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By reading all my recipes here, you know that I like to cook a LOT and like to cook from scratch. But, with our busy hectic lives, there isn’t always time to do all that cooking. So, when I opt for something easy to get on the table in a hurry, I like to choose something that has the same qualities as my own cooking. That’s what appeals to me about Michael Angelo’s meals and their “Less is Amore” philosophy.

While some things are good to have more of, others are not! Michael Angelo’s employs this thinking in their ingredient philosophy – Real ingredients. No Fillers. No Preservatives. “Less is Amore.” Their products are always free of additives found in other frozen and prepared foods. CEO Michael Angelo Renna likes to say “If you can’t find it in Mom’s kitchen, you won’t find it in our food.”

Michael and his mom, Sara, have been cooking Italian food the right way for decades. They bring this experience with traditional Italian cooking methods and flavors to a their line of single-serve meals and multi-serve meals all found in the freezer section. They are an easy solution to busy times giving you high quality meals in a hurry.

Michael Angelos Gourmet Foods Walmart


I headed to Walmart to check out the full line of Michael Angelo’s Gourmet Foods products and chose the Large Family Size Baked Ziti and Meatballs. It’s made with all-beef Italian-style meatballs, vine-ripened tomatoes, and imported Romano cheese.

Baked Ziti is one of my husband Mario’s very favorite foods and he always LOVES when I make it for him. He was pretty excited when he heard that I had picked it up from Walmart and was planning to make it for dinner!

Michael Angelos Baked Ziti & Meatballs

Preparing the meal was beyond easy. You can choose to cook it in either the microwave or the oven. I chose the oven because I like the way cheese browns in the oven. I simply put the frozen package on a cookie sheet for support and in less than an hour it was ready to take out of the oven and eat.

Mario was super happy with his Baked Ziti and Meatballs dinner and I was happy I didn’t have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing it. Of course he still likes mine best, but Michael Angelo’s is a great solution for those busy days when I have other things to do besides slave away in the kitchen.

For more information, visit the Michael Angelo’s website and check out their store finder to find their products in a store near you. For all the latest, be sure to follow them Michael Angelo’s on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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Baked Ziti Meatballs

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  1. I love the small frozen Lasagna. Great for lunch or a dinner, fast and tasty.

  2. rickpeggysmith@aol.com' Margaret Smith says:

    I haven’t tried Michael Angelos products before, but I’d love to try the Eggplant Parmesan. Thanks so much.

  3. jebaxter5256@gmail.com' Julia Barnes says:

    I like the lasagna. I’m not sure I have ever had something I disliked though.

  4. Andysavi.Mom@gmail.com' Angela Saver says:

    Our favorite is Michael Angelos Eggplant Pamesan! So, so good!

  5. I haven’t tried it but the Vegetable Lasagna sounds yummy!

  6. bethelderton59@gmail.com' Mary Beth Elderton says:

    I’d love to try the Made With Organic Eggplant Parmesan.

  7. I love their Eggplant Parmesan. It is so delicious!

  8. I haven’t tried them, but I’m sure I would like the lasagna.

  9. My favorite is the Sausage Lasagna.

  10. myangeleryn@gmail.com' Christina Foley says:

    I love the Eggplant Parmesan! I actually just had it for lunch today, yum!

  11. I would love to try the eggplant parmesan! I love it but haven’t had it in a while.

  12. tannawings@gmail.com' ellen beck says:

    I have always loved their eggplant parmesan. For me it is a treaat. I am the only one woh likes eggplant, and sometimes when I make a lasagana, I will also make that too 🙂 I eat the most of it, but everyone does have a serving!

  13. luvs2fishmama@yahoo.com' jmahurin40 says:

    I like their four cheese lasagna 🙂 YUM!!!

  14. I like the four cheese lasagna.

  15. I love their eggplant parmesan!

  16. hobjen@comcast.net' Jennifer Reed says:

    I love that their Michael Angelo BAKED ZITI WITH TURKEY MEATBALLS is a great lunch alternative for me at 380 calories and 28 g of protein.

  17. My favorite is Baked Eggplant Parmesan.

  18. BBrittBrat1398@yahoo.com' Brittney House says:

    I really enjoy their four cheese lasagna.

