4 Safety Tips for Senior Citizens

Disclosure Compensation4 Safety Tips for Senior Citizens

It happens to all of us eventually.  We grow older, have our children move away, retire, and have to deal with weaker senses such as sight and hearing.  Unfortunately, these things make senior citizens an easy target for criminals.  There are several products out on the market right now that can help keep you or your senior loved ones protected.  Here are four top safety tips for senior citizens to help keep everyone safe and secure, courtesy of Master Lock.

4 Safety Tips for Senior Citizens


1 – Protect the Home from Intruders

Burglars can view senior citizens’ homes as an easy target. Simple security measures can help protect senior citizens against home invasion. Master Lock 265DCCSEN Security Door Bar provides an additional layer of security to homes by affixing to sliding glass and patio doors. Additionally, when traveling, enlist a trusted friend or family member to pick up the mail and newspapers to avoid showing signs of an empty house.


Store a spare house key in a trusted key safe, such as the Master Lock 5422D Push Button Portable Key Safe to provide to your designated house sitter. Also, take extra precautions such as installing a home alarm system to deter intruders and break-ins.

Senior Citizens Driving

2 – Stay Safe While on the Road

With advanced age can come vision impairments and other issues that can impact senior citizens’ ability to drive. Given this, senior citizens must visit the DMV more frequently for license renewal to ensure they are safe on the road. Senior citizens can ease their driving experience by avoiding driving at night and in bad weather, planning the safest and easiest route and limiting distractions such as a loud radio, talking on a cell phone, texting and eating.


3 – Secure Personal Belongings in a Nursing Home Setting

Senior citizens that are no longer living on their own and live in group home environments face a unique set of security concerns. With several caregivers, cleaners, and residents in and out of a nursing home resident’s living quarters, it’s important to keep valuables protected. Store important items and documents in an easy-to-use, locked safe. Small items, such as credit cards, jewelry or cash, fit in the portable Master Lock 5900D SafeSpace Portable Personal Safe while larger items, like documents or memorabilia, can be stored in a larger safe, such as the SentrySafe Extra Large Combination Fire Safe (SFW123DTB)

Senior Woman on Telephone

4 – Protect Personal Assets from Scams

Be overly cautious with telemarketers or outside salespeople, who tend to prey on seniors. Be careful in these situation and properly research the company if they are seeking some form of payment. The police or Better Business Bureau can be good resources to check to determine if it’s a legitimate business, a scam or a threat of identity theft. Avoid providing your credit card, Social Security, Medicare or bank account details to anyone over the phone. Also, never carry personal documents such as a Social Security card with you. Instead, keep these locked up and store digital copies via the free, secure and easy-to-use Master Lock Vault app.  The app helps to alleviate the worry surrounding lost or stolen paper documents that contain confidential information, offers a password manager and provides reliable, convenient 24/7 access.

If you’re a senior citizen, be sure to pay close attention to these tips.  If your loved one is a senior citizen, print out this article (or send them the link if they are tech-savvy) and share it with them so they can brush up on safety tips from Master Lock.

For more safety tips and products, visit the Master Lock website at www.masterlock.com or the Master Lock Facebook page at www.facebook.com/masterlock.

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  1. I would use the SentrySafe to keep all my important documents safe like my will, investments, insurance policies, passport
    and birth certificate. I also like the travel safe to keep my valuables protected while traveling.

  2. attea2d@twc.com' Sandy Klocinski says:

    Senior safety tip: Consider a medical alert or a buddy system.

  3. tvollowitz@aol.com' Stephanie V. says:

    would keep all of my important docs, like passports. My senior safety tip is to have someone you trust on speed dial that lives close by!

  4. aiwanei@gmail.com' Tim Cross says:

    I would keep a copy of all the important documents, birth certificates, passports, etc.

  5. katieoscarlet@gmail.com' Cathy French says:

    I would keep important documents and some family heirlooms in this safe. Its a really nice safe I would love to have.

  6. Randomcommerce79@gmail.com' Justin Brady says:

    I would keep my families important documents and family heirlooms in this safe. I would keep a family photo album of old pictures that I do not have digital copies of. My senior safety tip is to place “no slip mats” in the shower and bathtubs.

  7. ESandovalHarvesting@yahoo.com' Diana Salinas says:

    Would like to keep important documents & what little jewelry we have.

  8. orbreversed@hotmail.com' Brian O says:

    I would use a SentrySafe to keep my precious signed ping pong collection safe. oh and passports/financial docs/wills/titles.

