. sns91981@gmail.com' Shannon Kirby says:

    Dug from UP

  82. marilynnawara@gmail.com' Marilyn Nawara says:

    My favorite dog is my Westie Fang… he is 14 years old and my best friend. He knows all of my secrets and never tells anyone.

  83. lyzabeth1970@aol.com' elizabeth miller says:

    My favorite dog ever was our first Sheltie named Sandy. We got him as a first pet for my son and he was such an awesome, fabulous, loveable dog. He was so well behaved and was super good with kids. I was so sad when he passed at 17 years old.

  84. kingermcbinger@gmail.com' Alison King says:

    My favorite dog is my current furbaby, Camille. She is so loving and sweet. She is full of energy and loves to play. She is also smart and enjoys learning new tricks.

  85. darlenecarbajal1994@gmail.com' Darlene Carbajal says:

    I have a chihuahua that we got from a friend years ago. He is so smart and protective. I love him so much!

  86. nathankyle1707@yahoo.com' jeremy mclaughlin says:

    My dog Rocky is my favorite.

  87. My favorite dog passed away last year and her name was B.B. She was a pug, the runt of the litter and a fawn color. She lived her previous life as a tie-out so lived her life with me as a princess. She was full of wonder and curiosity… always making me laugh. Unfortunately she passed last year and while I have two other wonderful dogs, she was my ‘soul dog’, we had an unspeakable connection and she will always be missed!

  88. schwartz.lori@gmail.com' Lori Walker says:

    My favorites are Jade and Kayla… my pups – I can’t choose!

  89. jebaxter5256@gmail.com' Julia Barnes says:

    My favorite dog is a boxer named Titus. He is very laid back and sits with his tongue hanging out of his mouth most of the time.

  90. michelle83237@gmail.com' Michelle Richardson says:

    My favorite dog was our 13 year old bloodhounde Lulubelle that passed this last year.

  91. My favorite dog was Lady, our family dog when I was a kid. She actually belonged to a man who lived up the street, but would somehow climb over a 6ft gate and come down to play with us every day. He finally just asked my parents if we wanted to keep her. She was awesome.

  92. rockergoddess2002@yahoo.com' Tracy Shafer says:

    My favorite dog was my dad’s little doxie, Chipper..he passed away years ago but was adorable.

  93. my favorite dog is my golden lab Danny he is our little boy he is like a child to us

  94. My favorite dog is Lassie. Loved that show.

  95. gtbuzzd@gmail.com' heather s says:

    I had a lhasa apso that was my best buddy. I miss her

  96. My favorite dog is my pup Marshall!

  97. bbrittbrat1398@yahoo.com' Brittney House says:

    My favorite dog is my doggie Benny. He’s so sweet and playful and loves to cuddle.

  98. sewitupjulie@gmail.com' Julie Cutshaw says:

    Hi, my favorite dog is the new 8mth old puppy that my grandson has, named Luna. A part cattle dog and silver haired German Sheppard and shes so loving and he adores her too. I’d love to take him to see the movie thanks Happy New Year

  99. bgoldberg001@socal.rr.com' Brenda Goldberg says:

    I truly loved Lassie on the TV show when I was a child.

  100. jeanna_massman@hotmail.com' Jeanna Massman says:

    My favorite dog was my childhood pet, a beagle, cocker mix named Willie.

  101. My great dane Maggie and my shih tzu Mister are my favorite doggies ever!!

  102. kapril8@outlook.com' Nadia Martin says:

    Hatchiko what a loyal dog, saddest movie i’ve ever seen too

  103. Nathart@comcast.net' Natalie Hartmann says:

    My favorite dogs are my own 3, Max, Leo, and Lilly. My favorite dog on screen was from Love Leads the Way

  104. While I do not have a “favorite” I currently own two dogs, both adopted. One is a beagle who is laid back and chill. The other is my German Shepard, a shy dog for the first two weeks she is now high-spirited, wild and crazy!!

  105. zekthezookeeper@yahoo.com' Cheryl Chervitz says:

    My two Boston’s, Junebug and Cain, are my favorites. They are the reason I wake up every day, without them I wouldn’t know what to do.

  106. My daughter’s lab Riley. Sweet dog.

  107. jenniferdenaedunaway@gmail.com' Jennifer Dunaway says:

    My dog Ellie is very sweet and loving. She loves belly rubs and treats.