  19. The Eggplant Parmesan looks good.

  20. gmrichhicks@gmail.com' Richard Hicks says:

    One of their products that I love is the chicken alfredo

  21. Love the eggplant.

  22. slc_gal@msn.com' Amy Pratt says:

    I love the eggplant parmesan the best.

  23. tim.flyboy@yahoo.com' Michelle Hill says:

    I love all their lasagnas.

  24. acudog@cableone.net' Cindy Peterson says:

    I haven’t tried all the products but we do enjoy the chicken alfredo.

  25. clc@neo.rr.com' Cynthia C says:

    My favorite product is the organic Vegetable Lasagna.

  26. I like their Lasagna with Meat Sauce.

  27. vlbelk@hotmail.com' vickie couturier says:

    Lasagna with Meat Sauce

  28. partymix25@hotmail.com' Terra Heck says:

    I really like their Four Cheese Lasagna. Thanks.

  29. The eggplant parm!

  30. kelsweeps2@yahoo.com' Kelly Nicholson says:

    i like the
    Enjoy the best Italian frozen lasagna, made using our Italian family recipe.
    Lasagna with Meat Sauce
    and im hungry right now thanks

  31. lmabrams@hotmail.com' Lori Abrams says:

    Vegetable Lasagna

  32. goodthingsarecoming1978@gmail.com' Mary Cloud says:

    I’ve never tried them before but have always wanted to – their vegetable lasagna sounds good

  33. wildnmild4u@yahoo.com' Jennifer Rote says:

    I like the the Michael Angelo Eggplant Parmesan.

  34. I love the four cheese lasagna!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  35. i.teel@sbcglobal.net' Dorothy Teel says:

    Michael Angelo has a Shrimp Scampi that is delicious and we love it over Angel Hair Pasta with a fresh s a wonderful meal

  36. We love the Baked Ziti with Meatballs. Lasagna too!

  37. we love the eggplant parmesean

  38. I love their eggplant

  39. tblackjoe@aol.com' Michelle Taylor says:

    Michael Angelo’s Shrimp Scampi is absolutely delicious! I think it is better than restaurant quality. It is my ‘go to ‘ late night guilty pleasure meal!

  40. I would most like to try the Made With Organic meals- glad to know they are at the Bluewell, WV Kroeger, and Walmart & Sam’s Club in Bluefield, VA, as that is where we’ll hopefully be able to find them!

  41. Lasagna is my favorite!

  42. I am a huge fan of the Michael Angelo’s Eggplant and also Lasagna. All of their frozen products are as close to homemade as you can get. I was directed here by their email and you have a great site. 🙂

  43. How do I get my store to carry more Michael Angelo entrees? I have only see Eggplant Parm and Lasagna in the family size. My favorite is the eggplant!!!!! But I’d love to try ziti, chicken parm, manicotti, ….

  44. i learned they have organic options

  45. i would like to try the chicken piccats

  46. abfantom@yahoo.com' Ann Fantom says:

    I would like to try Michael Angelo’s Chicken Marsala.

  47. huggr1960@ptd.net' Gary Emes says:

    Eggplant parmesan my favorite

  48. I am addicted to your Eggplant Parmagiana

  49. tinkerbellmichelle3@gmail.com' Michelle Coles says:

    I Love their lasagna!

  50. dwellenstein@cox.net' Debbi Wellenstein says:

    Michael Angelo’s lasagna is great!

  51. My favorite is the Lasagna with meat sauce.

  52. kdones@optonline.net' Robyn Dones says:

    The Eggplant Parmesan is my favorite.

  53. sweepmom@comcast.net' Tari Lawson says:

    I would love to try their eggplant parmesan.

  54. gtbuzzd@gmail.com' heather s says:

    Lasagna with meat sauce sounds good

  55. marcia.goss@gmail.com' Marcia Goss says:

    We love the Four Cheese Lasagna.

  56. tatertot3741@gmail.com' beth shepherd says:

    I like their four cheese lasagna. Thank you

  57. tiffanynichole89@gmail.com' Tiffany S says:

    I would love to try the shrimp scampi. Sounds awesome.

  58. char456@live.com' Charlene Carr says:

    My favorite is Eggplant Parmesan

  59. jenniferlarps@gmail.com' Jennifer W says:

    We really like their lasagna and shrimp scampi!

  60. Love the Eggplant Parmesan

  61. I have so many favorites, but my #1 is Eggplant Parmesan.

  62. gooba01@live.com' Holly Thomas says:

    eggplant parmesan is my favorite.