  9. joekelly89@gmail.com' Joe Kelly says:

    I would probably keep important documents inside of it, mainly.

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  11. stack it with cash

  12. Protect Personal Assets from Scams

  13. I would put all of my important papers, old coins, silver, and mementos that could not be replaced. Basically, everything I value.

  14. rmsitz@hotmail.com' Michael says:

    Irreplaceable documents, heirlooms and family treasures.

  15. eswright18@gmail.com' Ellie Wright says:

    I would use it for important papers, family jewelry and pistols.

  16. mowmowstar@gmail.com' Nicole B. says:

    I would keep my passport and a few valuables in the safe if I won.

  17. HD.MD313@YAHOO.COM' Heather says:

    I would use this safe for important documents and family jewelry. I have a little firesafe box that I bought when my first was born, but it’s getting pretty full and our family is outgrowing it.

  18. rickpeggysmith@aol.com' Margaret Smith says:

    I would keep important paperwork, birth certificates, car titles, passports in the safe. Also some jewelry. Thanks so much.

  19. amandanfleming@yahoo.com' Amanda Welker says:

    I would store paperwork and jewelry.

  20. katrinjarvis@gmail.com' Katrin Jarvis says:

    I would definitely use the safe to keep all my important documents, but also some mementos and things that might not be valuable money-wise, but invaluable to myself and my family. As for other Sentry Safe products, I really like the portable safes they carry, smart when traveling by car for instance. Great that they come in three sizes as well.

  21. Family heirlooms and important documents.

  22. I don’t have a lot of valuables, but what I do have I want to keep. I would put them in the safe with important papers. I have been burglarized 3 times…I would feel much better if I could secure the valuables that have not yet been stolen! Thank you. 🙂

  23. cassandralyn81@gmail.com' Cassandra says:

    I would store all of our important documents and some jewelry I have from my grandmother 🙂

  24. I would probably keep my important papers and documents and valuable items small enough to fit in the safe.

  25. jdelehant@cox.net' Jean D. says:

    I’d use the Master Lock Safe for documents such as my will, my car title, and other family keepsakes. (And maybe I need a safe to hide cookies?)

    Thanks for a generous giveaway!

  26. abfantom@yahoo.com' Ann Fantom says:

    If I won, I would store important documents like our passports, house deed, car titles along with my jewelry in the Sentry Safe

  27. we would keep important documents like deed to the house in the safe

  28. debijo4545@aol.com' DEBIJOT says:

    If I won, my husband and I would keep our insurance documents, wills, auto titles and our deed to our home in the safe.

  29. I would use the SentrySafe Extra Large Combination Fire Safe for all our important documents such as passports, Birth Certificates, Wills, and Family Heirlooms (things that are worthless to others, but priceless to the family).

  30. The XL safe I would store birth certifcates, mortgage information, passports and other important papers.

  31. tgma2002@netscape.net' Theresa A. says:

    I would keep my passport and other important documents in my safe.

  32. hobjen@comcast.net' Jennifer Reed says:

    I would keep important adoption paperwork in the SentrySafe Extra Large Combination Fire Safe if I won. I do love the idea of the Master Lock Security Door Bar for added security for my senior parent at their home.

  33. goodthingsarecoming1978@gmail.com' Mary Cloud says:

    I’d keep important papers, jewelry and extra cash I have laying around if I won this

  34. robert.misc.acct@gmail.com' Robert A says:

    Definitely money!

  35. suschris1@gmail.com' Susan Christy says:

    I’d keep my passport, extra keys and jewelry in the safe.

  36. rollerbladebadass@yahoo.com' elizabeth p says:

    I would keep my jewelry and important papers in the safe.Thanks for the chance.

  37. andyj6789@gmail.com' Andy Jablonski says:

    Nice looking safe, could use something like this

  38. gmrichhicks@gmail.com' Richard Hicks says:

    I would keep important documents like birth certificates, deeds,jewelry and other vaulables in it

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  40. addictedtorodeo@gmail.com' Ashley C says:

    I would keep important documents like titles, deeds, passports etc in it as well as flash drives with all of our family pictures.

  41. kmn711@aol.com' Kim Niland says:

    I would keep in this safe important documents and jewelry in this safe

  42. every home should have

  43. spark4573@yahoo.com' Justin Sparks says:

    I would keep my gun and important documents

  44. 1shanshine1@gmail.com' Shannon says:

    Great for important docs, thank for the chance to win!