  108. faithrains2387@yahoo.com' Desiree H says:

    My favorite dog is Chewy, he is a Yorkie Poo.
    I bought him when he was just a puppy and now he is 8 years old.
    Thank you~

  109. My favorite dog is Lassie.

  110. My first ever pet – Charlie the airdale!

  111. My favorite dog is (was!) my sweet hearted rescue Señor Mike the Senior Dog. I had him for 18 months, maybe the best of my life with a once of a lifetime dog, so sweet and gentle and loving. He was very sick when I got him (seizures that it turned out were a brain tumor), but we had a great year or so together. His purpose was to show love, and he achieved it in spades!

  112. gooba01@live.com' Holly Thomas says:

    My favorite is my baby girl Abby Mae.

  113. billyl42016@gmail.com' Billy Lilley says:

    My favorite dog is Bingo, because Bingo was his name-o.

  114. My favorite dog is my 2yr old YorkiePoo named Sammi!

  115. skhayes15@yahoo.com' Sarah Hayes says:

    I like lassie

  116. Every dog I’ve ever had is my favorite dog. Right now, it’s Maverick, an old special needs dog I adopted last year. He’s a lovable Lab mix who has completely bonded with me. So sweet.

  117. arress83@hotmail.com' Cheryl B ( arress) says:

    I love all of my dogs, but my favorite still has been a cocker/poodle mix that never left my side as a child.

  118. andrea2russia@hotmail.com' Andrea Williams says:

    My favorite dog is pretty much whichever one is around at the moment. They all hold a special place in my heart and bring joy to our lives with the unconditional love they show.

  119. cristene24@yahoo.com' Christine Labelle says:

    My favorite dog is our dog Riley. She is amazing. Just last week our smoke detectors went off and she got my girls out of bed before we even had a chance to get into the room. She is so mellow and kind and always know how to make us smile.

  120. My favorite dog is my own dog. 🙂

  121. I have an Austrail Shepherd named Riley who is a running partner, no matter the speed or distance, he is ready to go.

  122. Favorite dog is a friend of mine’s named Hank. He is like a Scottish Terrier and has a cute face with a lot of black fur.

  123. crankyyanky1@charter.net' Kim Keithline says:

    My favorite dog is my dog Dexter

  124. My davorite dog is my Memaw’s old dog. He would sing Happy Birthday and beg for treats all the time.

  125. wmj@telus.net' Wendy Jensen says:

    I have 4 special Grandpuppies. Mason a shephard/husky was a rescue pup. Wow is he big but doesn’t know it. Chewbacca just had his birthday yesterday, a gorgeous, lovable and very friendly ChowChow. I know that doesn’t sound like a ChowChow but that is him, one of a kind. R2D2 is a 6 year old Sheba Inu. She is very timid but oh so smart. She has figured out how to open doors with levers. She tries to talk to me but I have a hard time understanding what she wants. BB8 is also a 6 year old Sheba. She joined the Chewbacca and R2D2 family last year as her owners just had a baby and it wasn’t working with the Sheba. They are not known to like children. She has a happy face and disposition but a little more training will have to come as she does nip/bite and is very jealous of the other Sheba.

  126. Suzelle11@aol.com' Laurie Nykaza says:

    We grew up watching Lassie movies love that beautiful dog.

  127. My favorite dog is my little chihuahua little. She’s a cutie and a sweetheart.

  128. I have a red dachshund she’s so cute! She’s a dog we rescued from a shelter back in 2010

  129. I love my neighbors dog Copper! He is my own personal guard dog haha

  130. bnchile@yahoo.com' bill norris says:

    My fave dogs are always mine…. we’ve had some awesome puppies.

  131. suschris1@gmail.com' Susan Christy says:

    My favorite dog was my childhood pet, a German Shepherd named Prince who was my protector and my buddy. I’m pretty crazy about my two current dogs too. They are the first dogs I’ve had as an adult.

  132. My grandma’s dog Bennie was the best dog I’ve ever known.

  133. I was a big fan of Lassie as a kid.

  134. carawling@hotmail.com' Cynthia R says:

    My favorite dog is our family dog growing up. He has long since passed away, but Rex was such a great sweet dog!