  63. love the lasgna

  64. shrimp scampi is my favorite

  65. nancyloring317@gmail.com' Nancy Loring says:

    My favorite is the Chicken Parmesean. It is just the perfect size for the two of us.

  66. suzelle11@aol.com' Laurie Nykaza says:

    My family likes their Lasagna with Meat Sauce we buy it often.

  67. My favorite is the Lasagna with Meat Sauce. It tastes really good.

  68. I like many of their product, but I would love to try the Eggplant Parmesan! It looks delicious!

  69. Lasagna with meat sauce.

  70. seyma_bennett@hotmail.com' Seyma Shabbir says:

    I love the Manicotti and sauce! Simple ricotta cheese, sauce and pasta!

  71. Baked Ziti with Meatballs.

  72. suschris1@gmail.com' Susan Christy says:

    Lasagna with meat sauce is my favorite.

  73. debrahall1961@yahoo.com' Debra Hall says:

    i would love to try the Baked Ziti and Meatballs it looks so good

  74. The Chicken Parmesan looks good.

  75. upstatemissy@gmail.com' Melissa S says:

    I haven’t tried it yet but I would love to try their chicken piccata. I make it at home and an easier option for one of my faves would be awesome.

  76. maryebayace@gmail.com' Mary Ambrosino says:

    I love eggplant parm. Now they need to make Chicken Marsala….

  77. sandyandevie@yahoo.com' Sandy Weinstein says:

    my favorite is the vegetable lasagna. i love this but it is very hard to find now. .

  78. I like their eggplant parmesan

  79. sressell@earthlink.net' sheila ressel says:

    My favorite is the eggplant parmesan. It’s so yummy!

  80. jenniferherman75@gmail.com' Jennifer H. says:

    I like that they are made with Organic meals takes our commitment to ingredients to the next level. Made in small batches from scratch with organic non-GMO.

  81. I don’t have a favorite because I have never tried them but I would love to try the chicken alfredo!

  82. tat2gurlzrock@hotmail.com' Dana Rodriguez says:

    I would love to try the eggplant parm!

  83. My favorite is the Shrimp Scampi.

  84. grammypenny@frontier.com' Penny Snyder says:

    I love the Vegetable Lasagna!! YUM!!~

  85. motherabagail531@yahoo.com' Charlene S. says:

    My favorite is the lasagna with meat sauce.

  86. rwhit_99@yahoo.com' Robin Abrams says:

    My favorite would be the cheese ravioli

  87. I like their Lasagna with Meat Sauce.

  88. xdanimarie@yahoo.com' Danielle Marie says:

    year. i love their meat lasagna. it is the best.

  89. Veggie lasagna sounds good.

  90. Stephanie64030@yahoo.com' Stephanie Larison says:

    I’ve never tried any of their meals before, but I think the whole family would like the chicken alfredo meal.

  91. Both my sons love their lasagna

  92. susansmoaks@gmail.com' susan smoaks says:

    i love the chicken parmasan, it is my favorite of their dishes

  93. crankyyanky1@charter.net' Kim Keithline says:

    I love the chicken Picatta that Michael Angelos makes it is delicious

  94. My favorite product is vegetable lasagna.

  95. 32dmagee@gmail.com' Danielle Magee says:

    My favorite Michael Angelo’s product is the lasagna with meat sauce.

  96. jesskaufman@hotmail.com' Jessica Kaufman says:

    My favorite product is the Eggplant Parmesan. It is very good.

  97. i can’t get enough of the frozen Lasagna

  98. I like to get their Lasagna with Meat Sauce.

  99. I love their eggplant Parmesan!

  100. I like their Shrimp Scampi!

  101. I like the lasagna with meat sauce.

  102. s2s2@cox.net' Susan Smith says:

    I love the Eggplant Parmesan!

  103. I like the lasagna.

  104. I love their Eggplant Parmesan.

  105. I love the Eggplant Parmesan from Michael Angelos! All their dinners are pretty great though.

  106. I like the Manicotti with Sauce.

  107. lauraemerson17@yahoo.com' Laurie Emerson says:

    I love their Lasagna with Meat Sauce.

  108. jamesmjenkins4@gmail.com' james jenkins says:

    I have tried their products and enjoyed them as much as other top brands.

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