  45. I would keep the Families passport, birth certificates and other important papers. I suggest to seniors talk with your kids as they may know the latest fraud etc that criminals are using.

  46. bleushman@gmail.com' Kyl Neusch says:

    keep my passport and a few valuables in the safe

  47. sksweeps@earthlink.net' Suzanne K says:

    I’d store my important insurance papers, will, and digital copy of important pictures in this safe.

  48. asaasCary@aol.com' Alexander says:

    This is a must-have! I have a smaller one now, but have already lost one key and they won’t reproduce them!

  49. fordchik126@yahoo.com' Leslie Russell says:

    I’d protect my family pictures and cash stash

  50. jamesrdoyle8@gmail.com' James Doyle says:

    passport, ss card & cash 😉 thx!

  51. I would use the SentrySafe to keep important documents and jewelry.

  52. waxcert@aim.com' doug gerard says:

    I would keep my piece of grandmas wedding cake from the year 1903 in it.

  53. hguerriosweeps@gmail.com' Holly Guerio says:

    I would keep all of my receipts, warranties and important documents in the safe.

  54. aprilgup@aol.com' April Gupton says:

    My pictures and important documents

  55. bickham.julie@gmail.com' Julie Bickham says:

    I would keep important paperwork in there. Along with my valuable jewelry and special pictures I don’t want to get ruined.

  56. acudog@cableone.net' Cindy Peterson says:

    I would keep my passports, my heirloom jewelry, and other important papers.

  57. I would use it for important papers.

  58. staceyroberson4@gmail.com' Stacey Roberson says:

    I would use the safe to keep passports, birth certificates and fire arms.

  59. If I won I would use it to keep important documents, titles, jewelery, and deeds safe.

  60. I would keep Birth Certificates, Important Bank Papers.

  61. mperkins37@cox.net' Michael Perkins says:

    Seems like a good document safe, maybe backup drives ^& old fashioned real photos…

  62. tiffanynichole89@gmail.com' Tiffany S says:

    I would keep all of my important documents such as my birth certificate and passport in the safe.

  63. groogruxking40@gmail.com' Steve Weber says:

    I would keep taxes, cash, birth certificate, passport and more in the safe.

  64. rpeck@austin.rr.com' Rhonda Peck says:

    I’d keep our important family papers in the safe.

  65. iamthebestuknow@yahoo.com' Jeanne Rousseau says:

    I would use it for our important tax documents and other things I need to keep safe.

  66. This would be so very helpful. My precious Nana passed away a month and two days ago.. I would use this to store our important information and documents pertaining to her, myself and our home. Also, I would store memories that are important to me and jewelry.

  67. maryannroyster@optonline.net' Maryann Royster says:

    I would keep car tittles and house deed in the safe

  68. bdoerfler2@gmail.com' brittany doerfler says:

    I would keep all my important documents in it.

  69. iamneventer2@hotmail.com' Cindy B says:

    I’d keep the things that I worry about grabbing in the event of a fire: photos, important docs, medical records (human and four-legged) and anything else that I know would be a pain to replace/recreate.

  70. wenbudro@aol.com' wen budro says:

    I would keep important paperwork in the safe. My tip for seniors is to not put too much information on social media. Posting where you live along with out-of-town vacation info is not safe.

  71. I would keep important documents in there.

  72. grob75@hotmail.com' Glen Hough says:

    My current safe has no combination. This new one would protect my docs and allow me to close the door.

  73. lyzabeth1970@aol.com' elizabeth miller says:

    My father in law had a stroke about a year ago and had to move in with us. He has a ton of legal documents that we currently have in a small safe with out stuff. It would be great to have this to put his in separately so there is no confusion.

  74. kellywcu8888@gmail.com' Kelly D says:

    I would keep our passports, birth certificates and bonds in this safe.

  75. I would use it for important documents.

  76. gonetobingo@hotmail.com' paula r says:

    I would put important papers ,family jewels and on hand cash.

  77. crystalfaulkner2000@yahoo.com' Crystal F says:

    I have to say that I would keep pictures in there. I don’t have any pictures of myself from before I got married. I don’t want my girls to ever say that same thing. I would also keep the important documents like birth certificates and social security cards. Thank you!

  78. cowboys.wife@hotmail.com' Christina Sparks says:

    Tax papers, Social security Cards, Life Insurance information, birth certificate, wedding certificate.

