Walmart Summer Steak BBQ on a Budget Challenge – $25 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway

With summer grilling season now in full swing, steak is a traditional cookout favorite. And while many think of steak as a “luxury food” you can shop at Walmart for a premium selection and wide assortment of top quality USDA Choice steak, including T-bone, NY Strip, Filet, Rib eye, and Top Sirloin, at a great price.

Walmart selects the best USDA Choice cuts, tender-ages them and (like all of their steaks) makes sure it undergoes rigorous USDA inspections for quality and safety. Only 1 in 5 steaks qualify for Walmart’s USDA Choice Premium Beef label – you can find it at your store by looking for the black  tray packaging.

Walmart is so confident that you’ll love their top quality USDA Choice steaks that they even offer a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. If you aren’t fully satisfied, just bring back your receipt for your money back.

I received a $25 Walmart gift card to take on the Summer Steak BBQ on a Budget Challenge. Before heading to the store I was a little leary if I would actually be able to put together a full steak meal for $25. But guess what….I had more than enough!

I bought a package of Walmart  USDA Choice NY Strip steaks, a can of KC Masterpiece baked beans (these are awesome, by the way), 4 ears of corn, a bag of cole slaw mix, and 2 limes for my steak marinade.

I had meant to take a picture of all these groceries when I got home, but rain was on its way and I wanted to cook before it got here, so I forgot to take the picture.  But, here is my receipt to show that all of that only cost me $14.51!

To prepare the steak, I made a marinade of fresh lime juice, garlic, salt and pepper.  Marinading longer would have been better, but it was still tasty.  I threw the shucked corn directly on the grill, just coated with a little cooking spray, salt and pepper.  I love those brown bits it gets from direct cooking.  For the cole slaw I made my famous no-mayo cole slaw recipe.

So, that’s our delicious Summer Steak BBQ on a Budget Challenge meal that was easy to prepare and very delicious! For fun recipes and more information, visit

Reader Giveaway: One lucky Thrifty Jinxy reader will win a $25 Walmart gift card to create their own Summer Steak BBQ. To enter, just complete the entry form below by 11:59 pm ET on 8/2/12. Good luck!

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Disclosure:  I was provided with a $25 Walmart gift card to prepare this meal.  Any opinions expressed above are my own.

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  1. I like the New York Strip.

  2. new york strip!!

  3. T bone is my favorite.

  4. I love Rib eye. Drool.

  5.' Anonymous says:

    I like sirloin.

    Delamere at embarqmail dot com

  6. I love Filet Mignon.

  7. I like filet

    elea150980 at yahoo dot com

  8.' Anonymous says:

    I like T bone.

  9. I like rib eye. Cheryl

  10. i like Tbone. that plate looked wonderful

  11. Filet Minon….though we don’t have it often
    Thank you!

  12. I love a good London Broil

  13. i like ribeye debbie jackson,
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  14.' Jessica To says:

    I like ribeye steaks.

  15. my favorite is sirloin steak well done 🙂 thanks

  16.' Theresa says:

    T-bone is good


  17. my fave is t-bone, so good

  18. I like sirlion the best.

  19. New York Strip is my favorite cut of steak!
    Thank you for the giveaway 🙂

  20. Filet Mignon

  21. I like Filet Mignon

  22. I enjoy London Broil.

  23. Tbone!

  24. my favorite cut of steak is NY strip

  25. sirloin

  26. I’m not much of a steak person, but DH loves a good London Broil on the grill.

  27. eye round

  28.' elaine smith says:

    any steak is a good steak

  29. Whatever is on my plate, thank you very much!

  30. The ribeye.

  31. I like ribeye steaks.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  32. tenderloin

  33. I like ribeyes

  34. I love steak! New York Strip Steaks, T-bones, Filet Mignon, Sirloin; could eat it everyday!

  35. I like sirloin best!

  36. Ribeye is my favorite.

  37.' Emily Adams says:

    I like sirloin!

