5 Tips for Spring Fitness with Insync Natural Probiotic

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Do you stay active all year round? Or, are you like me and tend to hibernate a bit in the winter? I am much less active in the winter months.  First there is all that busy time with the holidays and it seems like there just isn’t time for anything else.  Then the cold wintry weather of January and February makes me very unmotivated and the snow and ice on the roads makes me want to just stay inside. But, now spring is almost here! That means it’s time to get out and get active and make some plans for a healthy season focusing on everything from exercise to nutrition, including digestive system balance. (I’ll tell you more about that later!)

To help kick off a healthy spring season, we have five tips to share to make some plans for spring fitness and get us all headed on the right path:

Find a Place to Exercise:

There are so many options of where you can exercise.  You can join a gym or the local YMCA.  (Check with your insurance plan they often offer discounts for memberships.)  Or, you can head to the track at your local school, find indoor walking hours at shopping malls, or use walking trails at a park or nature center.  You can also see if your local school district offers Community Education classes with fitness instruction or team sports.  These are often at low prices or even free.  Or, if getting out is a problem, set up a place to work out in your own house.  Check the newspaper and Craigslist for fitness equipment to use for your workouts.

workout buddies

Find a Workout Buddy:

It takes a lot of self discipline to exercise on a regular basis.  Finding a friend to work out with can help hold you accountable to your routine.  If you have agreed to meet up for a walk, you are much less likely to cancel on them if something comes up than if you had just scheduled that time for a walk by yourself.  I exercise in the evenings with my husband and we make plans for when he gets off work.  During the day, my workout buddy is my dog, Toby (and occasionally one if his friends.)  He loves our walks together and if I don’t get out there and get moving I feel like I’m letting us both down.


Get in Gear:  

I personally feel a lot better about exercising when I have clothes  that are both comfortable and cute!  It’s more fun to head to a work out when I actually like what I’m wearing.  The most important item is good shoes.  Try to purchase shoes that are appropriate for your activity, whether it be running, walking, Zumba, etc.  If you exercise outdoors, you’ll want to think layers so that you can add or take off a jacket as the weather changes or as you heat up from exertion.



Rethink Your Diet: 

If you’re putting all this effort into exercise, you also want to consider your diet.  What you put into your body can be just as important as moving your body! Take a quick inventory of the foods you use regularly and see where you can make healthier substitutions.  Focus on whole grains, fruits and vegetables and try to work these in as the basis for your meals.

insync 2


Consider Supplements:

At this point you’re on the right track with exercise and diet, but supplements can give your health an extra boost.  I recently visited Costco to purchase Insync Probiotic.  Insync Probiotic contains six natural probiotics, including doctor recommended B. infants.  Our bodies need beneficial bacteria for digestive system health and Insync Probiotic provides them in a gradual release formula, which may help support gastrointestinal health and digestive system balance.

inSync 1

For more information about Insync Probiotic visit their web site, Twitter and Facebook pages.

How do YOU plan to stay healthy this spring?


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  1. I love ALL of these tips. I have just started researching probiotics. Insync probitotics are now on my list of things to research. I totally love that probiotics are sold at Costco. It makes shopping there an even better experience. Probiotics are such a must and we all forget about them until we are given an antibiotic. I am going to try to remember to take them on a much more regular basis!

  2. it is hard to find a diet or a way of life to stay on and keep on the straight and narrow.

  3. I have a hard time staying fit in the winter, but as soon as Spring rolls around I’m all up for it. I love the outfit you put together and I’d give the natural probiotic a try too.

  4. This is a great post–Spring is always time for a fresh start and time to shed the winter blues and get some new ideas to get fit–thanks for sharing and motivating 🙂

  5. These are great tips! I really need to get back to working out. I have been thinking of supplements, so I’m going to look into this!

  6. I will just continue my normal lifestyle. I have eaten clean for almost 10 years and I workout 5 days a week.

  7. I desperately need a workout buddy! Great tips.

  8. As soon as sprint hits I get back into spending more time being active outside from outside walking, jogging or even just playing with my dogs.