  79. I would keep all my Dad’s important documents (insurance, house deed, funeral docs) and the old original family photos.

  80. aprilgup@aol.com' April Gupton says:

    my important documents and pictures!

  81. landfjacobson@charter.net' Laurajj says:

    I would keep all our important papers, wills, birth certificates, and pictures I have of my grandmothers graduation and wedding back in the early 1900’s!

  82. I would keep all our home and auto documents as well as important papers related to my daughter.

  83. jayjackjr@verizon.net' Jay Jackson says:

    I would keep lots of things, my passports, DD-214, some rare coins and silver certificates I have.

  84. billyl42016@gmail.com' Billy Lilley says:

    I would use this safe for important documents and large valuable items.

  85. I’d keep important documents in it, plus social security cards, birth certificates, pictures, and passports. Thanks for the giveaway!

  86. swagnerd1981@gmail.com' Tanya White says:

    I would keep all my important documents and my precious jewelry in the safe if I won.

  87. reneejr@earthlink.net' Renee Rousseau says:

    If I won the SentrySafe Extra Large Combination Fire Safe, I would use it for a wedding gift for my niece. I think a couple starting out needs a safe place for their marriage license and insurance papers. It’s a great gift and you don’t have to worry about them receiving a duplicate!

  88. I would keep all my important documents.

  89. sarahpluto222@gmail.com' Jan Lee says:

    I’d like to get the Keyed Fire Retardant Locking Security Chest from Master Lock 🙂

  90. aikenkaiken@gmail.com' KaylaKayla says:

    I would keep all of my important documents inside of the safe!! Also have a nice little stash of emergency cash. 🙂

  91. tatertot3741@gmail.com' beth shepherd says:

    I would keep important paperwork inside. Thank you

  92. grantandkatherine@gmail.com' Grant D says:

    I would keep my passport and important document/photos in there if i won

  93. I would keep all of my important documents in it. This safe looks really nice!

  94. MsWW_57@yahoo.com' Janice Wright says:

    This would be a great place to store documents, such as social security cards, power of attorney paperwork, wills, etc.

  95. BBrittBrat1398@yahoo.com' Brittney House says:

    I would keep personal information in here.

  96. secretlyowned@gmail.com' Jacqueline says:

    I would keep money in it.

  97. vondrook4@gmail.com' Devin Johns says:

    I would keep all of our important documents like SS cards and birth certificates

  98. chromiumman@mail.com' christopher h says:

    I’d use this to keep passports and adoption papers close at hand

  99. cover4all@sbcglobal.net' Terry Cover says:

    I would keep our wills, passports, birth certificates, deeds, and Insurance papers. Some pictures which have been handed down for years and the original family tree,

  100. mcfallsk8er@aim.com' Austin Baroudi says:

    I would keep all my important documents and money in it!

  101. neoh42f@yahoo.com' Anita L says:

    I will keep all of our important papers as well as collectibles we would not want to lose.

  102. kdkdcats@yahoo.com' Katharine Davis says:

    documents and jewelry

  103. sburrill3@msn.com' Sarah Burrill says:

    I would use my sentry safe for the obvious reasons; wedding certificate, family birthday certificate, but a few “odd” ones also– my sons’ baby teeth, locks of baby hair, important pics, and of course my family’s highland tartan!

  104. hstorm799@gmail.com' Holly S. says:

    I would use it for our important papers (deed, birth certificates, passports, etc.) and my mom’s jewelry. Thanks so much!!!

  105. erincao.cao.cao@gmail.com' erin cao says:

    I would keep all my important papers and any memorabilia. Also, special family pictures!

  106. tbarrettno1@gmail.com' Tabathia B says:

    I would keep my important documents and my firearm stored in the safe

  107. dropastitch@yahoo.com' amy rouse says:

    what you would keep in your SentrySafe Extra Large Combination Fire Safe if you won,

    all of my documents and my good jewelry,which I don’t wear that often

  108. As with most people, the main thing I would keep in the safe would be various important papers.

  109. margaretburgess@nc.rr.com' Margaret Burgess says:

    Important document and valuables

  110. ccntx@live.com' carol clark says:

    id keep birth records in it and i like the and a tip for seniors is dont give out your date of birth to anyone on the phone at all

  111. seyma_bennett@hotmail.com' Seyma Shabbir says:

    I would keep passports, documents for the car and the house and certificates.

  112. wildnmild4u@yahoo.com' Jennifer Rote says:

    I would keep important documents, photos and some family heirlooms in this safe.