  38. Boneless strip steak is my favorite

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway

  39. Ribeye!

    CINDY B on rafflecopter

  40. I like ribeye steaks.

    rhoneygtn at yahoo dot com

  41. Porterhouse!! 🙂

  42. sweet give away!

  43.' randi oaklief says:

    Filet Mignon

  44. I like Filet Mignon.

  45.' DeeAnn S says:

    My favorite cut is flank steak! Thanks.
    sweepster49 at comcast dot net

  46.' Ann Fantom says:

    My favorite steak is the ribeye

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  47. filet mignon

  48. NY Strip is my favorite cut!

  49. Ribeye is my favorite steak.

  50. Tri-tip

  51. t-bone

  52. Rib Eye
    bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

  53. RibEye

  54. I love filet mignon.

    monster6236 at gmail dot com

  55. the filet

  56. My favorite cut is Ribeye. I want to thank you for this awesome sweep and hope to win 🙂 Thanks !!!!!!

  57. What is your favorite cut of steak?


  58. My favorite cut is porterhouse followed by TBone- the dog likes the bone 🙂

    ellen beck on rafflecopter

  59. Top sirloin is my favorite! bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  60. fave is T-bone

  61. I like the New York strip!

    skkorman AT bellsouth DOT net

  62. tbone all the way

  63. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway! My favorite is the Filet Mignon! Any steak I would love! connie

  64. i like ribeyes

  65. Anything as long as it’s tender and NOT pink. 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  66. I like ribeye steaks

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  67. Sirloin

    sksweeps (at) earthlink (dot) net

  68. Filet Mignon. Just a little pink inside.

  69. I love Ribeyes but for a special treat Filets 🙂

  70. Definitely a Filet Mignon!

  71. Prime rib.

  72. I really like Rib-eye steaks

  73. Filet – yummy! 🙂

  74.' Patti H says:

    We don’t eat steak often, so T-bones when we do.

  75. Filet Mignon
    Frugal and Fun Mom

  76. I love Filet Mignon.

  77. I like T-bone

  78. T-bone is my favorite.

  79. Porterhouse 🙂

    khmorgan_00 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  80. Porterhouse!

  81. I love a simple Sirloin steak, cooked medium well. Thanks so much for hosting this great giveaway!


  82. Delmonico

  83. My husband and son like Filet Mignon. (Tenderloin)

  84. I enjoy a good sirloin

  85. twitted this today, 16/7

  86. I like T-Bone steaks
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  87. I’m a Rib-eye person.
    Thank you for this giveaway!

  88. i like the t-bone

  89. my favorite is the filet mignon

  90. Porterhouse is my favorite.

  91.' Anonymous says:

    I like rib eye

  92. I love rib eye

  93.' Selinda says:

    New York Strip!


    selinda_mccumbers at

  94. i love ribeyes the most

  95. i actually dont like steak:( but the rest of my family loves it they love t-bones!

  96.' Anonymous says:

    Strip steak

    Carmen Q
    nemesis_33012 at yahoo dot com

  97.' Marilyn says:
  98. I love New York Strip

  99. Sirloin is my favorite!

  100. ribeyes

  101. Filet mignon!

  102. sirloin

    dwarzel at

  103. new york strip steak

  104. sirloin

  105. i like a goof T bone steak

  106. T-Bone is my favorite!

  107. Filet Mignon

  108. New York Strip is my favorite.
    Thanks so much.

  109. T-Bone is my favorite.

  110. t-bone is the best

  111. NY Strip is my favorite!

  112. Filet Mignon

  113. rib eye

  114. I like rib eye steak.
    pkildow at gmail dot com

  115. I love a filet cooked medium!

  116. I love a good T-bone cooked medium well

  117. I’m all for rib eye – thank you.

  118. NY Strip – always been my favorite since I was a kid – grilled medium.


  119. rib eye is my favorite!

