5 Nuggets of Wisdom from Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass

Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass is now in theaters! Whether or not you were a fan of Disney's Alice in Wonderland, Alice Through the Looking Glass will make you a fan! I personally am not the type of person who likes to watch the same movies over and over again, but I saw Through the … [Read more...]

Interview: Mia Wasikowska Shines in Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass

An excellent movie isn't an excellent movie without its star. While Johnny Depp may be the biggest name in Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass (and he IS amazing in his performance as the Hatter), Mia Wasikowska playing the protagonist as Alice shines brightly!! That made it especially an honor … [Read more...]

Alice Through the Looking Glass Red Carpet Premiere Experience

  Magical!! That is the perfect one-word description for Alice Through the Looking Glass Red Carpet Premiere experience. It was a night filled with music, celebrities and fun with friends, all to celebrate the premiere of Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass, which will be in theaters this … [Read more...]

Follow Me and Alice Through the Looking Glass to the Red Carpet!

I'm super excited that Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass will be in theaters just 10 days from now, but I am even MORE excited (like crazy super excited) that next week I'll be walking down the red carpet at the Alice Through the Looking Glass premiere! It has been a long wait since Disney's … [Read more...]

Finding Dory Printable Activity Sheets

Ok, Finding Nemo fans - are you ready to become FINDING DORY fans?? That's what we're ready to do this summer! For many of us, the best part of Finding Nemo was Dory. When you think of characters with memorable lines and laughs, she comes in at the top of the list! So, how exciting is it that  this … [Read more...]

Explore Disney’s THE JUNGLE BOOK Immersive Site

This is the coolest thing! Disney just created a new immersive site for Disney’s THE JUNGLE BOOK that launched today. Check it out HERE. The adventure-filled site was created exclusively by Disney on Tumblr and lets you explore chapters like “Words to Live By: The bare necessities for a man cub to … [Read more...]

Zootopia Review – A MUST SEE for Everyone!

If there is one thing I have to say about Disney's Zootopia it's that it is a MUST SEE. Whether you are young or old, have kids, have no kids, love animated movies, hate animated movies - it doesn't matter. It is really good! I personally love animated movies, especially Disney movies, but Zootopia … [Read more...]

Zootopia Sloth Chocolate Recipe

Hooray! Disney's Zootopia arrives in theaters this week! I'm so excited for all of you to see it. I caught an advanced screening last week and, while I don't want to give anything away, I will say that YOU WILL WANT TO SEE THIS MOVIE!! I'll be back on opening day, March 4th, with a full review, but … [Read more...]

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Disney’s PETE’S DRAGON Motion Poster + a Brand New Teaser Trailer Tonight!

This is so exciting! Not only do we have a look at the first teaser poster for Disney’s PETE'S DRAGON, but tonight we can also see the debut of the brand new teaser trailer during "Wonderful World of Disney: Disneyland 60" on ABC Sunday night at 8:00PM EST. I was already excited to watch the show … [Read more...]

Disney Zootopia Printable Activity Sheets

The countdown is on! Today marks officially one month until ZOOTOPIA arrives in theaters on March 4th. My entire family is anxiously awaiting this movie to hit the big screen - ever since we saw the first trailer. Speaking of trailers we have one of the brand new trailers below for you to check out. … [Read more...]

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