Plan an Angels Sing Movie Night + Reader Giveaway

I'm a huge fan of Christmas movies. Every year I start watching them starting the day after Thanksgiving. I try to see how many I can pack in before Christmas Eve, but then keep watching them all the way until New Year's Day. Last year one the movies that was new to me was Angels Sing. Angels … [Read more...]

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Giving the Gift of Sight with VSP Direct + Reader Giveaway

Have you ever noticed that as we get older it gets harder and harder to make a Christmas wish list? As kids it was as simple as pulling out the toy catalog and finding something on every page that we just HAD to have. Now when the holidays start to come around I try to start early finding out what … [Read more...]

Shopper’s Voice: Your Chance to Win Prizes and Get Free Samples

What's better than a hobby that gets you free stuff? When I first got online many years ago, one of the very first ways I spent my time on the internet was entering sweepstakes. It was a super fun hobby and I won a lot of great prizes. My very favorite prize ever was a trip to China, but the ones … [Read more...]

The Pearl Source Tahitian South Sea Pearl Denise Pendant Review + Giveaway

When it comes to selecting a jewelry gift for the holidays or for ANY time of year, it's hard to go wrong with pearls. For hundreds (maybe thousands?) of years, pearls have been regarded as a symbol of unblemished perfection. That is probably why they are worn by so many brides on their wedding day. … [Read more...]

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6 Better Sleep Tips + Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Even though we all KNOW that getting enough is good for our health and well-being, it just doesn't happen for many of us. Whether it's problems falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep, or just not having enough time to sleep, there are lots of things that can keep a good night's sleep just out of … [Read more...]

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Top Cold Weather Holiday Winter Gear Picks + Giveaway

The weather is turning cooler and snow will be falling before we know it.  The calendars are filling up with holiday parties and for my family, that means planning some travel up north to Lake Columbia in Michigan to visit with my husband's family.  If you think that we get cold here in Ohio, you … [Read more...]

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Say Hi to Alexa! Amazon Echo Dot Giveaway

You may have heard Alex Baldwin talking to Alexa in commercials and wondered what that was all about. Well, he's talking to an Echo Dot and it can do some pretty awesome things! Continue reading to see what it does, how to get a great deal and how to enter or a chance to win one! The super … [Read more...]

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Hallmark Blockbuster Keepsake Ornaments for Movie and TV Fans! + Reader Giveaway

You know we are BIG movie and TV fans around here, so we were super excited to take a look at the brand new Hallmark Blockbuster Keepsake Ornaments featuring some of our favorite characters from movies and TV. Ever since he was born, we have been giving Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments to Little R … [Read more...]

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Bountiful Wonders Coloring Book

Believe it or not, coloring has been become the in thing to do, not just for kids but for people of ALL ages.  That's why I was super excited about the Bountiful Wonders Coloring Book.  The cover even says "For Everyone".  I love the fall theme of this book.  Pumpkins, squash, corn, leaves and more. … [Read more...]

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Give with Meaning: 2016 World Vision Gift Catalog + Reader Giveaway

While holiday shopping, it can be hard to find a really meaningful gift for those who are special to us.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your gift to someone had extra meaning because it made a difference in another person’s life?  Would you feel a little more holiday cheer if you knew that your … [Read more...]

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