  135. hobjen@comcast.net' Jennifer Reed says:

    My favorite dog is my Jack Russell Terrier mix named Cody who is 4 years old.

  136. My favorite dog is a black lab I had in high school. Her name was Baby.

  137. momohutt1@gmail.com' Melanie Huttner says:

    My favorite dog is my puppy Brooklyn. We adopted her 8 months ago and she is the sweetest, best pet I have ever had. I love her to death!

  138. My favorite dogs are Max my miniature pincher beagle mix

    Oreo my border collie mix who I grew up with, he passed 2 years ago due to old age. He’s one I can never forget . Loosing him was not easy. Max has helped me learn to cope. He will never be forgotten

  139. epstein.steven@gmail.com' Steven EPSTEIN says:

    my favorite dog was my dachshund that I had growing up . Spike was his name

  140. My favorite dog is my Jack Russell Terrier named Day-Z. She is my best friend.

  141. Airbud is my favorite dog. I loved that movie when I was a kid!

  142. MsWW_57@yahoo.com' Janice Wright says:

    My cockapoo Charlie is my favorite dog. Even though he is an expensive dog because of all the meds he takes for his various health problems I still love him very much!

  143. hall490@comcast.net' Sarah Hall says:

    My favorite dog was our poodle beagle mix named Pudgy who lived to be seventeen.

  144. dawnmonroe83@gmail.com' Dawn Monroe says:

    We adopted our lab and he is the best dog we’ve ever had. He is gentle, obedient and protective.

  145. My favorite dog is our dog, Rosey, a Chihuahua/Boston Terrier mix.

  146. ellicat2000@yahoo.com' ellie sheely says:

    MY must Fritzie was my favorite little yappy dog. He was Airdale and who knows what else. He was 15 when he passed. I cannot have a dog now

  147. Lassie

  148. tbarrettno1@gmail.com' Tabathia B says:

    My daughters favorite dog is Clifford because how he interacts with his fellow dogs and his human owner

  149. rajeespot@gmail.com' Rajee Pandi says:

    My favorite dog is German shepherd because he is smart and attractive

  150. My favorite dog is Scrappy!

  151. jawa22lly14@gmail.com' Peggy Rydzewski says:

    My Molly is a 14 year old rat terrier and there is not a day that goes bye that I don’t thank God for bringing her into my life

  152. I love my dog, Lucky! She is a most playful and active dog that I’ve had!
    Thank You

  153. shempgames@hotmail.com' Shemp DeYoung says:

    Scooby Doo. I love the New Scooby Doo Movies.

  154. jenniferherman75@gmail.com' Jennifer H. says:

    Mine would be my dog Bailey.

  155. jenniferherman75@gmail.com' Jennifer H. says:

    I would have to say Meatball.

  156. Mine is Bamb.

  157. I love my dogs! We lost both our beloved collies last year. It is so hard to let them go even when you know it is what’s best for them. We have two pups now mending our broken hearts. They do come back to you…

  158. astonger@hotmail.com' Amy Stonger says:

    I love both of my dogs equally. I could never pick a favorite!

  159. channy1852@gmail.com' Chantelle Walker says:

    My pup Jake, crazy dog but so loving. 16 wonderful years, wish he was still with me but I rejoice at the time I had with him.

  160. My favorite dog is mine, Cowboy!

  161. Rin Tin Tin (I know, that dates me).

  162. wenbudro@aol.com' wen budro says:

    My favorite dog is my own dog, Waffles. She’s a good girl.

  163. My favorite dog was my family dog growing up, a golden retriever named Mindy.

  164. My favorite dog is my chocolate lab Ivan

  165. pbclark@netins.net' Beth Clark says:

    My granddaughter just got a golden doodle a few months ago and it is the cutest dog I’ve ever seen!

  166. sxybrt23@gmail.com' Stephanie Liske says:

    My baby is Killer. He’s my buddy. Always there with me.

  167. My favorite dog is our one-eyed rescue, Dumpling. He looks like a large shih tzu. He has brought so much joy into our lives!

  168. My favorite dog is my own 🙂

  169. rwhit_99@yahoo.com' Robin Abrams says:

    My favorite dog would be my puggle Jazz. She is so smart

  170. vidomich@yahoo.com' Michelle H. says:

    My favorite dogs are my pugs.