  120. Sirloin — always!

    Terri P
    pr4gatheringroses AT gmail DOT com

  121. New York Strip is my favorite

  122. Filet Mignon!


  123. My favorite is a filet mignon.

  124. Filet mignon is my favorit! Thanks for the chance to win! connie danielson.

  125. I like prime rib thank you


  126. Filet mignon

    caryn9802 at yahoo dot com

  127. Rib Eye for sure!

  128. filet mignon is my fav of course but t bone is great on the grill for the summer

  129. New York Strip

  130. bone in ribeye

  131. I like sirloins cooked medium.
    reejen at comcast dot net

  132. I like a NY Strip.

  133. Filet Mignon is my favorite…. butterflied!

  134. My favorite is a ribeye steak.

  135. Flatiron

  136. T-bone for me… well done. 🙂
    Katharina angelsandmusic[at]gmail[dot]com

  137. I like New York Strip.

  138.' shirley Hicks says:

    my favorite is t-bone

  139. Ribeye

  140. New York Strip

  141.' Harold D says:

    Chuck Eyes are my favorite.

  142. a NY Strip

  143. Gotta go with the Porterhouse!

    Geoff K

  144. I don’t have a favorite. Thanks for te giveaway.


  145. I don’t eat steak, so I’ll say a cut of tofu steak. 🙂

    jennylovesjeff (at) hotmail (dot) com

  146. Filet mingon is my favorite.

  147. love them all but my fave is filet mignon

    mybeachylife at gmail dot com

  148. I love a juicy t-bone!

  149. My favorite steak is filets

    s2s2 at comcast dot net

  150. New York Strip or filet mignon…yum!

  151. I love the filet mignon – Thanks!

    kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

  152. My favorite is the T-bone!


  153. I love a good juicy strip!

  154. I love the tbone

  155. i like any type of steak!

  156. I used to eat Filet, but Sirloin is my choice now and days wrapped in Peppered Bacon! Yummy!

  157. New York Strip for the men and filet mignon for the ladies!

  158. t-bone is my fav

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  159. t-bone would work for me.

  160. New York Strip

  161. New York Strip or Porterhouse are my favorites. (Roxann)

  162. Filet mignon is my favorite!

    tridingermckee at gmail dot com

  163. I love T-bone.

    willitara [at] gmail [dot] com

  164. I like T-bone.

  165. I like the strip myself.

  166. Ribeye!

  167. i love porterhouse

  168. Sirloin–but I really don’t care that much about the cut, as long as it is nice and tender.

    cgclynsg0 @ gmail dot com

  169. Our family prefer deer backstrap!

  170. ribeye

    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

  171. My favorite cut is a Ribeye.

    Liz Neal

    marcsgirl61 at gmail dot com

  172.' lizzie jo says:

    filet mignon

  173.' Carla Gallardo says:


  174. I like a filet

  175. I love tenderloin

  176. I like a sirloin-my DH thinks I’m crazy because of it;)

  177. Prime Rib

  178. Filet Mignon.

  179. I am actually a vegetarian, so this is not an issue for me. When I was a meat eater though, it was always Filet Mignon.
    14earth at gmail dot com

  180.' Anonymous says:

    New York Strip

  181. I really like New York strips. Thanks!!

  182. Filet mignon.


  184. filet mignon

  185. I like them all.

  186. Like ’em all.

  187. I enjoy a t bone steak

  188. A T-bone well done,but tender.

  189. Tbone or porterhouse 🙂 we are grilling more steaks this year then we ever have for 13 years due to moving in a new home and buying a bbq grill

  190. Ribeye

    ccboobooy at gmail dot com

  191. sad no form comes up

  192. Ribeye rare. YUM

    fb/ shirley greenawalt zolenski

  193.' Anonymous says:

    ny strip is mine

  194. NY strip

  195. The Rib eye steak is my favorite. Thanks for this contest.

  196. i like the new york strip steak

  197. prime rib
    Thanks for the contest.

  198. Ribeye!

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