  9. All great tips. I am so happy that the spring weather is coming and I can get out and run some trails now. The gym is no fun in the summer when I can be outside 🙂

  10. I really need to get back to being healthy not just for me but for my kids as well. I hopeful that my life will calm down enough soon that I can start to take care of me. And a nice exercise outfit can inspire me to work out for sure!!

  11. I try to stay healthy by getting outdoors more and walking with the kids. Playing with the kids outside and eating right. I do light exercises a few times a week and take vitamins. That seems to help me stay fit and healthy. Also spring cleaning, lots of cleaning, indoors and out.

  12. i LOVE that workout outfit!! its awesome!! perfect spring colors.

  13. I can’t wait for the Planet Fitness by me to open up! Should be open mid-April. Until then, I hope it’s nice enough to go for a jog outside!

  14. I am actually more active at the gym in the winter because I hate to leave the gym all hot and sweaty when it’s burning up outside haha

  15. This is a great motivational post! Great tips for getting healthy and fit this spring. I have been reading about the benefits of probiotics for awhile and I was intrigued to read that Insync offers a “gradual release” formula. And like some others who have been commenting, I absolutely love the spring workout gear you have displayed!

  16. I just bought new shoes. After putting over 160 miles in training for a half, my old shoes were SHOT!

  17. I’m getting back into running after taking a long break from it. Hoping to keep myself motivated to keep at it and not give up!

  18. carawling@hotmail.com' Cynthia R says:

    I am going to start running outside again, I hate the trendmill so in the winter my exercise routine kind of slacks off, looking forward to spring finally getting here soon!

  19. I actually am more active in the winter then summer (I blame all the sports in my youth – plus summer heat makes me lazy). Funny you should mention it, I actually just purchased some Insych Natural Probiotic because of the recommendation from a friend to help with my digestion (especially with all the extra fiber I’ve been consuming trying to be healthy)

  20. I absolutely LOVE those workout shoes!! I also love our Y! Best investment ever! And so is your health!! Small changes lead to a big picture!

  21. Great tips. I love having a dog because taking him for walks is a fun way to get some activity in

  22. angelasellari@gmail.com' Angela S says:

    I haven’t been very active this winter and will keep all of this in mind as I ease back into an exercise routine this spring.

  23. these are all wonderful tips, thank you! Yes, I tend to hibernate in the winter too! I need to stop doing that!

  24. Ugh that rethink your diet is what got me. I have a workout buddy and go to the Y. But my diet could use work. 🙂

  25. We have Y that’s being build right near us in the next few months, I can’t wait until it’s open! I believe they’re going to be putting in a pool for water aerobics as well.

  26. I admit, I am a little more lazy in the winter, but as soon as spring rolls around, I have a lot more motivation. The sunshine makes me want to get out and move more!

  27. I love having cute and comfy exercise clothing! I actually have that set as a mini-goal for me – once I lose 20 pounds, I am going to go buy 2-3 new workout outfits.

  28. These are all great tips. I actually just joined our local Y

  29. These are some really great tips! Thanks so much for sharing them!

  30. Those sneakers are such a fun color! I love the yoga pants too.

  31. loving those sneakers. the bright colors just exude springtime

  32. eobihfrank@gmail.com' Eliz Frank says:

    Staying fit in the winter can be tough but it’s doable… I like your smart tips.

  33. Love that outfit! New workout clothes help me stay motivated 🙂

  34. Thanks for the great tips. I wish I stayed active the whole year.

  35. I love all of these spring fitness tips. I have heard a lot about probiotics and they seem to be great for your immune system. I also love the bright and sassy outfit!! Thanks for the tips!

  36. This are some great tips! I’m gearing up now for Spring– I’ve kind of been a lazy bun this Winter!

  37. I keep hearing good things about probiotic supplements. I need to check some out for us.

  38. These are all great tips and I love seeing your walking buddies. This is a great time of year to get outside and really start focusing on your insides and out. #client

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