  113. Important documents would find a home here

  114. notyouramom@gmail.com' ERICA WEAVER says:

    i would put all my important documents and irreplaceables..sentimental items

  115. I would keep a copy of all the important documents, birth certificates, passports, etc.

  116. I would keep birth certificates, passports and a handgun.

  117. i would keep my jewelry in it

  118. fivling@gmail.com' Jason Zastrow says:

    I intend to use the safe to store cash and precious gems.

  119. reidsrd@hotmail.com' Christy Peeples DuBois says:

    I would keep my more expensive jewelry in it along with important papers and documents and also sentimental items that would fit easily. I would enjoy the traveling safe to keep my valuables in while traveling because though most hotels have safes in the room, not all do.

  120. goodkarma8808@gmail.com' Susan Jones says:

    I would keep my guns, documents and jewelry safe

  121. brianeason62@gmail.com' Brian E. says:

    We would keep our wills, passports, birth certificates, financial documents, some treasured family photos, and thumb-drive copies of important documents, letters, etc., in our SentrySafe Extra Large Combination Fire Safe !

  122. kohndr@gmail.com' Kobi Hensley says:

    I would keep precious family photos and legal papers

  123. darlapeduzzi@comcast.net' Darla Peduzzi says:

    I would put important papers, photos and heirloom jewelry in the safe.

  124. I’d put everything I couldn’t live without inside of the safe. I need something like this in my life!

  125. jeremy@pcnmarketing.com' JEREMY BREEDLOVE says:

    I would put valuables and things that I need to keep away from humidity in a safe.

  126. ARECK2004@YAHOO.COM' AARON RECK says:

    I would keep some valuables in there maybe some family items and any important documents.

  127. psychicmike@gmail.com' Michael Fritz says:

    I would keep birth certificates, will documents, old family photos, a few pieces of jewelry that was handed down, Blank checks from my bank, & some other records.

  128. hamjenny66@gmail.com' Jenny Ham says:

    Important papers pictures stuff I cannot replace.

  129. froggypartyof2@aol.com' Leigh Nichols says:

    Very nice- a useful tool in fighting identity theft as well as protecting valuables

  130. mellsworth@consolidated.net' Marlane E says:

    Great for Important documents

  131. Dogbone414@gmail.com' Damien crawley says:

    Gold and silver

  132. juanitamay67@gmail.com' juanita may says:

    I would use the SentrySafe to keep all my important documents safe like my will,, insurance policies, passport, car titles, deed to my house and birth certificates.

  133. sue14625@gmail.com' sue14625 says:

    i would keep my adoption papers-insurance records/medicine-drs -list of logins for bank-tablet-laptop -for if family needs them –will if i have one -home paperwork

  134. luckiestcontestmama@hotmail.com' andrea lopez says:

    I would keep important paperwork or things non replaceable.

  135. reklaw422@hotmail.com' Jessica To says:

    I would use the safe for our birth certificates, bank statements and other important documents.

  136. ksehnal@ymail.com' Karen Sehnal says:

    Awesome! I would love to win this safe! Thanks

  137. important papers

  138. sonyadmorris@gmail.com' Sonya Morris says:

    I would keep important documents in it.

  139. mssluna02@gmail.com' Amanda B. says:

    I have a heavy duty master lock padlock – actually 2. I found out the keys worked both locks – not sure how that was supposed to work.

  140. pjclog@gmail.com' Phil Clogston says:

    Important papers and photos

  141. A safety tip for Seniors is to never talk with strangers on the telephone.

  142. amypugmire@live.com' amy pugmire says:

    I would keep my gun, ammunition, valuables and cash!

  143. jonimariemay@gmail.com' Joni Lackey says:

    I would definitely keep our gun, passports, important/one of a kind papers, etc…. in this awesome safe. Thanks so very much for the chance to win.

  144. I would keep important documents in it like birth certificates etc. I would probably also put some important pictures in it since it is fire proof.

  145. m.seeman89@live.com' sharpLess says:

    Bank information, money, personal items! This safe is perfect for the garage!

  146. My wife and I could really use this safe! Peace of mind in a quality product to keep our most valuable items!

  147. Kmwhitney@gmail.com' Kathleen Whitney says:

    Passports, important Documents, Charge Cards.

  148. stephen.mcdonald@gmail.com' Stephen M says:

    I would put all important paperworks

  149. nlamore79@gmail.com' natasha Lamoreux says:

    I would keep my gun, cash and impoerant docs in there.