  171. amyd16323@gmail.com' Amy Deeter says:

    My favorite dog was in the movie Beethoven

  172. My favorite movie dog is Benji. I used to love watching those movies as a child. Thank you for the chance to win.

  173. My parents have a Pomeranian Chihuahua. He is older now, but used to love running and barking at the squirrels.

  174. My favorite dog was my Cane Corso. He was the biggest lover while being the most loyal and protective.

  175. My fave dog was my wife hairs terrier pound dog I had, named Bones

  176. scott30b@yahoo.com' Anne Scott says:

    My favorite dog in my dog, a lab. Very smart and very sweet.

  177. Stephanie64030@yahoo.com' Stephanie Larison says:

    Lacey was my favorite dog. She was so great with my oldest daughter at the time. Sadly, she passed away from bone cancer.

  178. mjg0054@yahoo.com' Mary Gardner says:

    My favorite dogs are the two collies I have previously owned. Both were male and beautiful dogs.

  179. ardelong2@gmail.com' amy delong says:

    we have 2 dogs one lab(tazette)and one mix(scooby doo) olove them both

  180. jlorenz3@columbus.rr.com' vicki lorenz says:

    My favorite dog was my shih tzu Cookie Monster. She loves me and my family so much. So sweet!

  181. gabrielj1@aol.com' Janice Gabriel says:

    My favorite dog is the dog on the commercial that makes the baby cry and looks SO sad until he makes the baby reach out to him when he’s wearing the lion mane.

  182. lmurley2014@yahoo.com' laurie murley says:

    I like snoppy the most

  183. crazyweirdo33@yahoo.com' Sarah Cool says:

    Gidget shes my 1 year old maltipoo

  184. yellowlabs4ever@yahoo.com' Hesper Fry says:

    I really love my current dog which is a yellow lab. He is so loving and wants to please.

  185. skater425irish1913@gmail.com' Allyson Becker says:

    I love Lassie!

  186. attea2d@gmail.com' Sandy Klocinski says:

    My favorite dog is my feisty Chihuahua, Ice

  187. bleushman@gmail.com' Kyl Neusch says:

    he is a great dog and loves to go on walks

  188. fonduetg@yahoo.com' melissa Resnick says:

    marlee and me .. hands down

  189. dlc917@ejourney.com' Donna Clifford says:

    Saw “A Dog’s Purpose” this past weeked. Loved it.:)

  190. dmatthews38751@yahoo.com' Dana Matthews says:

    My favorite dog is my Shih Tzu Sadie. She is now 8 years old. I got her when she was 5. She was settled and “trained”. We hit it off immediately. I have chronic illnesses and when I feel my worst she is right by my side! I love my Sadie.

  191. pheetphancy@gmail.com' Sarah Mayer says:

    My favorite dog is my boyfriend’s chug. Her name is Nancy and she is a sweet pea.

  192. I thought Vampire Dog was funny with Norm McDonald.

  193. darkmysticnight@hotmail.com' Carolyn Daley says:

    One of my favorite movies involving dogs is Homeward Bound with Chance, Shadow, and of course the cat Sassy.

  194. My favorite dog is Droopy

  195. My favorite dog is my 1 year old Yorkie, Peaches. She’s so cute and sweet.

  196. That’s so hard to choose so I will say my favorite is my dog Charlie. He is in my top 5. lol

  197. tridingermckee@gmail.com' Trisha McKee says:

    My favorite dog is my 11 year old bulldog Duke. He is so comical the way he dances to the kitchen for a treat! He will lean against me to get some pets and scratches. He does not like his picture taken. He does like car rides. I have three bulldogs, he was my first and he has such a special place in my heart! 11 years old and still going strong!

  198. My two favorite dogs: had a Toy Fox Terrier as a kid, Apache, who was a great friend; currently have a Yellow Lab, Maxine, who loves chasing tennis balls & squirrels.

  199. vikki.billings@yahoo.com' Vikki Billings says:

    I love the dog from the beethoven movies, he is awesome!

  200. My dog is a rescue, she is the best ever!

  201. when i was a kid we had a huge yellow lab mix. huge dog. cannot say that enough. just huge. anyway, i called him mac because he reminded me of mac n cheese. apparently he went to live on a spacious farm somewhere so i had to grow up after the age of 5 without him.

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