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Communication is key when it comes to the ones you love – your spouse, your parents, your children, and the rest of your family and friends.  My husband and I live about an hour from my family and about 4 hours from his.  We rely heavily on our phones to keep in touch with everyone.  From phone calls to texting to sharing goofing pictures and following each other on social media.  Time is hard to come by, especially for my husband who usually has about 2 hours free in the evenings to visit with me and the dogs, eat dinner, and text/talk on his phone.  It’s important that we have a reliable phone with reliable service to make the most of the time we do have during the week to keep up with our friends and family.


If you or your loved one needs a new or better way to keep in touch, you can order a new smartphone or tablet from Verizon Wireless, add a line to your account, or become a brand new wireless customer online from the comfort of your own home.  It’s so easy!

Are you a data-minded person?  If so, you should feel at ease with the latest RootMetrics that have come out.  Verizon was rated the best in speed, ata, reliability, AND overall performance in the US.  That means you’ll be less likely to drop calls and more likely to download that latest song before your road trip in record speed.   Learn all about why Better Matters with Verizion Wireless!


Save on a New Smartphone

Right now when you purchase a new device, you can save $50 on select smartphones!  Just use the promo code COUPONVZW at checkout to apply your savings!

Valentine Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to surprise someone you care about with some new technology.  After all, who doesn’t enjoy scrolling through Facebook or playing Candy Crush? 😉 Now thorugh February 25th Verision Wireless is offering a special Valentine’s Day deal for a FREE Qi Wireless Charger with a purchase of a Droid Turbo 2 Phone.  To score this deal just add a Droid Turbo 2 Phone to your cart and purchase the monthly device payment, NOT the full retail price.

For more information about Verizon and to keep up-to-date with all the latest, follow them on their social channels: Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.

How do you stay connected with the ones you love?

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  1.' Lindsey Beers says:

    I am an iPhone girl all the way, so I would choose the iPhone6 in Space Grey! 🙂

  2. Id pick an iPhone 6 and I love the $100 off deal

  3.' Kristin Goodson says:

    I would choose the iPhone 6s because I’m just itching to get back with the iPhone. I don’t want a huge phone so that’s why I don’t want the 6Plus.

  4.' Kristin Goodson says:

    The mophie powerstation deal appeals to me. The $30 off deal makes it even more affordable and I’ve been wanting a mophie for a few months!

  5. I’d choose the iphone6, my iphone is so old it doesn’t even have a number! LOL. Time to get on trend and connected!

  6.' Susan Thevenard says:

    I would choose the Samsung s6 because of all the amazing features it has!

  7.' Susan Thevenard says:

    I like the buy a turbo 2 and get 50% off another one! Then my hubby and I can both get new phones!

  8.' Tammy Horn says:

    I would choose the iphone 6s in space grey. My father in law needs a new phone, and I’m hoping to get it for him.

  9.' Katherine says:

    I would get the Samsung Galaxy S®6

  10. I would love the HTC one because of the large memory and screen size

  11. Apple iPhone 6 Plus because I love Apple products!

  12. Buy a Maxx 2 and get 50% off another Maxx 2 deal is good, because both could get new phones for Valentines day 🙂

  13.' Julie Fields says:

    I’ve been wanting an IPhone 6.

  14.' Emily Morelli says:

    I’d choose the Apple® iPhone® 6 Plus 16GB in Space Gray because we are an Apple family and my husband is desperately in need of an upgrade from his old iPhone 5.

  15.' Katharine Davis says:

    I would choose the Samsung Galaxy S6 because I have no idea how to use an iPhone 🙂

    0:00 / 0:00


    Galaxy S®6

    0:00 / 0:00


    Galaxy S®6

  16.' Joseph Fleming says:

    I would go with the iPhone because it would be an upgrade for the one I have.

  17. I will choose the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + in Gold 32GB.

  18.' SILVIA CRUZ says:

    Whatever you give me I will take since I have never owned a Smartphone.

  19.' Jennifer H. says:

    I would chose the Samsung Galaxy S®6 32GB in Black Sapphire because I am a fan of Samsung. I have used there products in the past and they are good.

  20.' Jennifer H. says:

    I like the $200 off the Ipad Air 2. It seems like a really good deal!

  21. Galaxy S6!

  22. Samsung Galaxy S®6 32GB in Black Sapphire

  23. A lot to love. iPhone 6 Plus.
    Now $100 off.

  24. I would choose iPhone 6 because i have been wanting this since iPhone has been released in the market.

  25.' Janice Wright says:

    I’d go with the Samsung Galaxy S®6. I have the S5 now & like it.

  26. SWEEPS869@GMAIL.COM' Jennifer Dillinger says:

    I really would like the I phone 6+, would love a bigger screen!

  27.' Jaime Cummings says:

    I would pick the Samsung Galaxy Note5, because I would like to upgrade my Note4.

  28.' T. Skinner says:

    I’m getting so damn old that I need a BIG phone to see it!

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