  150. kandaceaferguson@gmail.com' Kandace Ferguson says:

    Important documents, pictures, and keepsakes.

  151. daledavidm8@gmail.com' Dale David says:

    I would totally keep my important documents like my car title and insurance paperwork.

  152. wickewins@gmail.com' Wickewins says:

    Safety is my number 1 priority!

  153. I would put important documents in the safe .

  154. grammypenny@frontier.com' Penny Snyder says:

    I would keep our insurance papers in it!!~

  155. I would keep important documents like birth certificates and passports in this

  156. tuesdayef@aol.com' tuesday says:

    I would keep my kid’s keepsakes, important papers, and jewelry!

  157. i need this. fire is my only weakness.

  158. ericacarnes@gmail.com' Erica B. says:

    I would keep important documents in it.

  159. michelle.robbins@berea.kyschools.us' Michelle Robbins says:

    I would keep my handgun in it. I’ve been looking for a good one so my 5 year old doesn’t get into my gun.

  160. I would keep all my important legal papers in the safe.

  161. marjorielegault@gmail.com' Marilyn Legault says:

    I would keep our passports, insurance info, some sentimental photos and more in the safe.

  162. I would put all my important papers.

  163. monster6236@gmail.com' Kristi C says:

    I would use it for our birth certificates, wills, and life insurance paperwork.

  164. keeleys54@hotmail.com' Keeley Sullivan says:

    I would keep the important paperwork, passports, birth certificates etc. Probably a little cash too.

  165. susansmoaks@gmail.com' susan smoaks says:

    i would put important paperwork in the safe to keep it from damage.

  166. mizztuts@bellsouth.net' Tara Woods says:

    I would keep all of my important documents and my football and basketball card collection.

  167. kary2130@aol.com' Karla R. says:

    I would keep my important documents.

  168. I’d keep irreplaceable items as well as my hard drive in the safe.

  169. joenkristy5@gmail.com' Kristina Potter says:

    I do got a tip for seniors. We all understand and realize know one wants to ask for help. But everyone needs help and EVERYONE understands that our elders need our help and our attention. So I hope more elders step out of thier comfort zone and ask friends, family, neighbors, or old co-workers to just check in on them once or twice a week. Make sure that there home is in tip top shape, and they got everything they may need. If I won the the awesome safe I would put all mine,hubbys and kids birth certifcates, insurance information, jewelry, our hand gun, our wills, ect in their. I never owned a safe I had to get a safety deposit box at my local bank. Sometimes its a pain having to go back and forth but my stuff is safe.

  170. lmurley2014@yahoo.com' laurie murley says:

    I would love to have this to put my title and deeds I have for my land and home in this great safe

  171. cpsnsamples@aol.com' Shirley Hicks says:

    I would keep car titles,birth certificates,deed..ect in there

  172. tridingermckee@gmail.com' Trisha McKee says:

    I would keep family documents and my writing and my coin collection safe with Sentry Safe!

  173. Yittlecat@aol.com' Eugenia Hall says:

    The usual things, car deeds, social security card, passport etc.

  174. drjanine@gmail.com' Janine H says:

    I’d put my passport, birth certificates for me and my kids, social security card

  175. danksurveys69@gmail.com' Jacob Robb says:

    Passports, Jewelry, etc.!!

  176. scott.strawser1@gmail.com' Scott Strawser says:

    My silver and Gold coins…..

  177. lvoyce108@gmail.com' Lisa V. says:

    I would keep important paper work in it and photos.

  178. ijessica_r@yahoo.com' Jessica Rose says:

    I would keep all of my important paper documents in this, and also use it to store my jewelry and maybe some extra savings.

  179. jmesparza821@gmail.com' Juana Esparza says:

    I would keep my important documents: life insurance, death certificates, and birth certificate.

  180. jaylonsweepstakes@gmail.com' Jay Zanders says:

    I would use it to keep my important paper work safe, such as birth certificates. I may also use it to store keepsakes form my parents/grandparents.

  181. My family’s important documents and special items would be kept safe in the safe!

  182. breannet89@gmail.com' Breanne says:

    I would keep all my important documents in it.

  183. darkmysticnight@hotmail.com' Carolyn Daley says:

    We would keep important documents, birth certificates, and a few treasures such as photos.

  184. anything & everything that need to be kept away from prying eyes & fingers

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